from Shelia

Dear Helga,

A woman I met on the commuter train talked to me about petticoating which is why I am here today. I have a situation where you might know something that can help or someone who can help me. My husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer 5 years ago so they removed both is testicles and scrotum at his request not wanting to have an empty sack as he called it. To be honest it looks much nicer down there and I have to agree removing his sack was a good idea. It changed our sex life some however I never really liked intercourse much and did it for him. Since then he spends more time satisfying me which I like.

For quite a while after his surgery the testosterone medication wasn't working as it should so he started to become more feminine. As such he started to grow breasts not big but breasts. Now when a man grows breasts due to a hormone imbalance other things happen to the way he thinks. Frank started to like his breast growth more than any regular man would again going back to the medication. During this time I was reading about men who had breast growth due to hormone imbalances. To my surprise there are men out there who want to grow breasts and have the drugs necessary to make it happen. Then to surprise me even more I found women who want their men to grow breasts so they can feminize their husbands. This is how I ended up finding information on petticoating. My husband wants to change his medication so he can grow women's breasts which we discussed with our doctor who is a woman by the way. I don't care as it is his body and we are old enough to not have children in our lives. He is far more happy than he used to be so losing his testicles wasn't such a bad thing for me.

Helga I am in the mindset of my husband not only having the breasts he so wants but to help him become more feminine. Oh sure estrogen therapy will help the mental and physical changes. I am leaning towards petticoating him so he can earn the privilege of having women's breasts not just have them because he can. Do you have any information about men growing breasts, on estrogen therapy and living as sissymaids instead of men with breasts? I have talked to him a few times letting him know if he grows breasts the size he wants I will have no choice but to dress him like a woman. There is no way I am going out for dinner or shopping with a man who has breasts unless he is dressed like a woman. He might not look good as a woman however walking with him at least making the effort to look like a woman would be better than a guy with breasts.

I would love to chat with you on the subject if you have any knowledge of my situation.


Thank you for your letter Sheila. First let say how sorry I am for his situation, that could not have been easy for either of you. Though they really do look better without that sack.

Petticoating him is a wonderful solution to this rather complex situation, I'm not sure what I can offer in the way of information but I can tell you that this is not the first time I have encountered this situation. In those cases the wives are now living a life of luxury being served by their sissymaid husbands, that may not be true of all of course, but I do tend to get email about petticoating after all.


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