Sarah Wilkinson - Nappy Discipline - Part Three

Dear Helga,

When necessary, the adult baby can be sent to change himself but he will not become dry, nor will he have an opportunity to play with himself. If efficiency is a concern, the use of bloomer style plastic pants may be effective. These extend part way down the leg and while helpful in preventing occasional leaking, are very uncomfortable, especially in summer. These pants are often used for punishment purposes. When placed on females wearing skirts it is almost impossible to conceal them properly. The element of security is concerned with the ability of the adult baby to alter or escape the punishment of wearing nappies. This is unacceptable and must be prevented at all costs. There are two strategies, to secure the nappy, or to secure the clothing, which covers it. Securing the nappy allows the adult baby to be kept in the state of half-undress described earlier. It is also useful if the adult baby is to be displayed to the Mummy's friends or is sleeping away from home and the customary bed restraints. It allows the adult baby's hands to be free, permitting the assignment of chores.

Generally a chastity belt design is used with a wide crotch band secured to a sturdy belt. The lock may be discrete or not at the Mummy's pleasure. Such a device increases the discomfort of the nappy , makes soiling more unpleasant and can forestall attempts at masturbation through the diaper. It may be used on both males and females but the former will suffer more from its effects. Among its disadvantages are that it can tear the plastic pants and that the adult baby can sometimes gain access to the genitals through a leg opening. Securing the clothing, which covers the nappy, is more efficient in preventing masturbation but can be less convenient in other areas.

Shorts or pants can be locked at the waist with a length of fine chain and a small lock. This usually prevents the adult baby from putting his hands inside his nappies or playing with himself. In the case of shorts, chains at the cuffs will prevent access from that point. Such chains can be discrete, if necessary.

An alternative is to use pantyhose on both males and females. A stout pair of control top should be used. The garment is placed on the adult baby and then a fine wire or chain is passed through the waistband and locked. The adult baby cannot get access from the leg openings and there is the additional benefit of compression from the girdle-like panty. Males especially are humiliated by being made to wear pantyhose.

Forcing your adult baby to go out in public wearing only shorts over his hosiery or alternatively wearing slacks can enhance this but also sandals, which reveal his secret to all whom, happen to look down. Since there is no plausible reason for a male to be wearing hosiery, the potential for extreme embarrassment is high. If pantyhose are used on a female, use of the seamed variety will be effective; bloomer style panties would add to her distress, especially if the skirt was short.

Once the adult baby is securely bound in nappies and plastic pants the Mummy's concern turns to measures, which will aggravate the adult baby's condition. Excessive fluid intake, diuretics and laxatives are the most common measures adopted. In the case of fluids, the properly nappied adult baby, left alone, will have no choice but to wet his nappies. This can be rewarding for the Mummy especially during the first few occasions when nappies are used. The adult baby fights his toilet training all the while knowing that the inevitable cannot be forestalled. Unfortunately, adult babies usually become accustomed to wetting within a few weeks and there is no longer any entertainment value for the Mummy in this act. At this stage the Mummy may wish to insert a catheter into the adult baby before nappies are applied, thus forcing true incontinence.

Again, the initial results are pleasing, since the adult baby is rendered into a true incontinent state. Remember that prolonged use of catheters can cause infection and that these devices forestall ejaculation in the male. The decision of whether or not to force an adult baby to soil himself depends on the preferences of the Mummy, who will perform the necessary cleansing operations, the nappies in use and whether or not the adult baby will be taken out in public.

Forced soiling can produce spectacular results in a novice adult baby and should be experienced at least once to judge its value. Since all adult babies attempt to avoid the experience of soiling, some encouraging measures may be required. Generally the process of moving the bowels will be enhanced with the additional fluid intake, but if immediate results are required, laxative suppositories work wonders. An alternative is to begin feeding bulk laxative to the adult baby approximately 24 hours before nappy confinement is to begin. Each administration of the laxative reminds the adult baby of the punishment to come and the fact that he will be made to soil. This may result in whining and begging-off on the part of the adult baby, which the Mummy may wish to address once the session, has begun. A soiled nappy on an adult gives off a distinct aroma.

Unless severe humiliation, in the form of knowledgeable attention from the public, is desired, soiled adult babies should be kept at least 15 feet aware from innocent bystanders. One of the most rewarding aspects of forcing an adult baby to soil while nappied is the knowledge that it confronts one of the major injunctions of psychological development and causes tremendous anxiety in the adult baby. A wet nappy can feel like a wet bathing suit but the adult baby will not have experienced the sensations of a dirty nappy since being a small child. The knowledge that he has messed himself and is unable to do anything about it until the Mummy agrees tortures him unmercifully. Soiling is most traumatic for an adult baby during the first hour after messing.

Sarah Wilkinson

We all wish to thank you Sarah for your well thought out primer on the subject of baby punishment for the adult male. I'm sure that over time, as many of our female readers put this into practice, more marriages will take on a new and more productive structure.


Letter 8