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School Petticoating - Photo 1   Boy in dress at school
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I thought you might enjoy this old photo I came across. It looks like a school home economics class for girls, from around about the 1950's I'd say at a guess. At first glance it seemed a normal enough picture but then I thought the girl standing up on the right being measured for a dress had a rather odd short haircut. Then upon closer examination I could tell it was actually a boy, also because what at first I thought were white school girl knickers are clearly a pair of boys y-front underpants.

The boy must have gone through a double humiliation of not only having to stand up there in front of that class of girls all exposed in his underpants and vest but also being used as a clothes dummy and dressed up in pretty sissy skirts and blouses. I can only assume that he had maybe been seconded to that girl's class as some sort of punishment. Being undressed down to his underpants and vest in front of a class of giggling girls and then undergoing some petticoat punishment must have been an extremely embarrassing and humiliating ordeal for him, he certainly doesn't look too happy.

Charlie xxx

Thank you for the delightful photos Charlie. Our readers are always interested in historical references.

Auntie Helga

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