It has taken some time but at long last please find attached said photo of our Sissy Mandy. There is quite a story to this picture that I thought you and potentially some of your readers may enjoy.

When this photo was taken Mandy was in fact Fifi and still married to my best friend Pammy. Pammy and I had known each other twenty years as we worked together in the wine trade. Pammy was a fresh young graduate when I first met her and I took her under my wing. She was also a blond bombshell and every man in our firm and beyond was desperate to date her.

She was actually in her late twenties when she met Mandy and she decided pretty quick that he was the one. I too, very much liked Mandy, he was very polite, very kind and looked after Pammy like she was a Princess. However I had other reasons for liking him. He was very submissive, doting and obedient and he had great legs! Even though I am a lesbian I had to say he got me excited but not necessarily for the same reasons as Pammy! I often joked with her that if she ever got bored with him that I would take Mandy off her hands and I meant it. With the skills he had developed he would be perfect for me and my partner Stella! It was obvious to everyone that Pammy wore the trousers in the relationship. I was her maid of honour at their wedding and married life initially seemed to suit them both.

However Mandy should have known that marriage was no protection against girls talking. Pammy told me pretty much all their marital secrets. After a couple of years she finally confided that whilst Mandy was a great husband and took great care of her; he did the majority of cooking, cleaning and household chores, he lavished gifts upon her jewellery, furs, lingerie, expensive holidays, the one thing he couldn't give her was the one thing she desired more than any other: a good hard fuck. She was very honest that she found him very poorly endowed although very eager and good with his tongue and fingers. Unbeknown to Mandy, Pammy had started an affair with their builder who was a real hunk and gave her exactly what she wanted.

Now I know you don't approve of adultery Helga but who are to judge? Pammy obviously wasn't getting what she needed to be happy so who can blame her. He was failing to keep up his marital obligations by being unable to satisfy her. It should have been obvious to Mandy that she was never going to be able to satisfy a woman as a husband should and that he should start embracing his real skills and qualities as a natural sissy. He was born to be obedient and compliant and to serve women not to partner them. In hindsight it has worked out well, she is now smugly sexually satisfied and happy, whilst Mandy has found his natural vocation! Anyhow back to the story...

Pammy also confided in me that she had started to feminise Mandy, she had him dress up as her maid to complete all his household jobs etc. although he initially protested she gave him the ultimatum of dressing as she requested or she would leave him. He of course complied and she kept on pushing the boundaries to include complete chastity 24/7. She didn't miss sex with him as she was getting it from Peter, her builder friend. At one point Mandy had been kept chaste for over two years.

One Saturday Pammy invited me round to lunch. The area in London where they used to live is very famous for antique and vintage shops. Pammy and I would often spend hours shopping and browsing in the local area. This particular Saturday I spotted the most divine dress in the window of a vintage shop. As you can see from the photo it was a little black number with a fitted velvet bodice, chiffon sleeves and feather boa finish. I had the assistant wrap it and I took it with me. By this time in their relationship Pammy had put on a little weight so I knew it wouldn't fit her. But I knew it may fit someone else!

Immediately as I arrived Mandy got up and offered me his seat, poured me a glass of wine and we finished a very pleasant lunch. I then presented the parcel to Pammy. She excitedly unwrapped it and loved the dress but she was the first to admit it wouldn't fit her. Pointing at Mandy I said well it will fit him and it would show off those great pins. He nearly spat out his wine, turned scarlet and made his excuses to leave the table. Pammy and I winked at each other and couldn't stop giggling.

It wasn't long before she decided to separate from Mandy and move in with her lover. We talked about the situation in quite some detail. My partner Stella knew Mandy and liked her a great deal. We thought he would make a great home help for my Mother, although he would also still need to work. We agreed with Pammy to take her in. She handed over all her photos and documents and so that's how Mandy came to live with Stella and I. She had no choice unless she felt comfortable with those photos being brought to the attention of certain interested parties...

Before the "official handover" I asked Pammy to put him in the dress I had bought and take a few snaps (attached). Hence they have great sentimental value to me as it was the first gift over bought for Mandy. I hope you enjoyed the background and will agree with me that she looks a real picture!

Much love


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