from Sissy Andrea

Dear Auntie Helga,

How and why I am no longer a man and am now a sissy maid My name is now sissy maid andrea. My story of how I came to be in this predicament is what I am writing this about. As a man I developed a bad habit of habitually watching porn and masturbating a lot! My wife and now Mistress Amber was constantly fussing at me about my habit and that I did not pay her the attention she deserved. I now wish that I had taken her warnings of consequences more seriously.

She initially put me in a chastity cage for periods of a week to two weeks, this was utter torment for me as I could not touch myself and was not allowed to masturbate at all, or have sex with her. I was only allowed to please her orally which greatly improved my oral skills and that was a positive outcome from the chastity cage, albeit at my expense of not using my sexual organs. She insisted that I stay locked up 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Little did I realize she was just getting started in her plans to radically change my behavior and mindset on how I was to live my life. Soon she decided that I would be in chastity for a month at a time, all the while during the month continually teasing and denying me a release before placing the cage back on me. After I was successfully chastised and sexually immobilized which in retrospect had a positive effect on my masturbatory habits she began to branch out to other aspects of my daily existence.

First off she informed me that I would be wearing panties exclusively and no more male underwear at all. If that was not bad enough it quickly accelerated to a bra and panties with the addition of garter belts and thigh high stockings, because she said they looked sexy on me. I was feeling quite defeated at this point but continued on with it somewhat willingly as I thought that she would get over her anger about the porn watching and take the cage off. I was very badly mistaken as she then assigned me all the house chores, basically she would not touch anything as far as cleaning the house in any way and I was to be punished if I did not do it properly. this was not the greatest situation for me but I endured it obviously because she had the key to the chastity cage and was unwavering about taking it off no matter how much pleading and begging I did.

It was beginning to look quite helpless for me with the only option to leave but there were photos of me in my feminine undergarments that would inevitably get out to wrong people so I was stuck in situation. It did bring about a more submissive posture and attitude from me though.

The situation only got more complicated and worse from there I am afraid. As Mistress Amber then went on to require me to be dressed in a "suitable" outfit to do my household chores in and I was promptly measured and fitted for a french maid dress. This insured I would not be leaving to go any where, effectively rendering me housebound in the 5 inch heels Mistress Amber also required me to wear. If anything positive came out of this it was that I was becoming quite the submissive but yet resistant sissy. I was required to to be in "uniform", undergarments, french maid dress, heels for the entirety of the day up until I went to bed. It makes for some very sore legs and feet by the end of the day practically every day but it served to keep my attitude in check somewhat since she had locked the heels on and I was not allowed to sit down hardly at all during the day. Little did I know that Mistress AAmber was far from humiliating and feminizing me as I found out in short order.

She posted a poll on and soon the gracious readers voted to extend my chastity release time to every other month. After totally humiliating me by me wearing a maid's dress all the time Mistress Amber started flirting with the idea of exposing me more which I objected to fiercely. All this really got me was a very sore bottom and a promise that it would be worse the next time, which it definitely was on subsequent outbursts about her demands for me.

Mistress Amber then took my sissification to a new level when she had me do a shopping trip with things to buy, albeit with my nails painted a bright red which was obvious to anyone paying a little bit of attention. The sales ladies sure did notice and got a huge source of amusement out of it. One of my assigned tasks was to buy panties or something at a clothing store, I do not remember exactly as this is all blended into a terrible fog now.

In that encounter I was helped by a lady named Brenda and she apparently was very interested in my predicament, she sent a sealed note back with me for Mistress Amber and then it got really intense. Miss Brenda soon had me over at her house as a sissy maid, fully dressed and emasculated and totally under whatever decisions she made as Mistress Amber was not present. I encountered some very embarrassing experiences there as she invited a couple of her friends over for a visit and I had to answer the door and take their coats, etc. the situation quickly delved into a much more embarrassing and emasculating turn as I am now cleaning all three ladies houses each week, subject to their every whim and instruction. They seem to delight in inviting friends over to visit, and of course meet their sissy maid.

All this has impacted me terribly but apparently I have become the submissive little maid that everyone seems to enjoy because I cannot really say much about anything. I am quickly coming to realize I am a broken former man and now just a sissy maid and it appears that this is not going to change anytime soon if ever.

Sissy Andrea

Thank you for writing and for sharing your failures as a man and describing the opportunity provided by your understanding and wonderful wife in response to your selfishness. Her frustration with your self indulgence, her pain at this humiliation is palpable, so its only reasonable you stop that filthy habit and show her the respect she deserves. I know my readers will appreciate your transformation into a proper sissymaid serving your glorious Mistress from now on.

Auntie Helga

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