Undies and Socks Humiliation

Dear Helga,

My name is Mrs. Hill. I was so thrilled when one of my former "victims" Robert said that he had written you a previous letter regarding one of his petticoating experiences. If it is alright with you, I would like to give you some insight from my perspective on how I dealt with Robert and many other bad boys. After I read Robert's letter, I was thrilled to see the detail that he went into, and that he wasn't too embarrassed to mention many of the things that went on. I, however, would like to give you an even more complete picture.

I started out with most of the boys in the same way I did with Robert. I would invite them over, get them a little drowsy and proceed to strip them down to their socks and underpants and tie them up to the leg of the sofa. My daughters and I, as well as the several friends I always invited over to witness the proceedings always hoped that the boy would have on patterned briefs or have holes in his socks so that we could jeer him even more. Once the boy awakened to find himself in this humiliating predicament we would serenade and jeer him until his face was a sufficient shade of red. After this, he was thoroughly defeated and I was able to easily take him into the bedroom for the next phase of his humiliation.

Before I continue, I should mention a few things that I believe in very strongly when enforcing petticoat discipline. First off all, I don't think that it should be done in a public setting. I believe it should be done within the walls of the home in front of a group of about 10-15 female spectators. And really, I think this is actually even more humiliating for the boy. Having to get to know his tormentors and see them over and over, and know about the things that they may do to humiliate him is a much worse feeling than being in public and glancing at a few people that he may never even see again. I also don't do anything to change the boy's physical appearance. No shaving, no makeup, no hair-dos, nothing like that. I want it to be clear to everyone watching that it's a boy. Also, his boyish appearance makes him look even more ridiculous in his girly things. Another important aspect of the discipline and humiliation was in regards to the female witnesses that were present. My two daughters, Emma and Anna, were always present, as was I. I also always invited 8-10 of my lady friends from work who both enjoyed witnessing boys being petticoated and who also knew how to make his embarrassment more severe. As another way in which to add to the victim's humiliation, I always asked my friends (as well as Anna and Emma) to come dressed in a very professional manner: business suits or dresses, black hose (or bare legs), high heel shoes, sophisticated looking hair and makeup. My friends are already very attractive women, many of them not even yet in their 30s. But, Basically I wanted them to look very womanly, mature, and desirable to a man. Now think of the poor boy, dressed up in little girl's frillies and dresses paraded out in front of these sophisticated, attractive women. The humiliation must have been too much to bear, and it was in many cases.

So I continue on now as I take the victim into my room. He is at this point already thoroughly humiliated as he has just been displayed to a room full of females in nothing but his briefs and socks, but little does he know that his discipline has just begun. I remove his boys' underpants and socks and slide some pink frilly knickers up his legs. He shudders and squirms as they are on him. I give him a few hard spanks on his bottom and tell him to stand up straight. I then sit him on the bed and put some white knee socks on his feet. They are adorned with large pink bows near the tops on the knees. I usually complete his girly underwear ensemble with a very silly girly top. One of my favorites was the one I put on Robert. It was one of Emma's when she was about 7 years old. It was light pastel pink and read "Sassy Girl" across it in purple letters. When Robert put it on, it was so small on him that it nearly looked like a bra. Now that his underwear attire is complete with the shirt, socks, and knickers, I put him in front of the full length mirror to make him see just how foolish he actually looks. I realize that being displayed this way in front of the ladies is intensely mortifying, but I truly believe that the most humiliating experience for the boy is seeing himself in the mirror dressed in nothing but pink- ribboned knee socks, frilly pink knickers, and a little girl shirt that leaves his entire stomach completely bare. After he has hung his head in shame, I take him out to meet the ladies.

Usually, I bring the victim out in his undies and socks and dress him in front of the ladies, but sometimes I bring him out fully dressed and then undress him in front of them later on. Either way, he will be exposed to them in just his panties and socks at some point. I should tell you, at this point, that I am a big believer in displaying the victim in just his girly undies and socks at some point during the discipline. I do it quite often, because I believe that humiliation is the key when it comes to petticoat discipline; and I believe that the humiliation has to become more severe as the discipline progresses. At the beginning of all this, the boy was displayed in just his boys' underpants and socks in front of the ladies. So now, to make the humiliation more severe, he has to be put on display in just his panties and girly socks. Once the boy reaches a certain level of bad behavior, humiliation is the only thing that he will respond to and it is essential to make sure that his humiliation becomes more severe.

So now, after he is displayed in just his panties and girly socks, we (meaning myself and the other ladies) again make the humiliation more severe. We force him to prance and mince around the room in the most girly way possible (still all the while in just his panties and knee socks) while we laugh at him and scold him to do it more girly. At this point I encourage all the ladies to trip him and laugh at him as he falls. After this has happened several times, he continues to prance daintily past each one of us. I now encourage the ladies to pull him down over their lap and give him a few hard spanks on his still panty clad bottom if they feel his prancing isn't girly enough. Needless to say, usually all the girls feel that it isn't girly enough, so the poor boy usually gets spanked by every lady present. I usually end this phase of the humiliation with a firm spanking of the still panty-clad boy, and then we move on to the photo shoot.

So now, we have to do something that humiliates the boy even more. Well, at this point the boy has been severely mortified (and is still in just his panties and knee socks mind you), so what to do next? Well, at this point, only the ladies present have seen the boy in his humiliating undies, but what if there was a chance that he could be seen like this by every lady in town through photos? Well, clearly, that is an even more humiliating proposition for the boy, so that is exactly what we do next. We make him give us some extremely girly poses (such as lying on the floor on his stomach with his knees bent and his socked feet up in the air and his chin in his hands, or looking deeply into the camera and blowing a kiss; and yes he is still only wearing his knickers and knee socks) and we snap many photos. Now sometimes photos are taken, sometimes the camera doesn't even have film in it. Even if photos are taken, no one in town is going to see them. I am not out to publicly humiliate the boy and ruin his life. However, I am here to teach him a lesson that he will not soon forget!

After this, I usually dress the boy in one of Anna's or Emma's old dresses from grade school. They are usually pastel pink, purple or yellow and very small on the boy. Usually even after the dress is on him, his frilly undies and bare thighs are still on full display; and he struggles mightily to cover them up. Who can blame him? After all the humiliation he has suffered in his undies and socks, any boy would be thrilled at wearing anything to cover up, even a dress! We laugh at him and mock him every time he bends or kneels as we get a full view of his panties. We tell him how cute his panties and knee socks make him look. If he hasn't already begun to sob, he does so by the end of the day. But this is just one day in his humiliating discipline, but as I have already taken up too much time and space, I will write about the other days at another time.

Mrs. Hill

Thank you for your letter Mrs. Hill. What a wonderful opportunity you are offering these boys, the chance to experience the delightful effects of Petticoating in a safe, though humiliating, setting. I'm sure we all would love to hear of other boys you've treated.


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