December 2012

December 2012
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Letter 1 - Becoming Pansy - Epilogue
Letter 2 - Snowy Reveled Herself
Letter 3 - My Little Brother's Petticoating
Letter 4 - The Day I Was A Bridesmaid (photos)
Letter 5 - Dressing Smart
Letter 6 - Wearing Nancy
Letter 7 - Waltzed by Matilda
Letter 8 - Training Tiffany - Update
Letter 9 - Sissifying Stephanie
Letter 10 - From an Avid Reader (photos)

Lori's Stories
I Was Warned
My Husband's Bloomers

The Fiction Department
Using Petticoating For My Own Pleasure by Madame P.T.Coates

The Rubberist's Diary

Castre's Corner
A Christmas Song of Love and Gratitude

Art by Viole from Carole Jean

A Christmas Puzzle from Bobbi Jo

Product Review - BON4 Chastity Device

Book Review - Happenings: the Story of Bessie

This Month's Poem by Baby Phillip

Son Of/In Green Frocks - A Poem by Bobbi Jo

Art by...
Carrie P
Andy Latex

Product Code Vol. 13, No. 12
Condition New


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