Harvesting my Men

Dear Helga,

I enjoy feminizing my men. In selecting a man I look for one who is a financially sound professional, preferably with a few friends and acquaintances, rather than a running pack of friends (this will make things easier later), and ugly duckling syndrome as I like to call it. These are the guys who may have been the nerd or geek, but studied hard, respected his mother figure, and makes a great independent man. An independent man is much easier to influence without a pack of macho friends to sully the works of what I have in mind. If he works out or lifts weights, that will have to be replaced by strictly cardio as I like my girls to look soft in their panties. My female friends know I enjoy a man feminized and help to reinforce this. The man is ripe for the plucking...( tweezing, shaving....lol)

Providing the groundwork is there, the first time we make love I remove my panties, and ask him to make love to me in them to bring us closer. If things go well, he will be leaving in those panties, launder them and return to me in them per my instructions. I always buy special panties for the occasion, Wal-Mart, red or green satin brief panties...the cheap full-coverage $2.50 kind you see men crane their heads to gander at as they detour through the aisles on their way to the manly safety of the sporting goods. I prefer red or green because I consider this Christmas time for me. After a few pantie sessions, and no push-back, I casually leave paraphernalia of crossed-dressed males somewhere to be discovered while I am getting ready to go out. The PDQ page has been used minimized on my desktop to ensure discovery and left in my browser history. It is after this "discovery", that I casually muse how perhaps it's pure aesthetics, but men's muscular, proportional legs look far better in nylon than women's. The darling boy always gets a bit red-faced when I propose playfully that he volunteer for me in this regard, oh...but where will we ever get pantyhose big enough to fit such a tall muscular man, just for me? Chances are he already has them, and we can make this mutual discovery that he has a cross dresser fantasy together. If not, I tell my man that I will order them if he will wear them for me, the waiting heightens the fun and I order a few extras to arrive such as hair remover, baby powder, a black sport skirt, and shoes. When the day comes, I push him. I make him a female from the waist down for the first time, and the snare is closed, soon I will push from the waist up, but it begins below the waist. A man always wants more, and we girls need to lead them there, and keep them there....more than they bargained If you give them something they secretly want, something that they know, no other woman will give them, and do it on your own terms the more power they give you, and the less they have. Once I have my man joining me in womanhood, I move in with him to ensure things continue, chastity follows, as does a female name. This is all much easier to do without a pack of male friends to interrupt.

My current male is the fourth I have feminized. I find that like all women, I need variety and after awhile I tend to move on. All of my former ones I remain in contact with, and two are dating my girlfriends. I have been seeing Lucy (Luke) for two years now. She works as an engineer by day...male alter-ego providing a comfortable living, my spending cash, and continued amusement. She menstruates with me monthly now, and wears powdered pads daily to contain any "spillage". I make her model pantyhose, high-heels, and swimsuits for me often, and all other times in bras, pantyhose, and heels, occasionally with a dress. Perhaps some will read this and consider me a predator, but my men become my women willingly, and I like to do so irreversibly and they know this. I will move on from Lucy eventually, and make another girl, leaving Lucy pantied for good, and hopefully another woman will come along to enjoy my work.

I have used PDQ as a litmus test and the sweet sticky center of my honey trap for a few occasions. I always enjoy the letters of sissies and madams, especially where the male was tricked or forced to cross-dress. It is my opinion that no man ever wound up in femme attire, except by allowing his curiosity with a little coaxing and a receptive partner to drive him there. Ladies, men want us to do this to them, it excites and releases them from their male macho obligations but therein the male time line kicks in, and they only want to play girl and then return to normal, this is where I believe most frustration with cross dressers occurs in that the male has gotten his forbidden release, and we get?...a man prancing in our clothes for an hour, then back to normal. This is where we females need to be strong and make it clear that if they wish to express their feminine side, they will do continuously as we do each day, and for our benefit as well. Males really did this to themselves, inventing silky satin concoctions of all types for us to wear to attract them to our bodies, and then denying themselves socially acceptable access to these things. In a way we are administrators of these things and when used by the right woman on a man, devastatingly effective.

Best Wishes,

Thank you for your letter Sharon. I am delighted the PDQ has played a part in your 'harvest'. You are doing a real service for these men and I hope they learn to submit to all of us who understand this power.


Letter 7