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Damien Venison's heart was full of lively feelings, as if a Bambi fawn was leaping about with a happy smile on its face beneath his pink make-up cape. He watched his mama in his dressing table mirror, so clever with the hair dryer and comb as she shaped his auburn coiffure into the bouffant bob that he wanted. How lovely she was in her sheath dress of olive green taffeta with its huge fold down shawl collar and the dangle earrings he had bought her for her Thanksgiving present.

"Mama," he cried when she turned off the dryer, "you look awesome tonight. I could never be as feminine as you are."

Marilyn laughed and sat on the stool next to her son. "Thank you, honey, and you look a million dollars too, which is only right for our very special Xmas party. Let me see your nails, darling. Hmm, I'll slip your cape off and add a little gloss to them. Then we'll be ready to get you dressed." This was going to be a special evening for her, never mind Damien. It thrilled her to see the excitement of young love in her son, so full of grace and delicacy. For all the world he had turned out like the daughter she had longed for all these years.

Damien spread his fingers, delighted at his beautifully shaped nails in blue pearl varnish. Was it any wonder he felt ecstatic with desire, as the plastic cape slid off his shoulders. His private region ached so blissfully, since the heavenly three-piece lingerie set he was wearing was the beautiful present that Lesley had bought for him. He swelled with sweetness as he looked in the mirror, where his silver satin chemise glowed back at him with inserts of lace across his cups, chosen for him by his own darling Lesley. Probably helped by his mother. If only he had breasts to pout into them and give him added shape for Lesley to fall in love with. He looked down, spreading the nails of his other hand and catching the lacey scalloped hem below his waist with the tips of finger and thumb, to lift his chemise and see his matching satin panty. Its white lace spread divinely over his soft thighs, from which his suspender belt pulled hard on his stocking tops with two narrow white ribbons on each leg, one at the front and the other more to the side. Little bows of pink satin added girlish detail to the tops of his stockings. His pleasure was thanks to Lesley Darling and his mother Karen, the two most wonderful people in the world next to his own heavenly mama, Marilyn.

"Mama, what will Lesley be wearing, do you think? I hope he's wearing a dress." He thought back to the frilly chiffon blouse his sweetheart wore to church last Sunday with rose pink boxer shorts. Ohhh, those shorts were so pretty, buttoning down from the waist to the inside of each leg. He had so wanted to unfasten those buttons for him. That dream had kept him distracted all through the service and his own panties were pointed with a dreadful spot of wetness. He was so sorry for feeling such overwhelming pleasure while he was in church.

The sound of a text vibrated on Marilyn's phone. "It's Karen," she said, texting back. "They've set off and they'll be here in five minutes."

Damien went from dreams of pleasure to fits of panic. "My dress, mama, quickly. I have to be at the door to let Lesley in."

Marilyn held his arm and hand to restrain his urgency and led him toward the dress of powder blue slipper satin which hung on the front of the closet. It was a picture of blue femininity with a lovely sissy collar, its skirt swelling with sweetness over a froth of petticoat frills. It rustled and sizzled as Marilyn lifted it down, its three layers of integrated white petticoats bouncing as she fed the hanger out of the sleeves and opened the back. She held it ready to drop over Damien's hair, feeling the excitement she knew must be electrifying her precious darling: the swell and glow of young love between two lovely sissy boys at the end of their college studies. The petticoats dropped over his shoulders in a rush of fabrics, hissing down his chemise and swelling all round his panties with a heavenly spread of girly sweetness. His mother helped him thread his arms through the dainty puffed sleeves and drew the back together to fasten his dress buttons. It wasn't easy because Damien was trying to get into his heels at the same time. He lifted and pulled his skirts all round to give them extra swing and body.

"Are my seams straight? – Make sure my petticoats hang evenly, mama."

As he spoke the doorbell rang and shivers ran up and down his spine as he clickety-clacked along the landing to the stairs. "Be careful on your heels, honey," said his mother. "Lesley and Karen aren't going to turn and go back home." Her words made no difference: Damien ran the rest of the way in tiny steps, seized the door and pulled it open.

There was Lesley in his transparent cape of shimmering white plastic and a huge bow of pink satin in his hair. He came straight in to him, his scarlet lips widened into that adorable smile of his, as his mother held his hand to restrain his impatience. His cape made him so easy for Damien to hold, to clutch with his arms slithering right round his cold plastic, since Lesley's gloves barely reach out of his arm slits. "Darling," gasped Damien, "you've had your hair done."

Lesley shook his hair, up close to his boyfriend's face. "Do you like it?"

Damien released him and held both his hands. "Sweetheart, you look awesome."

Lesley beamed with pleasure and looked his sweetheart up and down. "Damien you're so beautiful in your dress. I love your little puffed sleeves under your pretty dress collar. They leave your arms bare and lovely."

Lesley's words brought Damien's hand to his mouth in a gush of femininity: how could he feel anything but deep girlishness flowing through his whole body when his boyfriend said such lovely things to him? "Mama," he said, turning to Marilyn, "can I kiss Lesley?"

Marilyn's brows arched high, as if shocked by her sissy son's forwardness. Karen's lips pursed with motherly care too, but burst into a broad smile of understanding as her shoulders rocked with a quiet giggle. She dipped into her purse. "I've got just the thing," she said and held a neat sprig of mistletoe above the boys' heads. Between the two mothers their darlings were already face to face, Damien's arms holding Lesley in helpless surrender as their hearts pattered hard beneath their dresses. It was only when Damien helped his sweetheart to remove his cape that he got a full picture of his delicious dress and he "Mmmm-ed" with feelings of girlish love and affection. "Oh Lesley – you look so gorgeous. Your dress – in pink satin. I love you in it."

His boyfriend held the edges of his dress where they spread widely over his petticoats. "It's dupionne silk," he announced, "and I bought it to come to your Xmas party," and he turned on the spot in his heels of gleaming white satinette.

Damien was spellbound, his pale blue fingernails to his lips and his mouth making as if to talk but not finding words spectacular enough. The dress was so short, it seemed to be mostly petticoats, and it was very, very girly. The two sissies looked at each other in their dresses, their mouths open with adoration, feeling oh so sweet to be admired by the one they loved. It was Lesley who spoke first.

"Can I see your lingerie, Damien darling? Please lift the front of your dress for me."

His boyfriend lifted his dress and petticoats and revealed the lovely pair of panties he was wearing, and the dainty suspender straps that appeared from the lace of each panty leg, tugging sweetly on the tops of his stockings. "It's the most divine present I have ever worn," he breathed. "Thank you my sweet darling. Can I see your panties too?"

It was Lesley's turn to glow with pleasure. His fingers lifted the edges of his dress and plunged lower to collect all the layers of his petticoats, before lifting them for his boyfriend to see: a precious pair of full cut panties in crushed peach silk, neatly decorated with white embroidered leaves at the front of each leg. Their appearance revealed Lesley's excitement in a delicate point of pink silk.

"Ohhhh, how lovely!" gasped Damien. His breast purred with passion as he turned to his mother with a most heartfelt plea. "Mama," and he swallowed on his emotions, "please can Lesley and I have sex?

Marilyn's shock brought a motherly choke to her throat. "Damien my precious angel, you come out with such crude ways of saying things sometimes."

Damien's lip trembled. Had he sinned against some rule of conduct? Was it a rude thing that he had asked for? "But all I want is to – feel ever so close to Lesley and – have sex with him."

Lesley's head tipped lightly to one side with warmth and affection. He was thrilled with what Damien had said. His boyfriend wanted to love him, madly and deeply. He realised too that it was important to ask more politely so he turned to his own mother. "Can we, mother, please? We want to love each other so much."

Karen's chin sank onto her chest as she looked at the boys from beneath her long black lashes. "But darling, we think you are going too fast." Her heart panged at the shadow of disappointment that clouded both boys' faces. They were puckering up as if to shed tears. She went on: "That will come on another day."

Damien and Lesley turned back to each other as if operating with one mind, took a dainty high-heeled step towards each other, and melted into each other's arms, with the skirts of their dresses and all their snow white petticoats still raised between them so that their legs and their panties seemed to gel together in the most girlish flood of feminine affection, and they kissed and kissed and kissed.
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