from Anne

Dear Helga,

A situation has arisen with Robert over the last two or three months which has caused me some concern. I have been having his sister keep an eye on him during periods of grounding when I have to be away with my work, and have also sent him to spend weekends, or part of them, with his first wife. Both of these are intended to improve Roberts's attitude and to humiliate him which is something which he needs to keep him on the straight and narrow. Recently Robert confessed to me that he fantasises about being punished by his ex-wife though interestingly enough not by his sister he admitted that he would not like it if I asked his sister to spank his bottom but the thought of his first wife doing it made his little willy try to stand up.

I was surprised to hear this from him so I discussed it with people who know a little more about the subject than me, the general view was that sexually motivated submissive behaviour is still submissive and that's what counts, topping from the bottom however is unacceptable and if I gave in to his fantasy it would mean that he was in control and not me which is of course completely unacceptable on all levels. Another friend who I know deals with her husband in a similar way to myself, though with less petticoat discipline, suggested that it was not a problem giving him a treat and if that means a corporal punishment session, that's fine but that first I should discuss the matter with his sister and ex-wife to see how they feel about participating if at all and to what extent. At least, she thought this would get the matter out in the open and could well be beneficial for Robert and for we ladies. Consequently I invited them round for supper on a Saturday evening.

Robert prepared the meal and ate with us, it really was very good afterwards he loaded the dish washer and then came back into our lounge. His first wife, Diana, had brought some things that she has him wear when he is with her and I had laid them out on his bed, we sent him to change into them before we began our discussions. When he returned he looked so sweet, he wore a long sleeved white blouse but with a bottle green cardigan, a short pleated bottle green skirt, white ankle socks, and a striped blazer in three different shades of green. We all knew because we had smiled about it before I took the clothes up to his room that underneath he wore a girls white lacy undervest and large bottle green knickers. We made him stand in front of us with his hands held together in front of him. I asked him to try to explain the fantasies he was having about his ex-wife and his sister so that we all knew how he felt.

Robert explained that he did fantasize about his sister punishing him with the cane but that he didn't think he would like her to in reality because he thought she could be quite cruel and used to get him into trouble when he was a little boy, and so he was punished many times just on her say so whether she was telling the truth or not, and that quite often she had just made up something he had done and reported him and that he felt that if she really had the right to cane him now she might so the same again and that although he knew that punishment and petticoating were the best thing for him he was afraid of his sister and what power she could be given over him.

As far as his ex-wife was concerned he explained that he knew that the way he treated her when they were together was completely unacceptable and that he now feels very guilty about it and realises that he deserves everything he is made to do when he is with her, he admitted that he fantasise about her caning him dressed in his girls school uniform and that she had every right to because of how he treated her and how the thought of that really excited him and how his little willy tried to stand up when he thought about it.

We, all three of us, felt it was very honest and not a little brave of him to admit to his fantasies but that it was really quite naughty of him to have them in the first place, I sent him to stand facing into the corner of the room with his hands on his head whilst we three discussed what was to be done. He obediently as I would expect did as he was told. His sister was the first of us to give her opinion.

She said that she knew full well that her brother was very submissive and had a need to be kept under strict control, that petticoating worked really well with him and that her mother had used it for many years which had turned him from a really nasty little boy into a kind and caring man and that my extension of his petticoat discipline had made him much more polite and generally kinder in his thoughts and actions which was altogether good for him and exactly what he needed in his daily life. She said that the humiliation of having to be subservient to both her and his first wife could only be to his good but that as far as Corporal Punishment was concerned she had her doubts as to whether it had any real effect on him in the long term.

She told a story of how when he was a little boy his mother used Corporal Punishment both with her hand and with a strap and that nearly every time he was told to remove his school trousers and underpants he would be having an erection and that even after his spanking when he was made to put his hands on his head and stand in full view of her his little erection did not dissipate. She said that in her opinion he would get pleasure from it which he certainly did not from his petticoating and so she did not think that she wanted to fulfill his silly fantasies for him.

I pointed out to her that Robert had admitted that he was scared of her and did not want her to actually spank him so I did not see that he would enjoy it as she had intimated. His ex-wife's view on his fantasies was somewhat different.

She admitted that she became excited when he was feminised and subject to petticoat discipline, as I must confess Helga do I. She told us that she really enjoyed having him to stay at her house and put himself under her total control, although she knew that it was what he wanted deep down she felt that she was getting her own back for the ridiculous things he made her do during their short unhappy marriage. She said that she was not surprised that he fantasied about her giving him the cane across his bottom, though he had not until then admitted it to her, and that as for her she would be more than pleased to censure his actions in that way.

I called Robert from his position in the corner where he had heard everything that was said and asked him for his opinion, telling him to be careful what he wished for as whatever we decided would be how he would be handled for the next six months. He stood trembling, I am not sure this fear or with excitement, he looked so cute with his hands still on his head in his girl's school uniform. We were all three very impressed with him when he told us that because he got excited thinking about his ex-wife having the power to spank him severely and because she had said that she would really enjoy chastising him that it probably wasn't the best thing for him though he had no doubt that she would ensure that there was no enjoyment in it for him, he worried that she may enjoy it so much that she would cause rather more damage to his bottom that was necessary.

We all three thought that he was right in his assessment, though his ex-wife did look somewhat disappointed. At this point he started to blush which was so sweet and girly of him. He told us that he did not like having to wear the feminine clothes that his sister preferred him in them when he visited her especially the tight underwired bras and lacy panties that must always match along with a suspender belt and stockings although he said that he did like some of the dresses even though they were all a bit long on him. He said as he had before that he did not like having to be obedient to her and that she made his body waxing purposely painful which made him cry while she was doing it and he thought that if she had the power to cane him he would really be crying since although she may not want to do it she would ensure that it was done properly because that was her way with things. He said that he was scared of his sister and that she knew how he had been dealt with when he was younger and consequently if someone had to be given leave to cane him, as well as me, that his sister would be the one who would do him the most good.

We allowed him to take his hands off his head and all gave him a little hug for being such an honest girl, then we sent him to bed whilst we continued our contemplations. After these discussions Robert was very much on his best behaviour, he was feminised, of course that goes without saying, but I did not have to ground him, I certainly did not need to spank him and his time standing in the corner was really very little.

I questioned him on his wonderful behaviour after two weeks and he told me that he was afraid I would send him for punishment and he really did not want that to happen so he was making sure he gave me no cause to act in such a way. I had decided you see to allow my sister the privilege of caning him but not his first wife nor his own sister this being exactly the opposite of Roberts fantasy wishes.

The bottom must never be allowed to top as we all know.

When I approached my elder sister Anita on the subject she was more than willing to take him in hand, she uses petticoat discipline on her own miserable husband and has intimate knowledge of how I deal with Robert. Both of my sisters know how Robert is disciplined sometimes they tease him so much that he cries. They have both seen him in his sissy clothes and dresses and even his school things and witnessed him being spanked so in some ways I think my sister sort of expected to be asked to assist at some point. I will let Robert tell everyone what happened the first time that I had to send him to her, he had been a very good boy for weeks as I have said but he let himself down one Friday when I was away with my work and so rather than wait to punish him I sent him to Anita:

When I arrived at Auntie Anita's it was about 6 o'clock on a Friday evening, mummy Anne was very cross with me and had given me a good telling off over the telephone and when she had finished berating me she told me to go and tell Auntie Anita what I had done and ask her on her behalf to deal with me. I rang the bell and Auntie Anita opened it and motioned me to go into the drawing room at the front of her house.

"You know why you are here Robert" she asked me.

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita" I replied trying to be a good boy and fully aware of what was expected of me.

"Very well, you will go to the bathroom, undress, shower and then put on the clothes which I have left out for you and then come back in here"

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita"

When I returned to her I was a very clean boy and wearing the clothes she required, white bra and brief set, the panties of which were really quite tight and small on me, a three quarter sleeve floral ruffle blouse, which showed my bra underneath because it was quite sheer fabric and a girls pleated knitted grey skirt which ended at my mid-thigh.

She handed me a piece of paper upon which was an email from my wife, it read:
My dear Anita:

As you know I am in Madrid for the next couple of days and the way things are looking I will not be back until late next week. I am sending Robert to you today, he should arrive by the early evening, he has been seen by one of my friends (Julia Kemp I think you met her) misbehaving himself in the park near to our house, you know the one where the schools playing fields are, I cannot let this go unpunished but I do not want him to wait until I get back since that will be too far after the event for his punishment to have the required effect.

Could you take him and deal with him dear, as we agreed, if it's not convenient please send him... to his sister in your stead.

We shall do lunch upon my return and you can tell me all about it


I could feel her cold eyes looking me up and down.

"Do you like the clothes I have chosen for you Robert?"

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita"

"Do you like the undies I have chosen for you Robert?"

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita"

"Why are you here Robert?"

"Please Auntie Anita, because I have misbehaved Auntie Anita"

"You have not behaved like a grown up man have you Robert"

"Please Auntie Anita, no Auntie Anita"

"So you do not deserve to be treated like a grown up man do you Robert"

"Please Auntie Anita, no Auntie Anita"

"How do you deserve to be treated Robert"

"Please Auntie Anita; I deserve to be petticoated Auntie Anita"

"Like a sissy boy Robert"

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita"

"When did my sister last petticoat you Robert?"

"Please Auntie Anita, last weekend Auntie Anita"

"When did my sister last stand you in the corner Robert?"

"Please Auntie Anita, last weekend Auntie Anita"

"Did my sister find it necessary to smack your legs whilst you were in the corner Robert?"

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita"

"And when did my sister last have to give you the cane Robert?"

"Please Auntie Anita, some weeks ago now, not since the meeting to discuss to whom I should be sent if she was not available to deal with me Auntie Anita".

"Are you that afraid of being sent to me that you have been on your best behaviour for so long Robert?"

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita".

"Then it is a shame that you could not keep on your best behaviour whilst my sister is away, isn't it Robert?"

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita".

"You were seen misbehaving in the park near to our house"

"Please Auntie Anita, I'm sorry Auntie Anita".

"There is not point in being sorry after the event is there Robert, you should not misbehave in the first place should you Robert?"

"Please Auntie Anita, no Auntie Anita"

"Where you looking at the girls Robert?"

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita".

"On the swings Robert?"

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita".

"Where you trying to see their panties Robert?"

I remained silent.

"I ask you again Robert, where you trying to see their panties?"

I knew that if I answered truthfully I would condemn myself, I knew that I was not allowed to even glance at girls let alone gaze at their legs and imagine all sorts of things, Mummy Anne had once grounded me for three weeks for a similar offence albeit I was caught playing with myself at the same time, I was truly scared of what Auntie Anita would do with me especially since it was my first time with her and she would no doubt want to impress Mummy Anne with her method of correction. I also knew that remaining dumb and refusing to answer would be taken as admission of guilt, well it would by mummy Anne, so I assumed the same would be true for Auntie Anita.

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita".

"Yes Auntie Anita WHAT" she almost shouted at me.

"Please Auntie Anita; I was trying to see their legs Auntie Anita".


"Please Auntie Anita; and their panties, Auntie Anita".

She sent me to stand facing into the corner, my hands on my head; her drawing room has no curtains and is at the front of her house so the window which is quite large faces a suburban street, the garden is not a long one so I knew that anyone who happened to be walking down the street would only have to look into the house to see me in my humiliating position. I could hear voices, presumably people coming home from their work some if not all of whom must have known Auntie Anita, I was very aware that I was being displayed publicly for my naughtiness.

"Would my sister cane you for leering at girls Robert?"

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita".

"Do you think that I should give you the cane Robert?"

"Please Auntie Anita, I suppose Auntie Anita".

"Would you like me to bend you over this armchair and cane you here and now Robert?"

"Please Auntie Anita, in this room Auntie Anita ?"

"Yes Robert"

"Please Auntie Anita, but people will see Auntie Anita".

"Yes Robert, people will see"

"Please Auntie Anita; please not in here Auntie Anita".

"Why ever not Robert"

"Please Auntie Anita, please don't let people me being caned Auntie Anita".

"But you deserve to be punished don't you Robert"

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita".

"But you deserve to be given a punishment you will remember don't you Robert?"

"Please Auntie Anita; oh please not in here, Auntie Anita, please".

"Would you prefer that I punish you in front of Uncle David when he returns from his office Robert"?

I trembled at the very thought of either option, my continued punishment being witnessed by strangers was bad enough but in front of my brother in law who I do not think knows of my treatment would have been even worse. It did not occur to me that I would be staying overnight and that he would see me petticoated anyway. I did not know what to do.

"Take off your blouse and skirt Robert and place them over the chair"

I looked out through the window, it was getting dark but I knew that the woman standing looking into the house would be able to see me clearly.

"Please Auntie Anita; oh please not in here, Auntie Anita, please".

"Are you being disobedient Robert?"

Slowly I undid my blouse and pulled it off over my head, the white bra sat snugly across my chest, I placed the blouse on the chair as she had told me to, then I unzipped and stepped out of the girls pleated grey skirt, picked it up and placed it on top on the blouse. The white panties were small on me and the outline made by my CB Ring was very obvious. The woman in the street was still there looking in at me and Auntie Anita.

"Hands back on your head Robert".

I obeyed sniffing back a tear of humiliation.

"Back into the corner with you"

Knowing I was now being publicly displayed for my naughtiness I obeyed.

"You deserve to be given a punishment you will remember don't you Robert"

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita".

"If I caned you here and now Robert your punishment would be over fast too quickly to teach you a real lesson, after all you have been caned before for looking at girls have you not?"

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita".

"And yet you continue to do it"

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita".

"And you fantasize about your sister punishing you with the cane and even worse you fantasize about your first wife caning you dressed in a girls school uniform and your little willy tries to stand does it not".

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita".

"Are you enjoying your time with me Robert, in the corner in your white girls undies with who know who seeing you through my window"

"Please Auntie Anita, no Auntie Anita".

"Are you enjoying them seeing you standing there with your hands on your Robert?".

"Please Auntie Anita, no Auntie Anita".

"Then this is a better deterrent for you isn't it, knowing how I shall deal with you should you ever have to be sent to me again"

"Please Auntie Anita, yes Auntie Anita".

I have to say Helga that when I arrived back home from Madrid Robert was the most attentive boy that you could imagine. The house was freshly cleaned, all the washing has been completed and ironed satisfactorily and he had a meal prepared and ready for me to eat. When I asked him if he has enjoyed his visit to my sister he burst into tears and begged me not to send him there again.

Naturally I told him that if I did it would be his own fault for not being able to behave himself to which of course he had to agree.

Anne T

Thank you for your letter Anne. Of course topping from the bottom is a common problem with submissive sissies like Robert and your turning him over to your delightful sister was spot on.

Reading about his forays into the park I was reminded of the Jethro Tull song 'Aqualung' which as you might recall describes a leering man eyeing little girl's frilly panties, Robert should be punished for doing this.


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