from Alison

A brief introduction is in order; Mistress Alison is a good friend and a very knowledgeable and experienced Mistress, she has also been a frequent contributor to PDQ. The letter from Jean in the October 2017 issue resonated with Alison and her response is welcome.

Kitty and I have just finished reading the latest edition of PDQ, in our usual fashion with her sitting down on my medium strap on while I tweak her nipple clamps, the bamboo ones on this occasion. My first reaction is to say how horrified I am by Jean's question about castrating her sissymaid terri in order to correct behavioural defects. I say this for two reasons. First it is one of the most important duties of a sissymaid to provide sexual satisfaction for her Mistress, most frequently with the tongue (tongue technique is an essential part of any sissymaid's training and I suggest Jean has terri practise with a peach until she can lick the skin off without bruising the flesh) but there are times when for any Mistress with a healthy sexual appetite only penetrative sex will do so why deny herself this pleasure? Secondly she will be robbing herself of one the powerful weapons in any Mistress's armoury, chastity. As I'm sure you will agree the longer a sissymaid is locked in chastity and denied relief the more docile and eager to please she becomes. All sissymaids should be in enforced chastity

As I'm sure you will agree 99% of males, even those who later become sissymaids, are genetically programmed to be disputatious, lazy, devious, deceitful chronic masturbators; and the first priority of any sissymaid training programme is to eliminate root and branch these undesirable essentially male characteristics and to inculcate docility, respectfulness and above all obedience.

Whichever is the case the answer is the same; a more intensive training programme the core of which is the infallible combination of stick and carrot, punishment and reward and it is important never to forget that a sissymaid requires this technique to continue throughout her lifetime of service. Even the best trained sissymaid, even my own dear kitty, needs regular correction and the occasional more severe reminder of who is Mistress and who is maid. I would most heartily commend the following techniques to Mistress Jean as I have used them all to great effect.

For verbal offences such as talking back or failing to respond in a way that signifies her joy at her fortunate status I would recommend a few hours with a Jennings dental gag on its widest opening, and after a few minutes it can usually be opened a little further, will discourage any further verbal disrespect. This can be enhanced by putting a butterfly nipple clamp on the miscreant maid's tongue and adding a small weight to stretch it out then applying a generous smear of mustard (English freshly mixed from mustard flour is by far the best) or an equivalent like Tabasco and will certainly bring tears to the eyes of the toughest, most recalcitrant sissymaid. A simpler, more homespun, version of this is to apply clothes pegs around the edge of her tongue, with or without the mustard. Alternatively there is always corner time with a piece of soap under the tongue.

Never forget that physical punishments must contain two elements, pain and loss of dignity. They must hurt, a lot, and most sissymaids actually enjoy low levels of chastisement regarding it as a form of sexual foreplay and if terri is in the 1% then even though she appears to be reacting normally she will be aroused by higher levels of pain. So to specifics: I would regard a dozen strokes of the cane, riding crop or tawse across both palms or the bottom as a suitable correction for a trifling lapse, but for wilful disobedience or questioning your authority something much more severe is required. It must be something your sissymaid will remember for a very long time and wish never to repeat, so long before any such punishment is over your sissymaid should be in tears, not just a few sobs but weeping uncontrollably, yelling in pain at each stroke, begging for mercy and promising never to be naughty again. However, pay no attention whatsoever to such pleas as it is vital that you continue her punishment to the bitter end.

In order to inflict such a punishment it is necessary to acquire a suitably severe instrument. I would recommend a plaited dog quirt (if you are unfamiliar with this item see www.essentiawhips.co.uk for details) as you are aware, Helga I have recently added one to my collection and kitty, who is no stranger to the harshest levels of punishment describes it as, "incredibly painful," or its bigger sister which has a stiffer crop like handle of about 30 inches and two thin flexible tails approximately a foot long and packs an even more powerful punch but cannot be coiled to fit into a handbag.

Whatever you choose, as soon as it arrives show it to her and tell her something along the lines of, "I have grown increasingly displeased and upset by your behaviour/attitude/ demeanour/ general conduct/ lack of respect of late. I accept that this is my fault as having been far, far too lenient with you and allowed you to get away with it, but this is something I now intend to correct and teach you that such behaviour etc is unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated."

Then administer a relatively gentle punishment, I cannot advise on specifics without knowing your usual punishment routine, but the object is not to reduce her to blubbering wreck just to give her taste of what lies in store if she fails to mend her ways. When she's stopped crying, and if she isn't crying maybe you might want to apply a few more strokes though not too many, and composed her herself have her stand up, smile brightly at you, and curtsy to you, kiss the instrument of her correction and say something like, "Thank you, Mistress. Thank you for giving me the punishment I so richly deserved. I am deeply sorry I misbehaved/ was naughty/ disrespectful and promise to try much harder to please and serve you better in future," then have her kiss the instrument and curtsy again. This should become a ritual after each and every punishment. Make it crystal clear that if you do not think she sounds sincere enough in her thanks or her smile isn't bight enough then the punishment will be repeated, and repeated again, and again until you are.

Though other Mistresses may disagree with me, as of course is their right, I think it is important for sissymaids to smile. When curtsying, when speaking to their Mistress, when going about their work. It indicates they are happy with their privileged status and understand how fortunate they are. My own sissymaid, kitty, always goes round with a beatific smile on her face come rain or shine. She never misses an opportunity to tell me how lucky she is to be owned by me (her expression not mine) how happy she is in her work and grateful she is that I take the time and trouble to give her the discipline she needs to help her become a better sissymaid. She also tells me many other things which I won't go into, but her cheerfully sunny disposition helps to brighten the darkest day and makes for a happy working relationship. I include this as an opinion rather than as a suggestion.

After completing the punishment and having had her thank you in a suitable fashion I suggest you display your new weapon openly where she cannot fail to see it every day. Hanging on a hook beside the bed or on the back of the bedroom door are two possibilities. I keep a crop hanging from the bedpost on my side and a single tail curled up on a hook on the back of the door so kitty sees them when she brings me my morning tea and when she makes the bed and their powerful symbolism does the work without me having to use them, too often.

Now for the carrot. Shortly after the punishment take her to one side and talk to her seriously but softly. Tell her the only reason you had, stress the word had, to punish her like that was her bad behaviour, you did it for her own good. It is particularly effective to put her over your knee while you do this, but instead of administering a further spanking rub some soothing cream into her flaming bottom as you comment on how hot it feels but how much hotter it will feel if her behaviour fails to improve.

Tell her that such punishments are necessary to help her achieve her heart's desire of becoming the obedient little sissymaid you both know she longs to be but currently seems to find so difficult. Say you love being her Mistress and having her as your sissymaid as much you know she loves serving you, but that you would be failing in your duty of care as her Mistress if you didn't punish her when she deserved it so as to teach her right from wrong, and one day she will thank you for working so hard on her behalf, helping her to eradicate all naughtiness and residual maleness.

Tell her also that one day she will also be grateful that you have acquired such an effective new tool, but she needn't worry as you will only use it when absolutely necessary. But next time there will be double the number of strokes and should, heaven forfend, a third application is required it will be three times the number and she will get the message loud and clear. If she is in the 1%what you are saying will be music to her ears, but she may need a little prompting to admit it. A simple question with an implied threat like, "This is what you want, isn't it? Because if not you might be happier doing something else maybe even somewhere else," should do the trick. Her reaction will leave you in no doubt to which group she belongs.

Then tell her to stand up and when you have received your due curtsy say that to make life even easier for her you have decided in your infinite wisdom to show leniency and that if in future she comes to you and confesses to a fault or mistake and asks you for punishment in a suitably humble manner you will halve the number of strokes she would have received if you'd discovered it for yourself. But warn her also that this leniency is not a sign of weakness and if she deliberately tries to conceal any slip from you or when questioned is less than fully frank and honest then the number of strokes will be doubled. Continue with all normal punishments for usual slips and errors, but leave your maid in no doubt that more serious treatment awaits any wilful disobedience. It might be worth hinting at this stage at another, even more drastic option without specifying what it is and let her imagination do the work. With persistence this technique of carrot and stick never fails.

In the UK any clinician carrying out a castration except in cases of clear medical need would be disbarred for life and almost certainly charged with causing grievous bodily harm, an offence which carries a seven year jail term. Similarly any man who approached a doctor requesting such a procedure, for whatever reason, would be sectioned under the Mental Health Act, that is forcibly detained in a secure psychiatric unit for his own protection.

What I have written above are only some of the techniques for training a sissymaid and thence keeping her in her proper place, under her Mistress's thumb and on her toes. There are many others that Jean, or indeed any Mistress, can try such as improving any punishment through the use of punishment panties, soft and silky on the outside but lined with rough and scratchy material inside, either before to sensitise her bottom or after to prolong her discomfort. A simpler version of this is to have her sit on a rough doormat after canings etc. This can be even further improved by securing her hands behind her back and balancing a book on her head; if book falls the punishment is repeated. I find this very effective in discouraging post punishment wriggling, a common sissymaid vice.

Yours sincerely

I am also delighted to announce that Mistress Alison is now available to answer questions from both Mistress and sissies alike, assuming a respectful tone of course. These email conversations may well be included at some future date in PDQ though a request for privacy would be respected. Feel free to write her at mistress-alison@petticoated.com

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