I Love Petticoats Now

I was not a good looking child I was over weight and I seldom bathed. At school I was pushed around and bullied. I was not only bullied by the boys but by some girls also. It totally took me by surprised when one of the not to popular girls came to me and ask if I would like to come to a party at her house that weekend. I stammered something like OK or alright.

I looked forward to that day with fear and trembling. It was in the fifties and there was a big time for petticoats and I was an admirer of seeing girls petticoats I would sit on the ground near the steps to get a peek at the pretty petticoats they were so sweet.

The day came for the party and I took a shower and dressed in my best clothes. As I got dressed I realized that my Mom had not done the wash and I had no clean underpants. I went to Mom and she said she had just put the underwear load in the washer. I thought I can't wear tan pants, if I got a erection and it leaked it would show on my pants. My mind raced and just then Mom said here I looked and she heal a pair of my little sister's panties in her hand they were not just panties but they had little flowers all over them. My heart speeded up to a very high rate. I looked at them knowing they were the only answer to my problem. I took them in my hand and looked at them as I swallowed hard I put them on they were tight but not to tight. I dressed and went to Nora's house for the biggest day of my life. When I got to the party everyone was standing around talking to each other. There was only seven people there, Nora saw me and came and said that she was glad I could come to the party. We had a great day playing games and talking. I knew I was never going to be the same. the three girls there wore the pretties petticoats and I did stare at them a lot. But it seemed different for some reason. When the party ended about five that day I was totally shocked no one had picked on me or called me names.

Everyone was leaving and Nora came to me and ask me to wait until last to leave.

After all the other guest had left, Nora came to me and told me to sit down with her on the swing. We talked about the party and school but I knew she did not ask me to stay behind for those reasons. Nora told me that she had seen me sitting on the ground and looking up girls skirts and as I started to lie and say that I was not looking she put her finger to my lips and said that I should not lie, she knew my secret and that she did not want to hear my lies. She said it as if she were very strong and in control. She told me that she would like to let me see her petticoats in her room. I was so surprised that I almost did the naughty thing in my or my sister's panties. She told her Mom she wanted to show me her room. In those days a boy was never allowed by the girls parents to go into their rooms. Her mother not only said ok but said that she had to go to the market for something. We entered the room that was so clean and girly. She lead me to a closet that had many petticoats in it I just stared for a few seconds and I was like in a trance. Nora ask if I wanted to feel one, I answered so fast that I was taken a back by my answer. She took one from the hanger and held it out to me. I took it and the netting felt like heaven, Nora told me to rub it on my cheek, it made my thing hard as I rubbed it on my cheek. Then she surprised me by asking if I wanted to wear it! My mouth fell open and I said no it was not right for boys to wear girls things. She said it was if the girl asked a boy to. My mind was so confused that I said OK. She left the room and I undressed and when I go to the panties I went crazy with fear and I put my clothes back on and told her that I had put the petticoat on and it felt good. She told me to put it back on so she could see. I thought about this for a second and thought well she would not see the panties so I put it on again this time I opened the door and let her in she smiled and said it look so pretty on me. Believe me my face was not only red but felt like it was on fire.

She then quickly lifted it and I jumped back, but too late, she saw the panties. She ask why I was wearing them, I explained but she did not believe me. She lifted the petticoat again and looked at the panties. She said that she must tell the other girls about this. I begged her not to and she said that it was hard to keep this secret. I began to cry and beg her. She said if I did as she told me no one would have to know. It was not long before I was totally dressed in one of her fancy party outfits. She and I had a party of our own for a little while. She told me how much she liked my dressing in her things and that she would like for me to be her girlfriend, I reminded her that I was a boy but she lifted my petticoat again and said nope, you are not, she pulled on the leg opening of the panties. My life changed that day forever, I could not wait to go to Nora's house ever chance I got. We dated all through high school and even the first year of college.

Then Nora went to another college in Texas and I was not able to go because my mother died that summer and I had a to take care of things. About a year later Nora came home for a visit to her family. They had a coming home party and I was invited. Sure I went hoping to be in her petticoat again. When she arrived she had a guy with her that she was dating, my heart was broken. After a few days my door bell rang it was Nora she ask to come in, I said sure come in by all means. Nora explained to me that she had met her boyfriend at college and that she was so confused as to how to tell me that she was in love with someone else. Being a gentleman I told her it was alright, that I understood. I went on to say that I was hurt but that I was ok with it and told her how I wanted the best for them. She told me to wait as she went to her car she came back with several bags in which was some of the petticoats and panties and a pretty party dress. She wanted me to have them. She also explained that Rod liked her petticoats too and wore them, she also said that he was her girlfriend not her boy friend, we both laughed at that statement and I remembered when I was her girlfriend. Was I sad? Yes, but I knew we had to move on. Don't feel sorry for me I have met a woman and I told her about my secret after we had dated for a few months and she went crazy, she left me only to return in a few days and now I am her wife. We are very happy and have gone to Texas a couple of time and visited Nora and Rose (Rod) several times and I will relate to you some of our visits later if you would like. Thank you Helga for your web site my wife Commie found it and told me to write you and tell you all about us.

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