My life was so confusing until I found your Website. My husband of twenty years had been found out to be in a relationship with his secretary Rachel. I only found out because I was doing the laundry and found a strange pair of satin panties in the hamper. When he came home they were laying on the table were he always put his keys. I was looking on to see his reaction. His eyes got big and he looked like he would pass out. I walked to him and said tell me about it. His first word was Rachel, he cleared his throat, he started to cry. I pulled him to me and hugged him as he sobbed. We were sometime later on the couch and he was telling me that Rachel had caught on that he was taking money from the firm and she was as she said punishing him for his indiscretions.

My first thought was to go make her stop, then I thought this is good for me as well as she. The next day after my husband confessed all the things she had made him do for her. I dropped in and she asked if I was there to see Robert she looked sort of shocked. You see I am almost six foot tall and Robert is five nine. So therefore I have a dominate look about me and have used it often to cause bullies to run in fear. You would have to see me to know no one talks back to me more than once. I told her that I was there to see her. I told her to step in and tell Robert that she and I needed a moment of their time. Naturally We went into Roberts office.

I told Rachel I knew about her actions with my husband and said what right do you have to do these things. She said that she had known for sometime that Robert had been taking funds and that he seemed very submissive in nature. She went on to tell me that she had used petticoat discipline with controlling her husband and that he was her sissy salve. I was thinking as she talked about how that was something I had thought of for sometime since I had found that my husband had been on your web site as I had discovered some time back and thought he was playing around. I asked her how things had been going for her and her husband Terry. First she said his name is Susan now at home and some times publicly when misbehaving. Then she told me that he was a very submissive maid and many other things as she demands. I looked at Robert and could instantly see he was embarrassed by this conversation. I said Robert stand up he did and I said pull your jacket he did and exposed he had a budge in the front of his pants. I knew then that he was going to be my sissy from that point on.

I set up a time for my sissy and Rachel's sissy to meet and for Robert to be trained by Rachel and myself. We went to her home (I say her home because it was so plain that he, Susan, was not allowed to own anything. So I went the next week along with Robert and put everything he and I owned in my name. I had him sign an agreement that if he and I divorced he would leave with nothing. I watch as he cried when he signed the papers. Going on with his training Robert has progressed so nicely. He has a new wardrobe and is so submissive I can make him do anything I ask.

I wanted to further his humiliation by having him wear satin panties 24/7. I have bought her/him bras and nighties and outward apparel. When we went to the beach a few days in the summer he wore the bottom of an old bikini I had. It was hot pink and had a bow on the front. Women stared and men whistled at him. His face was red so much I thought the sun was burning his skin.

I had a guest over a few weeks ago his name is Bob and he and I sat on the couch as Robert now Missy served us with wine and shrimp. I kissed Bob as Missy could not help but watch. Bob's hand went between my legs and Missy as I noticed had big tears in her eyes. I told Missy, Bob and I were going out to a motel and I would be back when I got back also she was to clean up and go to bed. Out we went as I said we were at a motel having great sex. When I got home I call Missy to wake and come hear the tell of my evening. I told him how Bob had been so much a man he made me cum four times before he did. To make sure Missy knew I told him to come sniff between my legs. At first he started to beg not to but with one look from me he was been a good girl. He looked up at me like a puppy after a few sniffs. I said go ahead sissy taste his sperm. his head went down and I was in heaven.

We go to Rachel house and she tells me how good he has been in the office. I have told her that she was to make him do anything she wants him to do for her satisfaction. Once he spent most of the day dressed in a maid outfit at the office while Rachel would do his job in her office proving she could do Missy's job very well. The intercom is left on as she talks to the men and women that come in. Once a woman was very insistent to speak with him Rachel said she would see if he could be disturbed, openings the door she asked if he could talk with Ms. Jones he looked like he was going to wet his panties and she said okay I will tell her and she hesitated making him think she was going to let the lady in but then said that you will call her in an hour. After Ms. Jones left she went back and he was crying. She told him to stop but he would not, so she spanked him and made him stand in the corner for an hour.

I could go on for hours but I think you see how men are and women must stand up to them in some way or take what you get from the man. Since we started this journey I have met a lot of sissies through a local club of women who have found peace in their marriage by making their mate the maid of their domain.

Ms. Graham

PS. Thank you for your great work I find good in the letters you post.

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