Diann entered the hotel suite, her husband George in tow carrying her luggage. She inspected the bedroom first and as satisfied with the size of the closet. "I am going to take shower while you go and get the rest of our luggage sweety. You will unpack and put everything in the closet. I want it all done and in perfect condition when I'm ready to go out."

She started to undress and George watched her until she noticed him standing there. Diann snapped her fingers to get his attention and pointed at the bathroom door with a impatient look on her face. George hurried inside with her beauty bag to arrange all his wife's make up, perfumes and cleaning products the way she had taught him.

He was just finished when his wife entered in the nude. Seeing her made George swell inside the stainless steel chastity device she made him wear. The constraints of the tiny cage quickly put an end to his excitement. Diann noticed his discomfort and smiled. She held out her hand and he demurely kissed the large ring on her thumb that had his vow to chastity under her sole control engraved on the inside.

"You did not turn on the shower dear. I hope there won't be any more disappointments tonight." She dismissed him from the bathroom and he hurried to fetch the rest of her luggage and put everything in the closet. He made sure to check every item for wrinkles or other flaws, that there was no dust or smudge on any of her heels and all her jewelry was impeccable. He knew, if anything was not perfect, especially if it was an item she decided to wear, he would receive repercussions. It was the first trip since their honeymoon that Diann allowed him to come along. She had made it perfectly clear that this was his one chance to prove he was a benefit and not a nuisance during a vacation.

There were five blouses and three skirts that needed to be ironed before she would accept them. George quickly removed his suit and shirt, that he was only allowed to wear for traveling, and put on a pair of wide creased uniform pants and a white shirt. The pants had no pockets and closed with a zipper on the side and a slim patent leather belt with a gold buckle. The shirt was white with a heavily starched rounded collar and cuffs. On top he would wear a white frilly apron tied into a neat bow behind his back. White knee socks and a pair of black ballerina flats with a gold clasp across the toe completed the outfit Diann had assigned him for doing chores in the hotel room.

He managed to finish ironing the garments and was just giving all her patent leather heels a quick buff to remove any possible traces of dust or lint when Diann emerged from the bathroom. She was pleased to see her husband on his knees tending to her shoes. "Very good George. I love the enthusiasm. I may not regret allowing you to come along after all."

He watched her hands closely as she played with the thumb ring. Taking it off would indicate a break from his chastity device and maybe even permission to have sex with his Wife.

"We need to establish a few rules George"

"Yes, Dear"

"You will not sleep in the bedroom with me in order to prevent waking me when you rise at 5:00 AM in the morning. You will quietly get washed and dressed. If I have not set a specific time you will quietly wait in front of the bedroom door and order breakfast when you hear me waking up."

"Yes, Dear"

"Since we are on vacation I will ease your diet restrictions generously."

"Thank you my love"

"For breakfast you will have two slices of toast a bowl of plain yogurt and half a grapefruit."

The only thing George hated more than grapefruit was yogurt. "Thank you my love"

"Lunch will be a raw vegan roots and greens salad with the juice of half a grapefruit as dressing."

"Thank you my love"

"Dinner will be plain boiled whole grain pasta or rice and a sugar cube as dessert."

"Thank you my love"

"Of course you are banned from the contents of the minibar unless you serve me or any guests."

"Yes, Dear"

"Speaking of guests, Pamela, the manager, is a good friend of mine and I have explained to her that you want to keep the room tidy all by yourself. She agreed, but only under the condition that you observe the high standards she established for her hotel." George heard about cleaning the room for the first time, but he knew better than to object.

"Yes, Dear"

"She told me for a suite of this size, two maids will be busy for at least an hour every day and there is a weekly thorough clean that takes them two hours minimum."

"Yes, Dear"

"Pamela will come over in an hour to instruct you personally and she will bring the maids in charge of our room. You will show them all the same respect and obedience as you show me. I do not want to hear anything negative about your behavior George!"

"Yes, Dear"

"You will offer and serve refreshments. Pamela wants you to complete a thorough clean today in her presence. All other days you will do your the cleaning under the scrutiny of the maids. I expect you to perform to their complete satisfaction every time."

"Yes, Dear"

"I will spend most of the mornings in the hotel spa. When you are done with the cleaning you will come and join me."

"Yes, Dear"

"Pamela's Mother is offering free Jazzercise routines all morning, and Pamela said she has been complaining about a lack of participants lately. You will attend at least two full routines every day. Since we didn't bring any workout clothes for you, my one piece gold bathing suit will double as a leotard together with white cotton pantyhose and ballet slippers. The rest of the morning you will tend to me."

"Yes, Dear"

"That should take care of the mornings. The afternoons are decided on a daily basis. I may have you run some errands or you may come along for sightseeing and shopping."

"Thank you my love"

"Good, now that we established this, we need to talk about the evenings and your willingness regarding my sexual pleasure." These were the words George was waiting for. His eyes were fixed in Diann's hands that playfully twisted the ring around her thumb that ruled over his manhood. It would be worth all the effort and humiliation he had to endure. "I am more than willing to please you my love" he uttered in excitement.

"Oh, I have no doubt about that, sweetie, however it is your ability to do so I lack any confidence in. Therefore this ring will stay firmly on my thumb for the time being." To George's disappointment Diann let go of the chastity ring, and to his shock she reached for her wedding ring and pulled it off her finger.

"This is the one I won't be needing for now." She explained and handed it to her husband. "Put it on sweetie, so it won't get lost."

George received the diamond ring with his mouth open.

"Don't look so shocked George. You knew and accepted I that had male company during my vacations. Did you think it would be different just because I brought you along this time?"

"But Diann..."

"Quiet! Don't make me regret this decision George. There will be no debate. If I hear another 'but' out of your mouth I will keep you in chastity for the rest of this vacation and for the rest of the year!"

"I'm sorry Diann."

"You better be! Now listen. In the evenings I will go out by myself. You will stay behind dressed in your servant attire."

"Yes, Dear"

"If I meet someone I may bring them back here and you are expected to serve me and my companion for the night, no matter if they are male or female. Is that understood?"

"...yes, Dear"

"Don't hesitate when you answer me! I may require you to participate in the bedroom by performing oral services to me and my companion to get us in the mood. After you are dismissed from the bedroom you will tend to their attire. Their clothes will be pressed and their shoes will be polished. In the morning you will serve us breakfast in bed."

"Yes, Dear"

"Much better, now undress!"

George removed his clothes until he was completely nude except for his chastity device.

"Get into the closet."

George stepped into the closet and Diann closed it. There was a strip of weaved wicker across the bottom and top of the door for circulation.

"Can you see outside?" Diann asked.

"No, dear"

She opened the door and selected a pair of high heels from her selection. "Put these on."

George slipped his feet into the small uncomfortable shoes and when Diann closed the door again he was tall enough to look through the holes in the weaved strip.

"I can see now." He reported.

"Excellent!" Diann replied. "In case I meet someone and sense that they would feel uncomfortable with your presence, I will send you a text that says "hide". I want you to remove anything from the suite that would hint at a second person, then you will stand nude in the closet in my heels all night and watch."

"B.. Yes, dear" George answered out of the closet.

"Did I sense some hesitation darling?"

"No, Dear"

"Good, you better be grateful that you can watch the pleasure of your Wife that way."

"Yes, dear"


"Thank you my love."
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