Male Bride

Dear Helga,

My husband didn't seem to mind that I had told a girlfriend that he was a cross-dresser - I think it actually turned him on. He asked me how much I had told her and I just replied 'well everything of course - there's not much point confiding in someone unless you tell them the whole story '. The whole story being how he was obsessed with petticoats and anything tied at the neck, be it a negligee or cardigan or cape, and how he liked to be tied up. He now knows that my mother also knows - she often talks to him about petticoats and lingerie just as if he were another woman

I am very open-minded and I 'relieved' him quite a few times when he was dressed. When we made love and after I had been satisfied, he would inevitably ask me to describe to him what he liked to wear and how he looked. I would describe his dress with embroidery-anglais trim, his stockings and suspenders, his layers and layers of petticoats and he would desperately try to control his ever-growing excitement inside me. His favourite story was being dressed in a full white wedding gown with a red cape (which he has in his 'collection'), his hands cuffed behind him as my friend Sarah and I drag him on a leash into the park. He is then laughed at and humiliated by teenage girls who call him a 'pathetic queen' and raise up his skirts to reveal his stockings and panties. The more humiliating, the more he loves it and he would moan with pleasure until finally 'letting go'. It is as if he was totally in another world.

I am a career girl and quite a successful one at that. I like the respect of others and also the power I suppose. He should have realised that when he asked me to dominate him. I don't think he really thought too much about how I might react to it and where it might lead. He wanted to be forced to dress up, forced to do the housework and to be generally humiliated in the process.

I wanted to say no, to try and keep our relationship equal but it was my friend Sarah who persuaded me otherwise. I was a little shocked when she asked me if she could be involved - she said it would take the pressure off me. If he wanted to be humiliated in a frock then fine, that is what he would get. I gave her full permission to do whatever she wanted. I thought it would teach him a lesson - they say you should be careful about what you wish for. She is a normal middle-aged woman - married with 2 young teenage girls. Nothing was unusual about her life - maybe she was just bored and wanted some excitement or perhaps she had always fancied herself as a Mistress or Madame. When I told him that she would be popping in to have a chat with him one evening he was a little curious as to why. Bear in mind that at this stage I had no idea of what she might do with him.

When she came round that evening his eyes nearly popped out of his head as she struggled out of her car. She was wearing a full 'meringue' style wedding dress with a very sheer red cape. It looked almost absurdly feminine and was tied at the neck with long thin ribbon ties. She saw us looking through the front window and grinned wickedly at me as she curtseyed beautifully to us standing right in the middle of the road. She carried with her a small sports bag containing her jeans and casual clothes and a riding crop. I opened the door and as we greeted each other in the normal girlish manner she explained that she was going to a fancy dress party. She winked at me and asked me to open a bottle of wine - we were going to need it.

'So do I get a kiss then Michael' she said in a somewhat assertive tone. She drew him towards her and held him close and as their cheeks touched she whispered in his ear. 'This dress is much too girly for me, especially this .. negligee cape thing. What do you think? Would you wear it? His eyes widened and he seemed barely able to speak. He tried to shake his head to say no but no words came out. His mouth was suddenly dry as a bone and he tried to swallow. It was clear that she was going to tease him mercilessly before moving in for the kill. She played with bow at the neck of her cape and pulled one the chords. 'Oh dear, it's come undone. Would you mind tying my pretty ribbons up again for me?

His hands were clearly shaking as he fumbled with the silky ties. He struggled not to look her in the eye. 'Gosh your hands are shaking. I wonder why that would be? Tie it nice and tight now. And what do you think makes my frock stand out so much. Tell me why that is' she teased.

'Be..because of your petticoat' he blurted. Seemingly embarrassed to even say the word. 'Ah my petticoat. I understand you like petticoats Michael, is that right? In fact Trudy tells me that you are a bit of a nancy boy. That you like to wear bras and slips and petticoats and dresses, just like a girl. Can that really be true? she said.

'Well, I .. I. suppose' he stuttered. His face was crimson. She made him kneel in front of her, so the white silk of her dress was right in his face. 'Don't be shy, I know you can't help it. It's like a drug and you have to have your fix. You are drawn to bras and petticoats and silky dresses like a moth to a flame. You are looking at me now completely incapable of controlling your inner feelings - you want to be me in this gown. But you know that the guilt will eat you up which is why you have to be forced. Everything must be padlocked in place, the negligee cape tied tightly around your neck and then you must be exposed to the world for what you really are - a pathetic excuse for a man who needs to be dominated by the women around you. Everything I am wearing will fit you and soon you will be wearing it all.`

And twenty minutes later he was. We sat together on the settee drinking wine and he was tied to the banisters wearing a ball-gag in his mouth. His dress was secured with a padlock at the back and a very small padlock at his throat ensured that his cape negligee remained tight around his neck. Because his hands were behind him and tied to the banister, his 'breasts' were pushed forward parting the negligee as it swept down the white silk of his dress.

'Oh Michael, to think that you are my husband, the man in my life.' I said. We untied him when it was time for Sarah to leave. She insisted that he be beaten, just to get a taste of what would happen if he didn't do exactly as he was told. We leaned him across the settee and threw over the mass of his skirts and petticoats to reveal his pretty panties and stockings and suspenders. I pulled down his panties and he received 2 strokes of the riding crop. He winced but did not cry and we pulled him upright and fluffed out his skirts for him. His gag was removed and he was made to curtsey and to thank us.

I think he is somewhat uncertain that this what he really wanted but unfortunately it's a little too late for that.

Trudy - Hampshire UK

Thank you for your letter Trudy. You both are so fortunate to have found each other and I'm sure, in time, your dominance and his obedience to you will grow. Explore, enjoy and share this amazing gift and please do drop us a note sometime.


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