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Dear Mistress Alison

You recently advised a lady to try the technique of mouth soaping on her son. I am interested because I am in the process of turning my wimpy husband into a sissified domestic slave. Of course I want him to suffer physically but most of all I want him to feel completely and totally humiliated. At the present the most humiliating thing for him is that every time I use the toilet I make him lick my bottom clean afterwards, soaping his mouth after that would be cleansing and add extra humiliation. Moreover I don't want him cleaning my footwear or kissing my visitor's feet with a dirty tongue. Growing up in Nigeria it was common for mothers to tell their children "Wash your mouth out with soap and water," but I never actually had it done to me or saw it happen so I would like some advice about how to do it, what sort of soap to use and what any risks there might be. For example I don’t want him to have diarrhoea because a housemaid who cannot work because she is unable to go far from a toilet is no use to me.

Thank you

Dear Ololade

First I am not medically qualified, but I do know that anyone ingesting faecal matter runs an appreciable risk of contracting hepatitis, an extremely debilitating condition with potentially serious consequences. I suggest you have your husband visit a doctor and get a Gamma Globulin immunisation against hepatitis. It is not 100% effective and needs to be repeated at regular intervals, but it will give him some measure of protection.

There are several basic techniques for mouth soaping and a wide variety of soaps. Since I have several similar inquiries on this subject I decided to conduct a little practical research to determine the most effective. To be precise I instructed my sissymaid to carry out the actual testing and write a report of her findings. You’ll find it at the end of this reply.

I hope this answers your questions.

Yours sincerely
Mistress Alison.

Report on Disciplinary Mouth Soaping

by sissymaid kitty

Following Mistress Alison’s instructions, I searched the internet for soaps which I believed would have the most pungent smell, and therefore taste, and which had connotations of cleansing and disinfection rather toilet soaps associated with normal bathing or hand washing.

I chose three; all easily available online.

Traditional Carbolic
Wrights Coal Tar
Fairy Green Household.

Each was subjected to the following three tests. 1 Lick the entire length of both sides ten times using as much of the length of the tongue as possible, stand thirty minutes in the corner with hands on head noting the flavours, sensations, and any reaction, nausea retching etc. 2 Using a tooth brush work up a good lather and then brush my teeth using my normal technique for five minutes replenishing the bristles with fresh soap every 30 seconds; lightly brush the upper surface of my tongue for one minute and then as much of the underside as possible for two minutes. Stand thirty minutes in the corner as before. 3 Cut a sliver of soap off the bar as close as possible to the following dimensions 1 x ½ x ⅛ inches (25x12x3 mm) place it under my tongue and fit Whitehead dental gag with tongue depressor to hold it in place, resume my normal duties until all the soap was dissolved.

I was not allowed to rinse or otherwise clean my mouth until one hour after the completion of each test and there was a gap of at least twenty four hours between each of the tests.

The lick test was easy to accomplish and though unpleasant the effects were relative short lived. The carbolic soap had the most pungent smell and tasted moderately foul but did not produce any retching and the bad taste soon faded after rinsing my mouth. The Wright’s Coal Tar smelt almost pleasant and was evocative of my schooldays, but tasted sharper than the carbolic and the after taste persisted longer after rinsing. The Fairy Green household smelt tolerably pleasant, but was the most unpleasant to taste by a big margin and I had to try hard not to gag or retch. Even after repeated rinses the taste persisted, and I could still detect it after several hours.

The brush test was the most difficult to undertake as it produced the most intensely unpleasant flavours, and it was difficult to continue brushing when I kept gagging and wanting to retch. These feeling persisted when standing in the corner afterwards together with a general feeling of nausea. Although the Green Fairy still tasted the worst the Traditional Carbolic produced the strongest feelings of nausea and the following day I suffered slightly from diarrhoea and some stomach cramping. Any of these soaps applied in this way would constitute a serious punishment.

The soap under the tongue with the gag was the longest and most arduous. Wearing a Whitehead gag for any length of time is a punishment in itself; the jaw and buccinator muscles ache and the mouth becomes very dry. All the soaps took a long time to dissolve and there were few suds produced, but slow release of the flavour into my dry mouth coupled with the smell made me want to retch all the more, which naturally the gag prevented. All three soaps gave a very unpleasant experience and repeated rinsing was required afterwards. Other than an aching jaw I felt no ill effects the following day.

To summarise I would rate the Rights Coal Tar the least unpleasant, and the Green Fairy Household the most unpleasant. Making a sissymaid or other petticoatee lick the soap might be useful for quick retribution in a public place where there would the added factor of humiliation; the brushing technique would constitute a shorter but more intense punishment, and the soap under the tongue a prolonged form of torment. I would not want to repeat any of the experiences with any of the soaps.

These are my personal reactions and noted while in a less than calm state, others subjected to similar mouth soapings may react or remember differently.

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