An Introduction to Male Chastity

To introduce the new section of PDQ devoted to male chastity, Auntie Helga has asked me to write a short article dealing with the subject for those ladies considering this particular aspect of controlling their husbands or boyfriends. This article was originally intended for publication by Susan Mac Donald but was delayed for various reasons.

'Chastity Belts' are usually regarded by the public as a device worn exclusively by women - the traditional idea of a lord or knight leaving his lady safely 'locked up' while he went off to enjoy himself on the crusades is the prevailing one. While it is certainly true that such devices did exist, most examples to be found in museums are now regarded by experts as fakes - mostly made in the 19th century to titillate visitors.

Chastity belts for the male began to appear in Victorian times - usually made for youths rather than adults. The idea that 'masturbation' was evil was based on the story of Onan in the bible - 'self-abuse' was regarded as evil and even became known as 'Onanism'. Popular belief (often supported by the medical profession), stated it would turn a young man into a drooling idiot - graphic illustrations were often provided! Even today in these more enlightened times this view still persists in some strict religious communities. Such chastity devices were advertised as being able to control 'nocturnal emmisions' - a polite euphemism for masturbation. Shown below is just such a French device from the 1880's - it was designed to be worn with a belt which would have had some sort of locking arrangement. It is in fact remarkably similar to some of the chastity device now widely available except for the use of modern materials such as acrylic plastic and nylon.

antique device
A rare French device from 1880 for controlling 'nocturnal emissions' in boys

Many such devices were patented in the early 20th century, but most likely very few were actually manufactured or generally available except to the very wealthy. We must move on to the late 20th century and the age of the World Wide Web before a new interest began to develop in using such devices to spice up the sexual relationship of the woman with her husband or boyfriend - not only in preventing masturbation, but also preventing unauthorized sex with another partner.

antique chastity device
Patent drawing for male device

Women began to realize what a wonderful opportunity it was to control their partner's sexual pleasure and what a beneficial effect this seemed to have on the overall behavior of their men. Of course, even the threat of extending the 'lock-up' period of a male is a wonderful incentive for the male to always respect and obey his key-holder (KH)!

It is for this reason that we feel that it is correct to include this form of 'Petticoat Discipline' in the pages of PDQ as a regular feature - please do not read further if you are likely to be offended by the subject.

cb group
A selection of lightweight modern male chastity devices.

The best known modern devices are the CB2000/3000/6000 made by the Millers in the US - these are made of acrylic plastic and come in a variety of colours. It has been quoted that half a million of these devices are sold world wide annually, and even if only 20% of these are regularly used that is a lot of males locked in chastity at one time!

This type of device effectively 'traps' the male penis and testicles and is usually the best option for any lady wishing to 'test the water' with her partner. Because the device is meant to fit all shapes and sizes of male genitalia, a variety of differently sized rings and spacers are provided - which of course add to the overall cost. Because they are made of plastic they are relatively light and easy to keep clean and hygienic. Some males (about 10% evidently), are able to 'pull-out' of this type of device, play with themselves and re-insert their penis without the knowledge of their KH. The manufacturers have realized this however, and can supply an additional useful accessory known as the 'Points of Intrigue' (POI). This makes it much more difficult to pull the penis out of its prison without considerable discomfort and re-insertion is almost impossible. Having to explain this to one's wife/partner is also an incentive not to try in the first place!

Nicely snug and secure in his pretty girdle and CB3000!

Some ladies may feel that they eventually require something rather more secure than a lightweight plastic device. There are plenty of such devices in stainless steel on offer such as the 2Dni shown below. They represent a 'half-way' stage between the full 'traditional' chastity belt and the CB2000/3000/6000 etc. A husband is much less likely to forget he is wearing this type of device because of the increased weight factor. Some wives/partners might consider this an advantage of course!

Nicely locked away in a 2(D)ni

The Exobelt is a hybrid plastic/nylon device which encloses the entire male genitals. This effectively rules out the possibility of the male touching his 'naughty bits' at all. As the device is quite transparent he can 'see but not touch' - which is a delightful refinement and adds to his frustration! Some couples have found this to be a very successful device but others have found it rather bulky in use unless loose fitting trousers are worn. It goes without saying that generally you do not want your partner's chastised state announced to the world!

Firmly encased in an Exobelt

One device that some ladies consider is the 'Lori's Tube' - this actually requires the male to have a piercing in the frenulum of the penis head. A bar or pin is then used to secure the piercing and locked into place. With the addition of a high security lock this can be considered very effective indeed as there is no way the male can extract his penis from the stainless steel tube. The big disadvantage of course the necessity of a genital piercing - not actually something every male is willing to undergo!

lori tube
A very secure 'Lori's Tube' showing piercing bar

From the 'trapped cock & ball' devices we move on to the serious high security devices. These are often called 'Florentine Belts' as they historically resemble the female chastity belts of the Italian Renaissance. Well known makes include Tollyboy, Jones, Goethals, and Neosteel. These belts are precision handmade and reflect that in their price. Unlike the cheaper devices, these belts are designed to fit one particular individual and cannot be 'bought off the shelf'. Once correctly fitted they can be surprisingly comfortable. With their high security locking systems they can be almost impossible to remove without specialist cutting tools thus destroying the belt in the process.

With these belts the penis is trapped inside a stainless steel tube which is held securely in place by the waist/hip band and the crotch shield. There are many styles and options - some of which allow the attachment of various 'toys' such as realistic dildos - allowing the lady to have her pleasure while her partner remains securely locked up. Some ladies find this to be an extremely erotic scenario- the frustration of her partner adding to her pleasure! 'Tease and Denial' can be a very effective means of controlling a partner and most males will do almost anything to gain access to their 'naughty bits' when aroused! This can be developed into a 'fine-art' by the KH - arousing the expectation of release by showing him the key and then keeping him locked up - observing his disappointment when he realizes he is not to gain his release after all. If he is safely handcuffed or restrained in something like the CB3000 the device can actually be removed, leaving the capture ring still attached. Now stroke and caress his exposed 'naughty bits' with appropriate verbal teasing. He will no doubt moan and beg for relief - simply gag him with your panties if this becomes a nuisance! His chastity device should be kept close by however, and before he can reach a climax quickly slide the cage back over the penis and lock it back on. He will absolutely dread the sound of the lock snapping shut - but this particular technique will have your husband/partner literally eating out of your hand. You should have of course occasionally permit him release - but he will never know your actual intentions and this is an essential part of the game!

"Show us your lovely Neosteel 'steel-panties' dear!"

With the less secure plastic devices the KH should regularly check that her partner has not been cheating or found some way of releasing himself. With the steel devices this is not quite as important as security is paramount in their design already. The keys themselves should always be kept completely out of reach of the locked male. Many key holders wear the device key on a thin gold chain as a necklace or around the wrist/ankle. This is a delightful method for although hubby can actually see the means of release he cannot take advantage of it. My own wife, Jane, use an electronic wall-safe to store the 'release tool' for the snap-lock of my own Neosteel System Shemale belt. These small safes can now be purchased relatively cheaply from many retail outlets and provide very effective key security. In addition there should also be an 'emergency' key somewhere convenient whereby your partner can release himself in a genuine emergency. Placing a spare key or safe code in a sealed and signed envelope is also good practice. This is especially important with expensive high security steel belts.

checking chastity
Chastity inspection time!

When introducing chastity for the first time - whatever device you decide to use should be introduced gradually. Finding the correct spacers and rings etc for the plastic devices takes time and the male body needs time to adapt to wearing an unfamiliar object around its 'plaything'. You should give your partner full accesses to the keys to begin with and gradually increase the length of time he is locked up. Carefully examine his genitals for any sign of chaffing or soreness. The idea is not to inflict pain or physical injury in any way! He will also need to adapt to sitting down to use the toilet like a woman - which is an added refinement in controlling his respect for what females have to endure. In my own case it took me almost four weeks before my wife had me locked 24/7 - precisely the time period recommended by the makers in fact!

key oops
"Oh dear, what a shame I've forgotten the key!"

It is important that all chastity devices are removed from time to allow for cleaning/checking both of the device and the genitals. As a general rule the plastic devices can be left on for longer periods than the full steel belts however. The latter should be removed weekly when possible for a complete clean and inspection of the genital area before re-locking. Some ladies will prefer to have their partners handcuffed or restrained while this is carried out or alternatively supervise the operation themselves to prevent unauthorized masturbation.

In these security conscious times it is quite obvious that one should not attempt to pass through high security area such as airports wearing 'steel-panties'! The plastic devices will of course not have a problem with this and the small sizes of the locks used generally do not give any problems. However, it is easy to substitute a numbered plastic seal or tag instead and a small number of these are often provided with the device for this very purpose. My wife uses a CB3000 for this reason when traveling by air and I am then relocked in my full Neosteel belt when we reach our holiday destination.

Be aware that there are many cheap Chinese CB2000/3000 fakes available on the Internet. Although these may appear to be a bargain they are often poorly finished and the device can quickly fail and fall apart. Genuine models always come supplied with a 'Master' brand padlock.

Many couples find they get so much pleasure from the chastity lifestyle that they eventually 'graduate' from the simpler devices to full 'steel-panties' over a period of time. It goes without saying, that whatever device you decide to use on your partner it must be by his consent. You should also allow him occasional release and sexual relief - to do otherwise would be self-defeating and selfish. However, providing you use enforced chastity in a sensible and fair manner he will soon learn that having his 'plaything' under your control will result in a much happier and fulfilling relationship for you both!

Both Aunt Helga and my wife Jane will be pleased to offer any advice for any PDQ readers intending to introduce the enforced chastity method of petticoat discipline for their partners. For those gentlemen who do not have a partner and who lack self-control we plan to offer a 'key-holding' service for a modest fee. Any monies generated by this scheme will be used to ensure the continued existence of PDQ! Please email Aunt Jane for details.

Useful websites:

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There are many, many more! This goes to show how popular enforced chastity has become. Don't delay - get your partner locked up NOW!

'Male Chastity: A Guide for Keyholders' by Lucy Fairbourne (paperback)
A helpful book on the subject available from and others.

Saffron (Feb. 2008)

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