March 2002

March 2002
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Letter 1 Fluffy Petticoats at Last!
Letter 2 Humiliated in Schoolgirl Knickers
Letter 3 Fleecy Undies and a Girls' Mackintosh
Letter 4 An Ideal Husband
Letter 5 The Joys of Domestic Servitude
Letter 6 Booties and Mittens
Letter 7 The Secret Delights of the Undies Drawer
Letter 8 Becoming Mommy's Girl
Letter 9 Two Short Letters
Letter 10 Putting Spoilt Little Boys into Pretty Petticoats

General Correspondence from Our Readers (Photos)
Saffy's Corner: an entertaining look at lexical origins, witticisms, and famous last words
Views of Great Britain & Ireland No 17: The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, Norfolk
Essay: Petticoat Discipline Extracts from 'The Undergrowth of Literature' by Gillian Freemam with some additional notes on Angela Brazil and the 'schoolgirl ethic', by Susan MacDonald (Art)

Product Code Vol. 3, No. 3
Condition New


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