from Troy

Dear Auntie Helga,

My mother was a very special person who taught me many things. Most of my punishments were about me wearing something of her choice. After she dressed me it was time to work or help her with whatever she was doing at the time. My mother did not physically hit me but used her power as a mother to put the fear of god in me. Petticoating taught me to respect my mother and I use lessons learned to respect my wife.

Brenda did bring two sissy dresses home with other women's panties and bras and more. I saw a side of Brenda that was new to me with her showing a dominant side I heard about but had not seen. She stood watching me take everything out of the bags then put each thing on as she told me. When I was finished Brenda without wasting a minute told me I was now her sissymaid. I started to complain about the sissy dress when she swatted my ass a few times. Brenda told me I used to be my mother's sissy maid and now I was going to be hers.

I tried to ask her why when she swatted my ass again telling me to keep quiet and listen instead of speaking. Brenda was showing me just how much of a Mistress she could be, to my surprise. She laid down the law outlining how it was going to be from now on. I was speechless not wanting to be hit again by her strong hand. There was so much I wanted to ask and disagree with but wasn't able to unless I wanted Brenda to be physical again. She set out the rules and showed me what she wanted me to work on. I spent all morning working on laundry and the afternoon learning how to iron her clothes.

Auntie Helga I don't want to do this as it brings back memories of when I was younger. How do I tell Brenda she has gone too far without getting hit or spanked? When I wrote you I figured something like this would happen and now it is here. I never liked wearing a bra and pantyhose drives me nuts. Is there way I can talk to Brenda about our relationship and how it doesn't involve me as her sissymaid?


Thank you for your letter Troy. I am so happy to hear you say how much petticoating helped you and now as an adult you have the opportunity to serve your beautiful wife petticoated again.

Now your life has a new direction, one of submitting to your wife, being the best sissymaid you can and doing so with enthusiasm and joy. I understand your feelings, though right now I expect she is excited by the possibilities and talking her out of this is probably not going to happen, I suggest you obey and deal with it.

Auntie Helga

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