When I was fifteen I was a strong minded boy that would say what I thought not caring who it hurt. This often got me into trouble at home as well as in school. On several occasions I was yelled at by my mother, and since my dad had left us when I was seven my mother and I lived with mother's mom. Grandpa had passed away two years before.

When we moved into grandmother's house she said that her heart was bad and she could use the help even though uncle Tom took care of the mowing and other things men normally do he had a family himself and could not do it all. Sometime he would bring my cousin Sally to help him with some things.

One time when he came she was with him and she asked why I could not help them and mother said that I was being rebellious and refusing to take part. Sally said why don't you spank his a** and make him help or put him in panties and see if "it" could do girl's work. She laughed as my face had turned red at the thought of doing girl's work. That afternoon I got mad at her and while she was on a ladder and I was ask to hold it steady while she cleaned the gutters. I pulled it out of spite and she fell down but was not hurt only embarrassed since her pants got torn and her pink panties were showing through the tear. I started calling her Miss Pinky.

She jumped up yelling I will show you who is Miss Pinky. Before I could run she grabbed me and my pants were down to my knees and my butt being swatted with a stick she had been using to clean the gutters. She then pulled my underwear down and said "now who is Miss Pinky"? I said get off of me you fat Bitch and she kept swatting my butt and I cried I am Miss Pinky. She made me say it ten times each time louder which attracted a crowd from next door one of which was a girl I had a crush on. When I got up I saw Nancy looking at me and laughing at me with my pants and underwear down at my knees. I tried to pull them up but only fell to the ground before I got them up. I stopped crying and started to yell at Sally only to have her run at me and I ran to my room crying like a baby.

The next day I saw Nancy and she said that she felt sorry for me having a girl beat me up. I said I only let her because I was told never to hit a girl. That was a lie only to hide the fact I was too weak to beat Sally. Nancy said she knew I could not beat up Sally and that she was sure I would get beat up again when Sally came back over. I knew that was true. Nancy said she could beat up Sally and had before.

She then said that if I did what she said she would protect me. I felt about two inches tall and looked down at the ground. Nancy said you be a good girl and I will help you. I said I am a boy she then floored me by saying not anymore. I ask what she meant and she told me to follow her. We went to her house and she had me follow her to her room. Since her mom and mine were shopping we had a lot of time. I looked on her bed and saw some girls clothes on the bed but they did not look like hers they were more for a little girl.

Nancy said it is time for you to change Miss Pinky. I must have looked like a deer caught in some headlights. She smiled and said put them on. I swallowed hard knowing I had no choice since if she could beat up Sally and Sally could beat up me I did as she said. I removed my clothes as she stood there watching me. I picked up the pink panties and slipped them on and then the petticoat and the very short little girl's party dress. She straightened my dress and lifted my dress to fix my petticoat and pull the panties around. She then looked down at some Mary Jane pink shoes and pink socks that lay on the floor I bent to pick them up only to see the flask of her camera. She took a picture of my butt.

I began to cry and she came to me and said stop crying Miss Pinky. I did not and she slapped my face, not hard but enough to make me stop. She said what is your name little girl. I knew the answer and said Miss Pinky. She then told me that I was to go with her. We went out the door and started up the street toward the park. I stopped and said please not this. She said do you want a spanking Miss Pinky. I said no and she said you mean no Ma'am. I said no Ma'am please don't I will be good. She said lift your dress in the back and turn around. I did and she smacked my bottom. We turned toward my house and when we got there Sally and mom and grandmother were there. They all said what a pretty girl I was and Sally said what is your name little girl. I said Miss Pinky Ma'am. They all laughed. Mother said from today on you will learn to be a good little girl and as you grow we will allow you to wear big girl clothes and when you are old enough you will marry Nancy and be her wife won't you Miss Pinky. I said Yes Ma'am.

Nancy and I have been married for five years now and I am a good wife. Nancy works at her own law firm and has several male lawyers that work for her and I am the one that makes the morning coffee and serves them their donuts or other things each morning. One of the men likes to smack my bottom as a tip he says I am cute. Nancy has told him if he wants to have fun with me that he should go ahead. I am to go to his house soon and "take care of him".

Miss Pinky

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