Letter 7
From Cinderfella

Dear Miss Susan:

I would like to relate a bit of something that happened to me recently. I have been under petticoat training and discipline for about a year now. My wonderful wife has taken the time and made the effort to feminise and civilise me in the most wonderful fashion. Although I have always been interested in the sweet garments of the feminine gender, and have dressed up in private since I was a little boy, I have never felt like I could be honest and open about this to anyone.

However, sometime back, my wife and I were having some problems and in the process of getting some counseling it became obvious that if I wanted my marriage to continue I was going to have to 'get honest' and reveal my true self to her. Of course, there shouldn't be any secrets between a husband and wife but I had so much shame about this subject, that I was just too afraid of what she would think of me if I actually told her the truth about liking to wear panties and such. I thought, 'Who would want a man who likes to dress up in girls' clothes and panties?' I supposed she would just laugh me out of the room (and out of her life).

Well, I finally did get honest and to my great surprise and joy, she was very interested and once she did some reading (I gave her your web site address along with some others), and understood that she could get me to do just about anything she told me to do if she would just put me in panties...I must say, she became very enthusiastic about the prospect.

Anyway about twelve months have now passed and, I must say, I am now really almost a different person. She has changed my behavior so much I hardly recognise myself. Using her lucid feminine logic, with corresponding rewards and punishments, she has transformed me from your typical football watching macho American husband into a polite, considerate, and obedient gentle man. She does keep me in panties, of course, but these are only now a symbol of her dominance of me - a dominance I love and cherish.

I find that when I follow her orders and do her will, I become so much happier with myself and my life than the way it was when I was an uncontrolled male. I am no longer messy and slovenly. I am very neat and tidy. I am no longer rude in manner but rather polite and gentle, her 'sweet boy', as she says.

She does not dress me in public, as she says this would humiliate her more than me. Rather, it is our little secret, such that if I want it to be kept, I must behave to her liking. I say it is a secret but it is very obvious who is the 'boss' in our relationship. Even her girlfriends have commented on how lucky she is to have a man like me around the house. One even said, 'I wish my husband was like that'. I am very proud to have become the envy of her friends!

Anyway, what I have come to like even more than the wearing of my pretty feminine things, is the effect it has had on my mind, on my behavior, and on the way I perceive life. The other day, I was out walking the dog along our road, a road that does not have any sidewalks, when this tradesman came around the corner in his pickup truck and durn near ran us over. Frightened, I yelled for him to slow down! Well, being the macho man he was, he screeched the truck to a stop, slammed it in reverse, and backed up cursing me out.

What surprises me is that in a calm and reasoned voice, I was able to handle the situation without jerking open the truck door and pulling him out for some fisticuffs. He was still very angry with me but I was able to get my point across in a civilised and non-violent manner that he was going too fast for the situation. He drove off still cursing me but the point is that I did not behave as the old male me would have done, and the two of us did not end up in the emergency room explaining to the police what happened.

I am now able to behave in a manner that a boy in panties should behave so that his wife is proud of him. I am so grateful that I have been pantied and civilised. I can't believe I was so afraid to let her know the 'real man' that I am, a civilised, petticoated and pantied helpmate and partner for my wife.


Once again we hear of another 'success story' in which, I am glad to hear, 'Petticoat Discipline Monthly' was directly involved. The magazine really is having an effect now, and I really think that we have made many homes much happier and more peaceful.

A husband under petticoat discipline will discover great depths of satisfaction and relaxation in their submissive role, and, as the writer says, 'I find that when I follow her orders and do her will, I become so much happier with myself and my life than the way it was when I was an uncontrolled male'.

(A Classic Reprint from our March 2001 Issue.)

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