Primrose's Failures
From Mistress Catherine

Dear Mummy Nera

It was great to speak to you over the phone earlier on this week and as mentioned I am now handing Primrose over to you for your well renowned Corrective Regression Programme. Regrettably Primrose failed her summer exams here at Sissy Maid School and so having reviewed her exam results as well as overall general performance, the School Council feel she is not up to the very high standards that we, at Miss Catherine's School for Sissy Maids, require to make an outstanding sissy maid.

Due to the magnitude of Primrose's failures the Council has decided that we have no option but to sentence sissy pansy to the most severe and humiliating punishment available to us - lifelong extreme ultra babyfication and sissyfication. You therefore have carte blanche to regress Primrose to a place beyond anyone's wildest imagination. Under your tutelage we have no doubt the pansy will become the most babyish, sissyish, prissiest, pansiest, puffiest sissy baby dolly the world has ever seen. Regression and humiliation beyond anyone's wildest dreams - pure total and utter Corrective Regression, oh how wonderful, a truly fitting and deserved new life for the sissy.

We look forward to seeing her waddle up the baby aisle at the supermarket trussed up in her baby reins, suckling her dummy, holding her dolly and bottle, short pink frilly dress and matching bonnet with her enormous shameful nappies on full display gurgling and cooing excitedly as you place cartons of infant formula, jars of mush, rusks, baby porridge, powdered baby rice, talcum powder, rash cream, a new rattle and soft sissy toys into the trolley. To hearing about how her cheek's turn crimson red as you buy a pair of slippers, ask the cashier if they have a room where you could change your sissy baby's stinky bum and give her a well earned spanking with the newly purchased slippers.

We will enjoy seeing you in the local coffee shops asking the waitress to heat sissy baby's bottle and baby mush with Primrose all bibbed up ready for her baby feed tired after a humiliating morning in the baby retail store looking for a suitable sized baby buggy.

We do warn you that Primrose has an expectation that she will be regressed to a delightful 8 year old sissy girl with lovely party dresses capable of colouring, skipping, hop scotch, lovely cartoons, tea sets, fish fingers, sausages and chips, sweets, chocolate, arts and crafts and all the delightful things 8 year olds do. She has no idea that your specialty is SISSY BABY regression so her life, will in fact revolve around the constants of lifelong permanent nappies, plastic pants, baby dresses, bonnets, frillies, ribbons, bibs, crawling, baby food mush, infant formula, warm milk, rattles, dibbling, gurgling, lisped baby words only, crying as her main form of communication, soothers, nursery rhymes, curtsies, naps, early bed times, scolding's plus of course daily spankings.

She has no clue that play time means rattles and soft girly baby toys, that she will be spanked and punished if she does big girl things like doing her colours properly, talking without a heavy lisp or uses big words, if she goes moo moo for a cow, if she is caught without her dum dum in her mouth. Woo betide her bottom if she actually makes a jigsaw properly or throws a ball with force or eats her food neatly or forgets to lisp. Prim little sissies most certainly do not get their lovely sissy dresses dirty or take off their bonnet or Mummy gets very cross indeed and will have to take the strap to sissy baby's bottom as she will each and every time the pansy waddles more than five steps. Waddle and fall, waddle and fall, crawling, shuffling on her bottom, that is her new life. Walking is a thing of the past for the sissy baby.

Primrose's world will revolve around constant polite demur picture perfect sissy curtsy's to her Mummy to thank her for her bottles, to beg permission to fill the back of her nappy, to thank her for her rattles, to curtsy and ask for her spankings and punishments, to curtsy and thank Mummy after her punishments. She will learn to recite, lisp and dance to every nursery rhyme, crawling will be her norm, the very second she enters the house she drops to her hands and knees, she will come do adore the baby television channel and form a bond with her favourite characters. Other than her nursery rhymes and selected few lisped baby words most communication will be by crying. She will get excited every time she sees pink, the only colour she knows.

She will seek and crave Mummy's praise and reward by humiliating self babyfication. She will clap her handies and gurgle excitedly shouting quack quack when she sees the ducks at the park, she will curtsy and ask permission to do a poo poo in her nappy at the super market and then proudly squat and fill her nappy for all to see, she will cry for her bottle at the coffee shop, she will proudly and loudly suckle on her soother as she sits in her play pen, she will dribble and drool all over her bib, she will ensure her face and pandies are covered in her baby mush at feeding time, she will giggle contentedly as your friends tickle her under the chin and tell her how cute she looks.

She will obediently bend over to display her nappies to all Ladies and proudly accept their praise as underneath her beautifully scented sissy perfume the Ladies get a whiff of her true babyhood with a fully used nappy. She will sit quietly in the chair as you tightly ringlet her hair and colour it pink. She will adore her sissy pink nails, sissy make overs, heavily scent sissy perfumes, beautiful eyelashes and be prim and proper at all times.

She will do all of these to please you, to get a reward, a cuddle, a hug, a bed time story, a bottle of juice instead of warm milk or infant formula, a jar of apple puree, a new rattle to play with, to get to wear an extra frilly dress or frilly panties over her plastics and nappies. Her rewards will be simple, babyish and sissyish but they will never the less be a break from the tedium of her pathetic totally humiliating sissy baby life.

She will learn to accept and seek mental stimulation solely from rattles, blocks and soft baby toys knowing that all other toys are not for young one-year old sissy babies. She will suckle her dummy and play contentedly on the floor as Mummy busies herself around the house. She will cry in the park as Mummy eats a lovely ice cream cone but tells Primrose she is too little for ice cream so gives her a rusk to suck on.

She will create no fuss when Mummy's Lady friends change her nappy or she needs a nappy change or bottle feed when having a picnic in the park. She will throw a tantrum in the toy shop when Mummy is buying her a new baby rattle when she wants a toy suitable for three-year olds, only to be dragged by the hand to the nearest Ladies toilet for a sound spanking. Those in the shopping centre will be under no illusion that a naughty sissy is getting a well-deserved firm spanking.

I trust you truly enjoy training Primrose and I look forward to meeting the sissiest, babyiest, pansyiest, puffiest, sissy baby the world has ever seen.

Finally to keep the illusion going that she is to be an eight year old girl we have dressed her in that style for her introduction to you. So it will come a tremendous shock to her when you lay out nappies, plastic pants, soothers, bottles and baby clothes and the reality of her new totally humiliating corrective regression sissy baby life dawns on her. Who knows, with a bit of luck she may even have tinkled in her panties which she is prone to do therefore giving you an ideal platform for a punishment and swaddle her in her very first set of thick nappies and plastics panties.

I envy the fun you are going to have as you regress Primrose. Enjoy it to the full.

Your sincerely

Mistress Catherine

Principal, Miss Catherine's School for Sissy Maids

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