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Volume 16 No 1 January 2015

Susan MacDonald (1945 - 2007) Founder, Editor and Publisher

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Petticoat Discipline Quarterly is a journal for mothers, wives, sisters, and aunts charged with the domestic, or school, care and upbringing of naughty boys of all ages.

Auntie Helga believes, after long experience, that the most effective and loving way of dealing with the problems of male conceit and disobedience is strictly applied petticoating or nursery discipline. At it's most basic, Petticoat Discipline involves dressing boys and men in girlish or baby girl's clothes. This monthly magazine will offer letters of its successful use from readers concerning how to treat those immature and troublesome sons, husbands, nephews, brothers, and so on whom they have under their control as well as letters from males who have undergone such a program. This site will help you to understand that bad boys can become good girls, with the strict application of Petticoat Discipline and by example, how to institute such a program in your own home. Auntie Helga is also available for private counseling to women who might find this type of discipline helpful, write to me at I am also a firm believer in male chastity and would be happy to discuss the merits of this type of control as well as the various tools available.

Petticoat discipline and baby discipline have been used by sensible mothers, wives and others for over a century, and have always proved to be very effective at deflating any members of the male sex who are getting too big for their boots. At Petticoat Discipline Quarterly we believe that if it were more widely employed, then boys and men would be far more docile and respectful with members of the female sex, there would be much less crime, and divorce courts would be empty.

Aunt Kathy writes: I believe petticoat discipline to be effective, fun, and helpful to society and family. More importantly, it is actually true that you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. A cute pinafore, silk clothing, dainty shoes, and the comfort of panties or dummy is honey. Restraining or scolding is of course necessary; but the lesson I want to teach is how wonderful the nurturing, loving, sensitivity of femininity is! I would rather have my man, boy, or rowdy girl melt into the joys of silks and lace - even if beginning with some force is called for. I surely do not want to teach the ridiculous contradiction that femininity is to be respected so you must be feminine because it is demeaning! Is there really a problem with the "student" learning to love the subject - unless the teacher is afraid to lose her own corrupt, macho, power that is actually the weakness of insecure masculinity?

We hope that this modest publication will encourage its employment in good, god-fearing homes around the world. We are sure that society as a whole could only benefit.


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January 2015 Letters

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Letter 2 - My Brother's Petticoating
Letter 3 - Here's the Proof (cr)
Letter 4 - Furthering David's Education Part Two
Letter 5 - Son Has Gynecomastia
Letter 6 - Jamie's Further Education Part One
Letter 7 - Order of the Garter (photos)
Letter 8 - Sandeep To Sayalee
Letter 9 - Sissy Baby Title Earned
Letter 10 - My Sissy Life

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Behind the Nursery Door with Aunt Jane

The Governess' Diary Part Four

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In doing this restoration, care and respect was given to each page... nuances and spellings of the many languages were retained, each page was enhanced by using modern, yet simple HTML code, now comfortably legible to users of modern computers. On occasion she would refer to an image she wished to find to enhance the discussion (lacking the current search options) so we provided appropriate and tasteful images and in one case, a wonderful video. PayPal payments are now available for your additional convenience and privacy.

Some editing was done, removing dead links and letters that referred to them for instance. All in all, it was a fascinating project, reading each word and the occasional trip to the dictionary or search site made it all the more satisfying. I hope you enjoy reading these exciting issues. There is a small fee for each that will provide you with thirty days access. Click here. The current month of PDQ as well as the previous five months will be open for your reading pleasure.

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I have been looking for a firm to associate with that offers high quality clothing and accessories our readers would love to have. I am delighted to announce that I have found it and together we have created our very own store. From babies to sissies and Mistress's too, the variety is tremendous, the quality world class and service is top notch. We ship worldwide and accept multiple currencies. Please visit today.

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Male Chastity
This site includes information on the various devices available and outlines the benefits of such a program for the man in your life. Thanks to Saffy for creating this informative area. Her wife, Aunt Jane is also offering her services as a keyholder. I would ask that only adults visit this site.

From the desk of Auntie Helga - January 2015
Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for visiting and a very Happy New Year and Happy Hogmanay to all. I am delighted to offer so many great letters this month that describe the remarkable changes that occurred as a result of strict petticoating. I hope you will enjoy them. We would love to hear from others who have had a positive experience. Folks... artists that cater to our special interests are few and far between, they need your feedback and support, it would only take a minute or two to drop them an email and I hope that you do so soon.

NEW! I am pleased to announce the creation of the Petticoat Discipline Quarterly Forum, a place to discuss our favorite subject and share experiences. In addition, a second forum that focuses on Female Superiority is a must see, both are moderated by our own Sissy Michele. I hope you will check in soon.

Our reader's gallery is gaining popularity and we hope you will consider sending your photos in. The area devoted to the subject of male chastity contains an article by Aunt Jane who also offers her keyholding service for men in need. This area is more explicit than the rest of our website so adults only please.

My philosophy is similar to Susan's, having used petticoat punishment on my own son, that said, I also feel that women who have feminine sons and husbands should encourage those tendencies with girlish dress. I hope that we will hear from women who take the lead in a variety of ways to gain and keep the upper hand in their relationships with the males in their lives.

If you wish to correspond with me for advice about using petticoat discipline, I'd love to hear from you, not all the email I receive is suitable for publication and your privacy is assured.

If you have ever practiced or been subjected to petticoat, nappy or dummy discipline please share it with us, help us to spread the word. Those of you who wish to contribute please follow the rules listed at the bottom of the page.

This site will not degenerate into cheap pornography so those seeking that should look elsewhere. As I feel it inappropriate, please, no minors should write me, there are a number of places on the web to discuss your concerns.

Auntie Helga

Auntie Helga
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