When I was nineteen I started working for a lady name Maggie she had a cleaning service and worked a lot of girls that needed the work bad. I was sort of like them in that I needed work too. I had a rough life as a child because of my anger. I got into fights with others. I was never beaten up I always won my fights until I met Maggie.

Maggie was a tough woman and worked hard everyday and expected others to do the same. I started out just working on her cleaning equipment and going for supplies and such. I always had a thing for peeking at women. I really liked seeing them in their underwear. My small office was next to the changing room where the women or young girls changed into the their maids uniforms. Well I got caught by Maggie.

One day I was not paying attention to what was going on behind me while peeking through a hole I had made in the wall so as to see the girls. Maggie kicked my behind that was poking out as I ducked down to see through the hole. I jumped and my head hit the wall. All the women ran to see what happened and Maggie told them what she caught me doing. They all jumped me and beat me till I was crying. One of them some how got my pants down and they all started spanking me backside. They all got the same idea and pulled all my clothes off and put one of the girls panties on me and a maid's dress. One even grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the dress off so short the panties showed and they were hot pink.

I was told to get up and I staggered to my feet still tears flowing down my cheeks. Maggie said if I did not want more of the spanking I would do as I was told. I spent the whole day cleaning the offices and other areas of the business. The next day Nancy told Maggie that her partner was sick and they needed a fill-in for that day. Maggie called everyone on her list and no one could make it in to work in her place. It was then Maggie looked at me and I started to beg her because I saw it in her eyes that I was going to be the fill-in girl that day.

I was soon dressed in the outfit from the day before. When Nancy and I got to the job she introduced me as Betty Sue the new girl. She began telling me what to clean and how to do the base boards right. I looked back once and saw a young boy looking at my panties and blushed and turned it away from his view. At lunch we went out to the back of the house to eat and the boy came out and was singing I saw London I saw France and I saw Betty's underpants. Nancy said to him do you want to see more. He said yes and Nancy told me to turn around and lift my dress or else. I knew the or else was she would tell him I was a guy. I turned slow and lifted my dress and she then said you may spank it if you want the boy jumped at that and began slapping my butt until it was red.

It was a long time before I was able to get enough money to run away but when I did Maggie soon found me and I was back working as her personal maid in her own home. Needless to say I am still working for her and have become a good wife to her. She loves to have me prance around in front of her friends and kiss their feet as well as show them my tiny penis. Mistress now has me washing out her panties by hand and also the other women drop off their things as well.

Betty Sue

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