Women suffer indignities because men are violent. Of course, I generalize, perhaps too bluntly. There are inspirational and horrible people of both genders. But men are responsible for the overwhelming majority of crime and suffering in the world. I would suggest reading some of Julie Wilson's posts, as well as researching some of Elise Sutton's and Lady Misato's writings. Also read some of June Stephenson's books, including "Men are Not Cost Effective".

There is a very big difference between aspiring to be a good servant, and being robbed of human rights. Also a very big difference between receiving gratification from servitude, and being involuntarily enslaved. A good metaphor is to look at the cosplay/crossdress cafes in Japan. A society that values good service is far more tolerant of men dressing as women, and lavishly heaping service on a client than our own.

Another is to consider how popular culture values women exploring their sexuality ("Blue is the Warmest Color") and being overtly submissive ("The Story of O", "Secretary", "50 Shades of Grey"). We are far more tolerant of women who are approval-seekers and eager to please than men in the same role. Subcultures based on obedience and discipline are not counter to human nature (consider the military and extreme sports).

I had very submissive feelings toward women even as a very small child, and was always the most comfortable when surrounded by smart, powerful women. I was never bullied, physically intimidated, or made to be competitive (or feel inadequate) in such a situation.

Certainly, I believe in human flourishing, and value my personal freedom and ability to pursue my interests. But I would also like a social structure that does not equate submission and service with a lack of aptitude and the absence of success. I would also like to see men have more freedom to experience the sensory experiences of beauty.

A world run by women might be harsh toward aggressive men, and perhaps do things like tax single men heavily, and be tolerant of things like groping, corporal punishment, and rape prevention (chastity). And men might be banned from certain positions where greed and corruption would cause human suffering (high level politics, CEO, investment banker). But men who provide good service would be valued for their support roles, and I think they would aspire to this role, with good, widespread support and reinforcement.

About 40 years ago, I went shopping in a boutique near Philadelphia that advertised itself as welcoming crossdressers. Inside, as saleswomen, were two of the most graceful, beautiful women I have ever seen. They were perfectly made up and coiffed, and both wore silky blouses with short, tight skirts, nylons, and stiletto heels. Long nails, perfect jewelry, no detail was overlooked. Just seeing them so gracefully exert their ownership of the store, watching them so effortlessly prance around in heels, surrounded by beauty and softness, was inspirational. They were both painted dolls and dominatrices at the same time. Men have no equivalent experience. Men can't be affectionate, coy, doting, and flirty the way women can.

Many of us derive pleasure from humiliation, objectification, masochism, and activities like pegging. My wife made me do the housework nude, caned and pegged me every other Friday night, billed me for most of the household expenses, and made all the major decisions, and I never complained a bit. She didn't really like me crossdressing, but once every other month gave me a girl day when she was out with her friends. I would like to see that sort of a lifestyle become more socially acceptable, and I would like to see women take the lead, and benefit from it.

Here is a quote from today's New York Times arts page:

"I mean, I think women are foolish to pretend they're equal to men - they're far superior and always have been". William Golding, author of Lord of the Flies, in a 1993 interview.

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