Sorely Tried

I am laying on my bed with my bums burning. I am not allowed to touch them as to rub them or in any way. How I got here was of my own doing.

Let me start from the beginning of my fall. We lived in government housing because my Dad had left us when I was eight so it was just my mom and myself. The houses were really close and you could see and hear a lot of things. All of the houses had clothes lines in the back of them. My fist seeing of a petticoat was on these lines. I did not know until now that girls wore different underpants than boys until then either. The panties were the thing that most caught my eye. They were all colors and sizes some had flowers and other things printed on them. The petticoats had this netting like that was mostly white but some had other colors, they began my fantasies at night when I would play with myself I would think of wearing them and also the dresses and other things I saw on the lines.

My mother went in the hospital when I was ten and she never came home. She was buried next to her mother and I was all alone. When we left the grave yard I was told that I was to go live with my aunt Jane in Kentucky. They put me on a train with my little suit case and off I went to a place I did not know or what would become of me.

I soon found out my aunt was very strict. When she and her three daughters picked me up at the station I was told to put my case in the trunk and get in the car. When we arrived at the house I was told that Cindy and Shannon had moved into a room together to allow a room for me. I thanked then for doing that. Cindy led me to the room that she had resided in before the move. My eyes nearly popped out of my head it was a very girly room with pink walls and decorated with ruffles and lace. I asked if that was the only room I could use and she told me that was it or nothing. Cindy was eleven and Shannon was thirteen, Anna the oldest, who was very mean to me from the first day, was fifteen.

It was late when we got home so everyone got ready for bed, I was given a snack before going to bed. There was a bathroom between the girls room and mine that we shared a door from my room went into it as did their room have a door to that bathroom. Late in the night I had to pee so I went in and as I was told, I locked the door on their side. As I stood there peeing I saw a pair of silky panties and slip on the sink top. My heart beat fast as I wondered how they felt. I picked up the panties and felt the material, it felt good I then wondered how they felt on so I put them on and as soon as I did the door to their side opened, I had not properly locked it. Cindy stood staring at me in her panties. I thought she would run and tell her mother or sisters but she smiled and said you look cute in them. She told me that she would keep this between us, but she said I had to wear them all night or the deal was off. I went off to bed with her panties on. The next morning I was awaken by Cindy flipping the covers off of me. She told me it was time for a shower and get ready to go to breakfast. She then handed me a pair of very pink panties with lace around the top and leg holes. She said I was to wear them all day and keep them clean, she again smiled and said you know what I mean, wipe good.

My aunt gave each of use chores to complete by noon or no lunch. Mine was to dust all of the furniture and sweep the porch. I did it and got done in time. As we sat to eat my aunt told us that we would all be inspected to see that we had kept our under things clean. I looked at Cindy and she ask if she could go to the bathroom before inspection, her mother said yes so I asked also and aunty said yes to me. I got a pair of my shorts and put them on. I guess I did not pay attention and got a pair from my bag that was soiled. When she pulled the back down she gasped and told me to go to my room. I ran to the room wondering what she would do. When she came in she told me that I could choose my punishment from her list. I looked at her list number one was one week of wearing a diaper, number two was one week of wearing panties, number three was a spanking with all the girls watching. I breathed hard and said I would wear the panties. She said I knew you were a sissy boy. She went into the girls room and brought back seven pair of very little girl looking panties. I begged her to not do this and said that she never told me the rule of not getting my underwear dirty. She said that if I refused she would pick my punishment. I took the panties then she handed me a petticoat I almost cried. I had to wear it and other girls clothes all week. That night Cindy came to my room and told me that she would help me be a girl for her mother. She explained that her mother did not like males big or little and that she was the president of a woman's group were fighting for equality rights.

I was given a choice that week of being in girls clothes or finding someplace else to live. That whole summer I was one of the girls. It became the best memories of my life. I still to this day when I do something I should not do I call Cindy and she tells me a punishment for my deed. I have a large assortment of petticoats and silky panties as well as many dresses and other things.

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