Dummy Discipline Digest 2004

Letter 1 Babied at Marie's
Letter 2 Diaper Discipline Put Me in My Place
Letter 3 Big Chubby Girls Make Excellent Nannies
Letter 4 Tamed in Baby Rompers
Letter 5 A Reminder of his Baby Status
Letter 6 My Sweet Little Lambykins
Letter 7 Petticoats and Dummies
Letter 8 Back into Nappies
Letter 9 My Landlady Loves Her New 'Baby'
Letter 10 Contented Teenage Babyhood

The Use of the Dummy in Petticoat Discipline

Our Little Baby Lamb's Christmas
The Softest Sleep

Baby Elli's Nursery
Dummy Discipline Drawings by Paul
Dummy Discipline Drawings by Derek

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