My mother found your website, she said it was a mistake that she did not know how she got on the site. She read some of your rants and now I am getting the brunt of it.

I came home Friday from the last day of school and found she had removed all but one pair of my male underwear and replaced it with girls underpants.The one pair she left she said it was for doctor's visits. My closet is filled with dresses and blouses and skirts and girl's shoes. My dresser has panties and training bras, nighties and pajamas, she even had some kind of device that she said she was going to put on my male parts so I would not be able to play with it and I would have to sit down to pee like a girl. Thanks for ruining my life.

We live on a twenty acre farm and she said I was to be her sissy daughter until I began to be nice to my sister Claire and how to be a gentleman. I told her to kiss my a**. She called for my sister and they both took me down so easy I was afraid of them from that moment on. They took me to the shower and they both shaved off my pubic hair and what little hair that had grown on my body. Before I could get away they had attached a thing on my testicles that had two remotes. If I do something short of what they tell me they can push the button and I get this shock. Mother said if it was used to much I would never be able to get an erection again.

I am now doing all of my sister's chores as well as other things. I have become the maid and the cook and the one that serves my sister and mother's friends when they come to visit. The first time my aunt came along with my two cousins mother told me to model my pretty pink Satin panties and tell them how much I loved wearing them. I said no way, They got to see me cry like a baby as my body got the first shock from the thing she put on me. I begged her to stop and she did and said now tell them you are sorry and say it in your pretty girl voice that she had trained me to use. They all laughed and said what a lovely girl I was. I lifted my skirt and turned like the women I had seen on the You Tube I enjoyed watching before I was made to be a petticoat sissy. Mother told me to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb in the girly voice for them. I was shaking, hoping she would not push her button again as I also had to dance around and skip as I sang for them.

Mother insisted I take my cousins to my room and show them all my pretty things. I hoped they would not want to see them but they all said what a wonderful idea. I was so humiliated when they told me to try on a few things and model them like a good girl.

I have been shocked only a few times and I am minding their every word. Mother is trying to get me a boyfriend like my sister has. Claire's boyfriend Tom likes to see me do little sissy stuff while they watch me. You see Tom was one of the boys I bullied when I was at school. He has teased me that he would like to have me for a day to be his sex slave. Claire says she might enjoy that. I hope she is kidding.

I must go now I have to hand wash Claire's and mother's panties. Since mother will be reading this I must say thank you for helping her to be the girl I should have been all along.

Bunnie Sue

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