My brother Jack always thought that he was someone special, and he would act like it was our position to treat him special. My mother went along with his stupid actions for many years and it ruined him, and the rest of us started not like his ways so much. When he was fifteen mother passed away. Jack began to act like he was being mistreated all the time. We all told him in an intervention that he was not special and that mother only acted like he was because she thought it was cute to play that way.

I am the oldest sister took Jack in when mother passed. The first thing I did was sit him down and tell him that he had to pull his own weight around the farm. My two daughters had their chores and he would have his, they would be done everyday even weekends. I explained a farm would not run it's self. The cows did not milk themselves nor the pigs feed themselves and so on. Things went wrong the first week, he went out to feed the hogs and soon came back and said he was done. Darlene went to check them and found they had not been fed and the cow lot had been left open and the cows were on the main road. It took two hours to round them up and put them back in the lot. We sat down and talked to him again but this time I told him if he could not do outside work he would do inside work his answer was 'Fine I will do inside work.' I went to the living room and removed his toys and other things he loved and were a waste of time to play with. The next morning I woke him up at six to get started with the washing of the clothes and other tasks that I had assigned as his chores. Again he did not do the things that he was told.

When I asked him why he had not done them he said it was girls work and Darlene and Sandy should do them. I asked him who would do the outside work if they did the inside work. He said they were big girls and they could do it or be spanked. I said I agree with that part of it. I grabbed his arm and pulled him over my lap and spanked him until he was crying like a girl. I told him to get it done or his cousins would see his naked butt being spanked. About an hour later there was a knock at the door. I answered the door to find Sheriff Bill Smith standing at the door. Bill said that they had got a call that I was abusing Jack and had to investigate the problem. I told Bill why I had and the whole story. He asked to speak with Jack. I was present as he talked to Jack. To my surprise Bill told Jack that if he got another call to come out here for something like this he would arrest Jack and put him in the juvenile detention center and explained that it was a jail for sissy boys who are to lazy to do their job as part of the family.

Jack began to cry and call Bill names and told Bill he was going to call his boss and tell them he was mean. Bill said I am my boss I am the Sheriff not a deputy. He then took out his cuffs and told Jack to turn around. He cuffed him and turned so Jack could not see he winked at me and in the same time told jack that he would go to court at nine in the morning and then off to jail for one year for calling the Sheriff names and not doing things as he was instructed to do. Jack got the message real fast that time. He began to say he was sorry and that he would be good and follow my instructions. Bill told him that if I called him to come back that he would be going to jail and be there for a long time.

Life changed for the whole family that day. I took Jack to Darlene's room and told him to undress. He did right down to naked. I handed him a pair of Darlene's old panties that were sort of a dingy white cotton. I gave him a petticoat and a dress that Darlene had wore when she was twelve. It was torn and very short on him. The hole was right in the back and showed his panties. Just as he was fully dressed the girls came in and saw him and busted out laughing and pointing at his panties and told him how sissy he looked. He blushed but did not try to remove the dress. He was given chores from Darlene and Sandy everyday. The one he hated the most was washing out all of the panties by hand even mine and the other girls. He got a lot of spankings from one or the other of the girls until he found out he was special only in his head. They loved taking him to the store with them and showing off his panties to all the other females and some guys in town.

We changed his name to Jackie and he stayed a girl until he went off to college. He became a lawyer with a big practice in Louisville, KY. He still comes to see me a lot and sometimes he will stay a few days and becomes Jackie often. His wife has come with him, and her has many times thanked me for what I did with him and made him a better husband by making him a girl. Maybe I will get him to write a letter to you sometime soon.

Jackie's big sister

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