from Margot

Dear Helga,

Many thanks for your reply and thank you for confirming that although I am well advanced in years I should continue "Petticoating" for as long as I am able.

You ask about my experiences and techniques well first I have to admit that I had a good teacher or should say teachers.

First time I experienced the patticoating of a male was when I discovered that husband of 14 years was having an affair. He stupidly left a letter from his whore in his jacket which I found. So in summary the following happened

Husband, Syd, confronted with letter.

Syd physically and verbally abused by me.

Syd thrown out.

Sue, Syd's, elder sister told of his affair and that I wanted to punish and humiliate him.

Told by Sue that as a child Syd regularly spanked by mother and had to wear girls knickers and a dress as punishment for misbehaving. Only when he apologized were knickers etc removed but that he was soon back in them. She suggested that we do this to Syd. She confessed that she had regularly spanked him as a child and enjoyed seeing him in girls knickers and clothing. Sue offered to help me punish Syd. Syd told to come to house at 6 o'clock in 2 days time to discuss how we went forward from here.

Two days later at 5 o'clock Sue arrived but she had brought Irene, her mother, with her. Irene had been told what Syd had done and fully agreed he should be once again be Petticoated. Irene and Sue told me to leave everything to them. 6 o'clock Syd arrived. I told him to go to lounge where to his surprise mother and sister where seated.

Irene told him not to say a word but to stand in front of her. Irene then berated him over his behaviour and told him he would be punished just like when he was a 10 year old. Syd tried to object but Sue stood up and firmly slapped his face several times.

Syd told to strip off his clothes which I was amazed he did without any further argument. Naked Syd put over Irene's lap and Sue handed her a paddle which Irene used to good effect on his buttocks. Within minutes she had him pleading for her to stop and began to cry.

Syd told he was a very naughty boy and Irene then passed the paddle to Sue who continued mother-in-law's punishment. Syd by now sobbing like a little child when Sue handed me the paddle and for next 5 minutes I laid into him with my anger and frustration giving me strength I did not know I had. Eventually Irene gently stopped my onslaught leaving Syd a blundering physical wreck on lounge floor. We all took moment to recover our composure then Irene handed my a pair of white frilly knickers.

This was the now or never moment.

Either Syd and me split for good or a new way of living together started. I found that I had a confidence that had not had before and in a loud demeaning voice told him that if he wished to stay living with me then he would put on the knickers and would be wearing knickers from now on. He looked up at me from the floor for an instance then nodded his agreement. Irene quickly intervened and told him that he had to beg me to be allowed to wear knickers and to be spanked as often as I decided was necessary. Suffice to say Syd begged me to put him knickers and to readily agree to spanking.

I had him stand up and stretching the knickers legs wide had him step into them and pulled them all way up. As I adjusted the knickers into place we all noticed that Syd had become erect and from I know not where I told him that from now on he could forget about sex with me or anyone else and in future he would have to beg me to allow him to relieve himself by hand. Irene said she had an idea as how I could make sure he stayed celibate and would tell me later on. Syd in his knickers was sent to kitchen to make us all coffee and to start cleaning up that room.

So Helga that's how I became involved in petticoating.

Over the next 10 years Syd was slowly but surely feminised and eventually became a housemaid to me and other women.

Of my 2 children Russel thought his father was spineless and cut all contact with him my daughter Debbie on the other hand embraced the way I had her father under my control and I was very pleased when she asked if she could cane him which I agreed to.( Debbie found herself a lovely submissive to share life with).

I never had sex with Syd again but over time he was required to serve me orally and manually.(His reward for pleasing me was a caning). Irene by the way produced a long legged pantie girdle to which she added a waist belt so that it could be locked onto him. (These were the days before chastity cages became available). He had to ask me or Debbie to unlock him to go to the toilet. She suggested best if we put him a nappy and rubber pants under his girdle. A great idea. Sadly Syd died in 1981 from a stroke.

I found him one morning when I went to unlock him from the cage he had built at back of my wardrobe where I kept him when not needed. I had to call Sue to help me get him out and remove his female clothing before we called for medical assistance.

Such a tragic end but I quickly found a replacement in Norman who did not know just what would happen to him when we first met.

Norman was moved into the cage 3 months after Syd's demise.

So Helga that's how I started and looking back now I realised just how much enjoyment I have had and continue to do so.

Umm sissy just finished cleaning kitchen floor so if you will excuse me think he going to go between my thighs and put his well trained tongue to good use.

Stay safe stay dominant

So long as you enjoy this, sure why not. Thank you for telling me about Syd, a sad case of a man in serious need of getting in touch with his feminine side, your ultimatum left little doubt about his future. His sister was a big help too. Those must have been interesting and enlightening times.


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