My story is like most but with a twist. I had lost my job as an administrator for a school. I tried to find a new job but so many said I was over qualified for their position. My struggle to make a living for my wife and myself. We lost our home and had to move into a cheap rental in a low class neighborhood. My wife, Karen found a job in a nice company. The big problem her boss kept coming on to her but she was going to stick it out. They some how fell in love. She told me she was leaving me.

After she left I was in a position I soon lost the rental because I could not find any work. Here is the twist. Karen's mom sort of kept in touch with me. When she found out I was homeless she told me to come to her house and she would help me. I might say that I was down on weight from not eating and walking all over seeking work. My wife's mom Anna took me in and we got on good. But that soon to ran a ground. I guess the welcome wore out and I had got on her nerves with my whining about losing Karen and not finding work and one day Anna found me sitting in the living room crying like a baby. BR>
She was a tough woman and always thought a man should act like a man. She came and sat by men holding me and telling me to stop being a sissy and brave up. I could not stop crying. She stood up and turned to me and slapped my face. I think she was thinking it might cause me to man up. She then left the room for a minute and returned with a hand full of clothes She tossed a pair of her pink underpants in my face and she told me to put them on or get the hell out. She made me stand up and she took off all my clothes. She then held the panties at my feet and step into your new life sissy boy. I was so shocked I just put one foot in after the other and she pulled them up stopping only to look at my penis and said maybe that was the reason Karen found a real man.

Anna said from now on you will be the maid and housewife so get used to it sissy boy. Through my tears I said yes Ma'am. She then laughed at me and put a bra on me along with a short gray dress that hardly covered the panties. That was the day my life became humiliating more than ever. She trained me to do laundry and how to clean the whole house including the yard work.

One day not long after the door bell rang and she ordered me to answer the door. I opened it dressed in a sissy french maid outfit and there stood Karen and her boyfriend/ boss, Carl. They both started to laugh and say well what a nice little maid you are. They came in and Anna told me to show them my pretty little panties I cried as I lifted my skirt and they saw my rumba panties with a bow in the front. Carl said that I looked so sweet. Karen said she always knew I would become a sissy it was just a matter of time.

Carl said that they should get a maid for their place and Anna said take this one she is trained well. I said NO but Anna came over and slapped my face and said what does a good little girls do when told to do something. Through tears I said I should do as she says. I was soon packed up and on my way to Carl and Karen's house. On the way Carl asked Karen if he could have the sex with the maid and she answered with a laughed and said sure she is a slut anyway.

The first few weeks all I did was clean and cook and do laundry then they had a party and their friends along with some of mine and Karen's came. I was the joke of the night. For the first time I was taken by Carl to the bedroom and became his sex partner. Two of his friends came in and wanted their part as they said. Then they thought the women should see what a slut does and the women said they wanted to see. I was on my knees the rest of the night either with a man or my head up a woman's dress.

Karen thought it best to buy a CB 6000 to keep me from having any pleasure as she said. She came home one day with several pairs of panties with holes in the back with a sign that said put it here on the back. She would make any reason to humiliate me even to renting me out to her friends for "house work". I have become a sissy boy and sex toy for both males and females.

Sissy Boy

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