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Dear Mistress Alison

We, the undersigned are the founding members of The Society of the Daughters of Circe, otherwise the D o C, and one of our former members, Jessamy, known as Sam, wrote to you in November of last year. In February of this year a unanimous decision was taken to expel her for “Conduct unbecoming to our gender and contrary to the ethos of this Society.” Contrary to what she told you Sam was not a founder member and, despite our name, we do not treat men like pigs. We dissociate ourselves from anything she may have told you. We completely agree with your description of the raison d’être of petticoat discipline in the final paragraph of your reply to her letter, and since you are obviously a woman of sagacity and experience we would like to ask your advice.

In the beginning we were simply a trio of undergraduates who were appalled by the childishness of the young men (boys) who made drunken advances towards us and revolted by the predatory attitude of older men who saw us simply as fresh meat. We wanted, and knew we deserved, something better. We were a group of like minded women who believed ourselves to be in every way superior to men but thought that was no reason to deny ourselves the pleasure of their society or their bodies, provided it was on our own terms. The Daughters of Circe was simply the name in which we booked the venue for our first few social gatherings to discuss by what manner of feminine sorcery we could find the right sort of men while protecting ourselves from the rest. The name stuck because it had the effect of attracting other women who liked the concept and shared our aims.

For most of the first (Michaelmas) term we were little more than a dining club, meeting on the last Thursday of the month to discuss the shortcomings of men in general and our own dating disasters in particular. A trickle of new members came thinking we were some kind of feminist crusade and most soon left when they discovered that we weren’t. By the beginning of the Hilary term we had five remaining members and through a combination of growing maturity, continuing disappointment with the men we’d met, and extensive internet research (through which we discovered the notion of such things as petticoating and the truly exciting concept of enforced male chastity!!) we had each become more aware of the possibilities of having powers other than the power of veto, become more assertive, and our attitudes had begun to harden – perhaps crystallise might be a better word. We had basically changed from complaining about what we didn’t want, to knowing what we did want and being determined to get it. Our two guiding principles became these. That far from being the mighty hunters they like to pretend to be, most men are weak and unreliable, especially when it comes to sex; sex for them is like the sweet trolley for us, an almost irresistible temptation and never more so than when we’re on a diet. As one internet wag put it, “An erect penis has no conscience.” And that the only future relationships we were prepared to consider were those where we had not just respect but control, particularly of the sex. We wanted what we knew by that stage were called Female Led Relationships, FLRs, though each of us interpreted that term in her own different way.

It did not produce a Damascene change, but by Easter the effects of our new attitude were noticeable. None of us thought we were behaving any differently, though I do remember deliberately brushing the thigh of a rather attractive man and feeling a thrill of power when he leapt aside apologising profusely. At our monthly dinners we now talked not of the shortcomings of the male sex in general, but of ways and means to increase our new found powers and to get even more of what we wanted. The first and foremost of these was enforced chastity. By the summer recess all three founding members were in some kind of relationship and though none of us had at that stage as much control as we would have liked, we were definitely in the ascendancy.

By the start of our second year The Daughters of Circe had become talked about as a shadowy group and our membership started to grow. At the outset the only qualification for membership was a simple belief in our two basic tenets, but as our numbers swelled we formulated a set of basic rules. First of these is that although possession of a male pet (the use of archaic and inappropriate terms like boyfriend and partner is one of our very few specific prohibitions) is not a prerequisite for membership, all such pets who are brought to our meetings must be in chastity, and obviously we advise that this is not just a temporary provision. Pets have to agree to do this voluntarily and sign a consent form saying they are willingly relinquishing control of their principal sex organ to a named Daughter in the presence of at least two other Daughters. Originally we thought it would be very difficult to get the pets to agree to this, but in the event it proved almost laughably easy.

The other main rules are that we expect all Daughters to keep their pets under their control and in good order at all times by whatever means they think most suitable to their own circumstances, including the use of physical punishments where appropriate. Similarly, we demand that pets are always obedient, respectful, affectionate and grateful. We absolutely do not and will not ever tolerate any form of abuse whatsoever under any circumstances. We are not a secret society, but we do demand discretion.

We three gave our own pets alternative, single word names appropriate to their status as pets, Cuddles, Precious and Minou, and always address them as such whenever it is appropriate. We also insist that they wear female underwear whenever and wherever it is possible as a mild form of petticoat discipline. We have encouraged other Daughters to do likewise, but do not insist upon it. We also encourage monogamy though again do not insist upon it, one particularly energetic Daughter currently has three pets. At our monthly meetings, which now take place in private, we expect those pets designated as servants for the evening to obey all reasonable instructions given to them by any Daughter unless specifically instructed otherwise by the Daughter they belong to. We make it very clear that all Daughters and their pets must obey the law at all times, and actively discourage anything that might cause embarrassment or distress to members of the public or attract media attention. Examples of such behaviour would be taking a pet for a walk on a dog’s lead or requiring him to kiss footwear in an inappropriate setting. Instructing pets to kneel in public is a moot point and Daughters are divided on the issue. In all other respects our relationships with our pets are very conventional and several of us intend to enter into long term FLRs with them, as and when it suits us.

After reading what you’ve written about the nature of men perhaps I shouldn’t have be surprised that the longer we have existed the more requests we have received from men to join us. These men usually claim to be friends or acquaintances of existing pets and some have offered significant sums of money. I believe these men to be under the severe misapprehension that our monthly meetings are sex parties or that the word Daughter is a euphemism for dominatrix. Thus far all applications from single unattached men have been ignored.

However, we are coming under pressure for some in our ranks to change. Two of us are hoping to return to university this autumn to study for higher degrees, but this awful lockdown is challenging all our aspirations. We don’t know how many of our existing younger members will be returning, but we do know none of them will be versed in law. More importantly I will be without my pet as he is currently waiting for the restrictions on movement to eased so he can start a job in Manchester. There is a suggestion that we abandon the essentially small and personal nature of the D o C and draft a formal constitution with clear cut membership rules, open it to a wider membership and charge an annual fee. The other founding Daughter who is returning with me is greatly in favour of having what she terms a wider gene pool from which to select pets, the one who is not returning says we should retain the exclusivity of what was, de facto, a private members club. If my own pet were coming with me then I would definitely side with the small and exclusive faction, but he is not and having enjoyed his devoted attention for almost 30 months I shall find university life impoverished without him. So I’m tempted by the idea of a temporary replacement.

We are having a wood from the trees moment about what to do, and as an impartial observer we would value any comments you would like to make or any advice you feel it appropriate to offer.

Yours sincerely

Victoria, Geneviève

Dear Ladies

Thank you for your fascinating letter.

I will confess that when I read your erstwhile member, Jessamy’s letter I was minded to write off the Daughters of Circe as just another group of overprivileged, under occupied juveniles wasting their time at university. However, as I read your letter describing your aims and ethos my opinion began to change and I thought to myself, “These are strong, intelligent young women taking control of their own lives and of the men in their lives. Bravissima.” I now concede that I judged on first impressions and I was mistaken.

I am flattered that you think I might be able to help you see the wood for the trees but I will do my best to assist you. I can empathise with you as you are about to be separated from your faithful “pet;” were kitty and I to be so separated it is debatable which of us would be the more distressed. She put it thus, “We are two discrete individuals who lean on each other for mutual support, but the sacred bond of trust between Mistress and sissymaid forms the third leg of a uniquely stable tripod which stands firm no matter how uneven the ground or strong the wind.” She has a penchant for such florid language, but it does neatly illustrate the point that all successful relationships, FLRs included, are never simply one way streets.

Before I attempt to comment on what you’ve written I must tell you that I have no legal training so what I say is merely the opinion of a laywoman.

You don’t say how many members you have or whether there exists any procedure to put such contentious issues to the vote, so I’ll assume there is none and it comes down to the founding members agreeing among themselves.

Firstly, if you start charging fees then you are entering a totally different arena which very probably does have legal ramifications and you should investigate this possibility thoroughly by seeking the relevant professional advice. You may also find that both your college and the university have a policy on such matters and you could well be accused of “gender stereotyping” or “being elitist” or “transphobic” or some other such currently fashionable balderdash. We know it’s nonsense but craven university authorities are so terrified by the possibility of themselves being accused of some ism or other that they allow vociferous minorities and the professionally outraged calling themselves social justice warriors to set the parameters of acceptability, so you should tread carefully. My own opinion, for what it’s worth, is that it would be a serious error of judgement to grant admission to any Tom, Dick or Harriet who knocked on the door. I can guarantee that if you let it be known that you are prepared even to consider unattached men as potential pets then you will be deluged with applications and at least 99.5% of them will be time wasters, who do not accept the natural superiority of women and are simply hoping to realise their own pathetic sexual fantasies. Separating any wheat from the mountain of chaff will be well nigh impossible. In your letter you wrote, “I believe these men are under the severe misapprehension that our monthly meeting are sex parties or that the word Daughter is a euphemism for dominatrix.” Exactly so.

The reason the D o C flourished the way it has is that you had already begun the winnowing process; the men you admitted as pets were already in close relationships with women they knew to be strong, capable, and self-confident, and they themselves had enough self-confidence to admit you were indeed superior to them and submit to you. Even in this day and age that makes them pretty rare.

To be frank, I think the only reason you ever considered the idea of admitting anyone who was prepared to pay an entrance fee is that you have allowed your anguish at your impending estrangement from your pet to cloud your judgement. You obviously have genuinely tender feelings for him and I suspect you are one of those contemplating entering into a long term commitment. Your pet, lockdown permitting, is going to be working in Manchester, he is not emigrating to Mongolia. Manchester is just under 200 miles from London, say 4 hours by road (and sissymaid kitty tells me that the claimed average journey time by rail is 2 hr 35min) so there is no reason why he can’t visit you every weekend if you wish, or indeed you him if you ever fancy experiencing the delights of Cottonopolis. You should also bear in mind that he will be missing you just as much, if not more; he didn’t willingly give you those 30 months of devoted attention for nothing, and he has the additional burden of being locked in chastity. You have an absolute guarantee of his fidelity while he has none of yours, and you’ve already confessed to being tempted by the idea of a temporary replacement. If he, a man with all the inherent weaknesses of his sex, can take it, then so can you.

The upside to your separation is that longing and yearning are key ingredients in any love affair, they stoke the fires of passion and make the times you share all the sweeter. If real love is present then absence truly will make both your hearts grow fonder, and if it is not then your separation will reveal its absence to you. So my advice is to forget all about the Daughters of Circe for the moment and enjoy playing with your pet while you can. When the time comes for you to be parted tell him to view it as a test of his devotion and a chance to prove his worthiness to become maybe something more than just your pet. Having the love of a suitable, submissively obedient man is a thing of joy, and you may take it from me that owning a devoted, adoring and highly capable sissymaid is a joy beyond compare.

So put all thoughts of writing a D o C constitution out of your head. When you return to university, as I’m sure you one day shall, then pick up exactly as before and devote what spare time you have to educating the next generation of undergraduates to behave as you have done. If you are outvoted by your sorority sisters and the D o C does materially change, then wash your hands of them; for you will have moved on and in the process found something infinitely more valuable.

I wish you and your pet, and all the members of the D o C the very best for the future.

Yours sincerely
Mistress Alison

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