Adventure Into Chastity

Dear Auntie Helga,

The last time I wrote I described how Saffron and I began our 'Adventure Into Chastity'.

Initially the CB3000 proved a very worthwhile investment and I noticed a distinct improvement in hubby's behaviour and his willingness to please me. In a matter of weeks he was locked in his new toy 24/7 - except for regular shaving and cleaning - and of course when I required his 'personal' services. His sexual gratification was now totally under my control - something which I found incredibly rewarding. I was always careful to make sure that the key was safely hidden away, feeling that hubby (like any male!), would take advantage of any slackness on my part with regards to key security.

After a while I suspected that perhaps all was not as it should be. Saffy did not seem to unduly concerned about his locked state, and I rather suspected that he might have access to a spare key (unlikely), or that he could pull himself out of the device, pleasure himself and then re-insert his penis into the cage, with me none the wiser. The latter seemed more likely as I had learnt that this was a very real problem with all 'trapped ball' chastity devices. It seemed that something like 5% of men could do this - a fact acknowledged by the makers.

Consequently, when it was next time for his regularly weekly cleaning I confronted him with my suspicions. At first he tried to deny it, but after I had assured him if I would not punish him if he told me the truth he finally admitted that he could indeed pull 'Mr. Winkie' out of it's plastic prison. Although rather peeved, I felt it was unfair to punish him since it was only natural he would try to escape, and the fault was not really his but the inherent design of the CB3000 itself.

Immediately I decided that I would contact the suppliers and ask for their advice. They responded very quickly and suggested trying the POI (Points of Intrigue). These wicked looking plastic spikes were intended to prevent the penis being pulled out from the CB3000 cage and make it even more difficult to re-insert it should extraction be successful. I straight away ordered a set and awaited their arrival.

Points of Intrigue
Points of Intrigue

A few days later they arrived and on Saffy's weekly 'maintenance' release I fitted the shortest of the sets of spikes. It was quickly apparent that these would be ineffective so I fitted the next largest. These were certainly a lot better, although even then I was not 100% certain that escape was impossible. The longest of the spikes were certainly effective but caused pain when Saffy had an erection - even an involuntarily one! It has never been my intention to cause pain when using a chastity control - occasional discomfort possibly, but certainly not physical pain.

The readers of PDQ currently undergoing my chastity regime program quickly realise that it is not my intention to make their life hell. I always allow a period of time for the 'lockee' to adapt to their chosen device before a specified period of enforced chastity begins.

With the medium set of POI spikes fitted I set about finding a more secure device for Saffy to wear instead of the CB3000. I was offered a second-hand Exobelt that had only been worn a few times and decided to give that a try.

The Exobelt duly arrived and unlike the CB3000 it enclosed hubby's entire 'package' - a feature that I found particularly attractive. Fitting the device for the first time was really quite tricky. Although the device was comfortable enough for him when fitted, it proved to be quite clumsy. There were two padlocks - the main securing one and another which was fixed to a horizontal bar arrangement at the front of the penis tube. This lock proved to be a real nuisance as it tended to snag and tear the lace on Saffy's panties. If it was left out however, it compromised the security of the whole device. I also disliked the prominent 'bulge' that the clear acrylic casing produced in his undies - unflattering and not at all like the feminine profile that I required.

From some advice that I received from various contributors to chastity websites it seemed that a full steel belt might be the best long term solution. I felt sure that the financial outlay would be worth it in the long run. The other alternative would have been a something like a Lori's tube, but as these required a piercing I did not want to pursue that particular option.

I began to correspond with a lady in the US (Cee) who had extensive experience with chastity belts - her partner (Bruce) had been locked in variety of full steel belts over a period of years - including several different Neosteel models. She was able to give me some excellent advice and I duly wrote to Mr. Mende of Neosteel for his recommendation. Following his helpful reply I decided that the total 'shemale' hip design model was the ideal choice for hubby. The 'modular' concept behind the design meant that it could be updated if any improved features came along and it looked just like a female belt and gave a nice flat womanly profile under panties. I duly ordered the measuring kit and excitedly awaited its arrival. Although I had not specifically mentioned a full steel chastity belt to Saffy, I deliberately printed out some of the web pages and left them laying around the house so that he was in no doubt what I was planning.

The padded envelope containing the measuring kit duly arrived and I noticed Saffy's curious interest in the German postmark. However, I decided to let him stew for a few days extra until the week-end came around. On the Saturday afternoon I ordered him to our bedroom and to strip down to his bra and panties, which somewhat nervously he did. Pulling down his panties I unlocked the Exobelt and told him that he would shortly be secured in a full steel chastity belt.

From his expression I could see that he was not at all sure whether to believe me or not. But when I produced the padded envelope from my bedside drawer he was in no doubt that I was perfectly serious! I told him that the Neosteel chastity belts were particularly noted for their security and to forget any notions of escaping or pleasuring himself in future!

Mr. Mendes had stressed the importance of providing accurate measurements with a steel chastity belt. The instructions provided by Neosteel were very clear and using the provided kit I was able to arrive at a provisional set of figures. After locking Saffy back in his Exobelt I told him the process would be repeated several times more until I had a reliable set of figures to send with my order. Within a few days I was satisfied with the results and placed my order with Neosteel. Unknown to Saffy I had allowed for one or two 'extras' on the advice of my US friend. These included two D-rings on the hip-band to allow for the use of wrist restraints (should they be necessary), the provision of a rear shield to which an anal plug could be locked and a faux penis attachment for the front plate (a little gift to myself!). I quickly received a confirmation email that the order had been received and that I should expect delivery within six weeks. I had been told that Neosteel were generally very reliable when it came to delivery times and I eagerly awaited the arrival of the new belt. I also had great fun teasing Saffy by marking off the calendar as each day passed and reminding him of his impending fate!

As it happened Saffy was away on business when the delivery man rang the doorbell to deliver a large carefully wrapped box from Germany - exactly six weeks to the day I had placed the order! However, despite great temptation I resisted opening the box and decided to leave it unopened on the dining room table until Saffy returned from his trip.

Neosteel shemale belt

Newly unpacked Neosteel shemale belt and 'extras'
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From the moment that Saffy entered the room it was clear that he realised what the package contained. I picked it up a placed it in his hands saying with a smile "For you darling, why don't you open it and see what the deliveryman has brought you?" With some reluctance he cut the packing tape and opened the box to reveal the belt components in shiny stainless steel - beautifully crafted and finished. Examining the contents he was obviously taken by surprise to find the little 'extras' that I had ordered!
Neosteel 'climate' penis tube

Neosteel 'climate' penis tube
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While the belt was still pristine I got out my camera and took a few quick snaps of the various component parts. "Now young lady, it's time to get to know your new friend," I said smiling. "Although perhaps 'your worst enemy' would be a more accurate description I added with a grin. I followed Saffy to our bedroom and made him lie naked on the bed after unlocking the Exobelt. I had watched a video provided by Mr. Mende which showed how the belt should be put on, so without delay I attached the crotch strap to the rear of the hip-band and ordered Saffy to raise his hips while the belt was positioned correctly. I was glad to note that the hip-band seemed just about the right tightness as I drew the band together and aligned the locking pins in their respective holes. I then applied some Vaseline to the inside of the penis tube and remembering a technique suggested by my US friend Cee, an old nylon stocking was used to draw his penis fully into the length of the 'climate' steel tube. This was then located on the central locking pin of the hip-band and the crotch shield drawn up between his legs rather like a steel nappy. It only remained to add the 'shemale' shield (purely cosmetic) and I was ready to fit the lock. I reached over for the Abus padlock and showed it to Saffy. "Here we go young lady, I don't think you will be escaping from this chastity belt anytime in the future" I told him, as I pressed on the lock and heard a satisfying click as the belt was secured around his hips!
in the Neosteel shemale belt

Saffy nicely locked up in the Neosteel shemale belt

Looking down on him squirming away in his shiny new 'steel panties' gave me quite a thrill I have to say! I was very pleased with the overall fit of the belt and the extra time taken to check and recheck the measurements had certainly paid off! Apart from a little bending of the hip band everything seemed to fit remarkably well. "You can squirm as much as you like - it won't do you any good." I said, showing him the key. I had taken advantage of one of the options offered by Neosteel and from now on I would wear the gold-plated key as a piece of jewellery around my neck! In future it would be an added tease for hubby to see the key laying between my breasts but be unable to take advantage of it..

"Now get dressed - you can remain in the belt initially for a couple of hours", I told him. Gingerly he got to his feet and re-dressed in his bra and panties. It obviously felt very strange for him to wear steel undies! After a few minutes he complained that there was no way he could wear his new undies for any length of time, but I insisted there was no way I was going to waste my financial investment and that he would get used to wearing his new undies whether he liked it or not!

In fact it took about three weeks before Saffy began wearing his 'steel-panties' 24/7. A few adjustments were needed here and there but nothing that would prove anything but routine with a full steel belt. Both my friend Cee and Mr. Mende proved to be very helpful during this stage. To help with hygiene issues Cee recommended that I adopt the same regime that she used with her husband - namely using female sanitary pads in their panties. This suggestion I found most useful and Saffy is now required to purchase his very own 'feminine hygiene' products! Every few weeks he has to go along to our local chemist and purchase fresh supplies of 'Alldays Ultra' pads - I'm sure the salesgirls are fully aware they are for him!

The belt arrived over 18 months ago and for most of that time Saffy has been securely locked up. I do allow him an occasional 'day-off' however and of course the belt is removed when I require his services and for a weekly cleaning.

locked up in the Neosteel shemale belt

Fully locked and restrained in his cot

Obviously there is no way one can pass through modern airport security wearing a steel chastity belt! On these occasions I simply pack the belt in my luggage and hubby wears his old CB3000 until we reach our destination and the belt can then be retrieved and locked back on again.

The Neosteel faux penis attachment has also proven its worth. The expression on hubby's face is quite something - when instead of unlocking him for some long awaited pleasure I simply attach the realistic penis to the front shield and leave him securely locked up! Nicely gagged with his dummy and with his wrists secured to the D-rings on the belt, I can pleasure myself while he remains completely helpless. Sometimes just for fun I lock on the anal plug as well! The whole time he is aware of the golden key hanging between my breasts - so near yet so very far!

In conclusion, I can fully recommend a full steel chastity belt for any wife of girlfriend requiring something more secure than the plastic devices. Certainly expensive but you will never need to buy anything else. Saffy is now resigned to his fate and will remain locked up for the foreseeable future. If any PDQ reader requires further information or advice on purchasing a steel belt please get in touch. I also offer a personal key holding service for those readers who do not have a wife or partner.

Aunt Jane (Mummy to Baby Saffron)
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