from Lesley

Dear Helga,

I do hope that you are well. The website continues at a very high standard, I am sorry that you do not get regular contributions from me anymore, but we remain regular readers.

My petticoat discipline regime continues of course but it is increasingly difficult to maintain momentum over so many years. When an opportunity for something different presents itself one must seize the moment and just such a chance occurred recently. Our private life is still spiced up with petticoating pleasures but that is, usually, behind closed doors. So when we booked a short break in Jersey recently I saw an opportunity to push the boundaries. I told Penelope that he would be spending some time "en femme" during the visit, but I don't think he envisaged this going beyond our hotel room - he was so wrong!

So, here is a picture even I doubted I would ever take. Penelope out in public in broad daylight!

I decided to really push the boundaries with him on our last day in Jersey and this was the result. The picture by the car is taken outside the Catherine Best designer jewellery store on the island. We had just come out after spending a wonderful 20 minutes or so in their superb showroom. The highlight for me was when we were greeted by the manager with "Good morning, ladies, is there anything you would particularly like to see this morning?" The high point of a spectacular couple of hours.

I had spent some time getting Penelope ready on our last morning, as you can see I went for a very conservative look for him, allowing him the best chance of not attracting much attention. I'm sure he never thought I would really go through with it but I have waited a long time for this and wasn't going to miss such a chance. I was actually really concerned that he would finally refuse and so was very conciliatory. I even agreed that it might be difficult for him leaving the hotel through the busy reception area "en femme" so allowed him to wear everything else except his skirt and wig, wearing trousers but fully made up and wearing his earrings. I did turn the screw a bit though by insisting he handed the room key into reception!

Once outside in the hire car it was immediately off with his trousers and on with his skirt and then, in full view of anyone passing I put on his wig and did his hair as squirmed anxiously, as I pointed out I had been very lenient in allowing him to leave the hotel "underdressed". At this stage he still thought that we were going just for a drive but of course I had very different plans. When we pulled into the Catherine Best car park he was astonished when I told him to get out of the car and pleaded to be allowed to stay.

No chance, I practically had to drag him up the path to the entrance, but once we were inside and greeted as I described above he had no choice but to play his part to the full. It was most amusing as he tried to be as insignificant as possible but the very attentive sales assistants were constantly asking him if there was anything that particularly interested "madam". Hilarious! I eventually decided I'd seen enough but then embarrassed him further by insisting he posed by the car for this photograph as a few people looked on curiously.

"Thank god that's over" he sighed as we got back into the car "Over?" I laughed, "we've only just started!" We proceeded to drive to a village where we got out and strolled along looking at some shops before, to his further horror, going in to a small dress shop to look at some clothes. I had thought of getting him to try on something but was a bit wary of the rather snooty proprietress and didn't push our luck, We next stopped in a seaside car park and had a stroll along the promenade for a few minutes. Penelope was now getting more confident so I decided on a final "coup de grace". Coffee and a sandwich in Waitrose café! Superb. The place wasn't too busy and I can't tell you how wonderful it felt sitting there with my utterly feminised husband apparently attracting no curiosity whatsoever.

What a wonderful day - the culmination of all my petticoat discipline of dear Penelope. And what an afternoon we had back at the hotel! The best sex for many years - truly wonderful. Where do we go from here - heaven knows. I am looking out for another opportunity to go away for a few days and repeat the exercise. I loved it and Penelope will be more confident next time hee hee!

I suppose the moral is to always be on the lookout for opportunities to do the unexpected. One's partner can become very comfortable in his assigned role over a period of time and I feel Penelope certainly had. As this proved to me once again there is nothing like change to spice things up a bit.

I hope that you have enjoyed the festive season and wish you a very happy and healthy 2018.

Love from your old friend Lesley.

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Thank you for your letter Lesley. I am also appreciative of your kind comments about the site, though I do miss sharing your wonderful letters with the many readers.

He does look very pretty for his outing though of course your control is total so his obedience along with the proper amount of humiliation meant a very special time, for you anyway and one that furthers his submission, so a success for sure. Change can be so helpful occasionally.

Happy New Year!


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