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Volume 20 No 12 December 2019
Susan MacDonald (1945 - 2007) Founder


Vasily Surikov Portrait of the Artist's Daughter Olya
That's a good boy Andrew. Bring your Christmas dolly in for her breakfast.

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Petticoat Discipline Quarterly is a journal for all women charged with the domestic care and upbringing of naughty boys of all ages. At its most basic, Petticoat Discipline involves dressing boys and men in girlish or baby girl's clothes. This monthly magazine offers readers letters describing successful treatment of immature and troublesome males by their female disciplinarians and from grateful, well-behaved males who've received such instruction. You shall see that bad boys can become good girls, with the strict application of Petticoat Discipline and, by examples, how to institute such a program in your own home.

Auntie Helga is available for private counseling to women who might find this type of discipline helpful. I am also available to discuss the opportunity this program represents with respectful males. We hope that this modest publication will encourage petticoat discipline in good, god-fearing homes around the world. We are sure that society as a whole could only benefit.

It's Christmas time, lets stay inside by the fire and celebrate
birthdays for Fiona, Helen, David, Little Sister Alan and Amanda Helen.

December 2019 Letters

Letter 1 - Feminizing My Husband
Letter 2 - A Good Weekend
Letter 3 - Mission Accomplished
Letter 4 - Managing A Sissy (cr)
Letter 5 - New Sissymaid - New Mistress - Part Two
Letter 6 - My Ideal Sissy
Letter 7 - Mother Trained Me To Be Her Sissymaid
Letter 8 - Advice For A Sissy
Letter 9 - Big Sister's Little Sissy Maid
Letter 10 - Banned From Wearing Mens Clothes - Conclusion
Letter 11 - Darlene And Mike
Letter 12 - My Aunt Trudy

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Desire Of The Heart

The Fiction Department
Christmas On Thunder Road
How Far To Go?

From Mistress Alison

Contributions - My Tribute
By Lesley (and Penelope)
Merry Christmas from Christeen

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Gracie's Song (Poetry)

The Rubberist's Diary

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Christeen Poster December 2019
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Castre's Petticoat Punishment Art for December 2019
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Michel Delmas
Michel Delmas Art for December 2019
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Petticoat Punishment Art for December 2019
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Artwork curtesy of Carole at Petticoat Punishment Art/Pinterest


From the desk of Auntie Helga - December 2019
Dear Readers,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody! I hope you enjoy our December offerings and will come around next year to see more great art and read all the wonderful content. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people that make this website possible; My wonderful forum moderator Micheleffs, her compatriots Baby Sam, Richardto and Ali, and of course all the amazing members of our forum. My good friend Jim that helps with all the technical computer issues. I also would like to thank our terrific artists; Christeen, Castre, Michel Delmas and Charlie; our correspondents and my friends; Mistress Alison, Lesley, Prim and rubber fan James, authors Lorie, Leslie, Cory and Jane. And last but certainly not least, all the wonderful contributors that provided so many great letters.

My philosophy is similar to Susan's, I feel that women who have feminine sons and husbands should encourage those tendencies with girlish dress. I hope that we will hear from women who take the lead in a variety of ways to gain and keep the upper hand in their relationships with the males in their lives.

If you wish to correspond with me for advice about using petticoat discipline, I'd love to hear from you, not all the email I receive is suitable for publication and your privacy is assured. Advice is restricted to the petticoating of adults.

If you have ever practiced or been subjected to petticoat, nappy or dummy discipline please share it with us, help us to spread the word. Those of you who wish to contribute please follow the rules listed at the bottom of the page.

This site will not degenerate into cheap pornography so those seeking that should look elsewhere. As I feel it inappropriate, please, no minors should write me, there are a number of places on the web to address your concerns.

Auntie Helga

Auntie Helga
My favorite photo of myself. My wedding announcement picture, I was 24 years old.

Both my sons love their dresses. (curtesy of Ida May c.1957)

The Archives
Thank you so much for your continued support. We are now current through 2018 and I hope you will treat yourself to these special issues and enjoy a great read.

In doing this restoration, care and respect was given to each page... nuances and spellings of the many languages were retained, each page was enhanced by using modern, yet simple HTML code, now comfortably legible to users of modern computers. On occasion she would refer to an image she wished to find to enhance the discussion (lacking the current search options) so we provided appropriate and tasteful images and in one case, a wonderful video. PayPal payments are now available for your additional convenience and privacy, they also accept Credit Cards and you do not have to be a member.

Some editing was done, removing dead links and letters that referred to them for instance. All in all, it was a fascinating project, reading each word and the occasional trip to the dictionary or search site made it all the more satisfying. I hope you enjoy reading these exciting issues. Click here. The current month of PDQ as well as the previous five months will be open for your reading pleasure.

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I have been looking for a firm to associate with that offers high quality clothing and accessories our readers would love to have. I am delighted to announce that I have found it and together we have created our very own store. From babies to sissies and Mistress's too, the variety is tremendous, the quality world class and service is top notch. We ship worldwide and accept multiple currencies. Please visit today.

A reader's gallery of couples
What we prefer to portray is a photo with the mistress/wife seated, looking regal and her husband-sissy/maid standing/kneeling looking submissive dressed in his sissy/maid/little girl dress... the more 'old world elegance' the better... A real portrait kind of thing. I hope you will consider it. Email your photos in today to be included to:

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