from Linda

Dear Helga,

My husband Robert was telling me about your website and showed it to me the other day in an attempt to let him wear a maid uniform at home. Can you just imagine hearing your husband say those words? That was okay there's no secret about Robert and women in uniform. I actually gave him credit for coming to me wanting to live out a fantasy we have all known to have in some degree. Why hide it or keep it a secret when you have the opportunity to live it I felt. I have even more respect for Robert coming out at they say.

So Helga here I am with the same husband and a new look and a new life. Robert is very excited to have the opportunity to be my sissymaid and dress like he is a real maid now. I'm thrilled he wants to do all the house work, cooking, cleaning and laundry. I mean what wife wouldn't want a maid or sissymaid. Robert is in chastity and as you know that is always a good thing. He is looking after himself as far as hair and makeup goes and his clothes are ironed each day by him not me.

Helga if you had a part in Robert coming to me I thank you in a huge way. I often thought of buying a maid or nurses uniform except I was looking to turn him on any more than he was. Now he turns himself on by wearing his own maid uniform and even that is under control by way of his chastity device.

Take care,

Thank you for your letter Linda. How nice to hear from you, I understand what a surprise this must have been, the all macho man coming to you and telling you he wants to wear a dress suitable for a five year old girl and to submit to your total control. You handled it very well and with an open mind. There are of course many advantages to you along the lines of housework and there are also the very personal services for him to perform without reciprocation.


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