Charlie's eyes bulge in his jaw dropped at the sight. He saw all the way up her stockings, the thin band of pink flesh, then the pretty lace panties with a little ruffle around the legs. He hyperventilated, staring at her. "Oh, my God," he whispered. "I never…"

Jessica capriciously closer legs, but only for a moment. She opened them back up to his gaze. "Take a good look, Charlie. Enjoy. There is no dark spot 'cause I shave. I think a hairless pussy is so much prettier, don't you?"

Speechless, Charlie nodded.

"It's too bad the cotton panel covers my cuntlips. But I bet someday soon, a pretty girl will let you take her panties off because she wants you to fuck her. Do you know what the damp stain means?"

Mute, Charlie shook his head.

"It means I'm is turned on by this as you are, Charlie. It's too bad I already decided not to fuck you, 'cause I'm a very, very horny girl right now."

"You can always change your mind," Charlie managed to croak.

"Not this girl. I'm decisive. And you're all stiff with a dripping cockhead, ready for the next spanking. Show's over. " She slowly drew her knees together.

Charlie's face fell and he sobbed his disappointment. He needed no command to crawl back over her thighs for more punishment.

Jessica, by now nearly as desperate for relief as her victim/partner spank fast and furious, but not long.
Charlie cried out, "Oh ! Ow! Ouch! Ahhhhh!" He gripped the chair with one arm and kicked his legs and flailed the other arm.

Jessica stopped. "Stand up!" She gasped.

He regained his feet, jumping up and down for a moment, gasping wordlessly.

"Oh look at your soft little cock, waving about. Just like a little boy. Now stand still. Good. I think your cock needs extra stimulation after that spanking. Come closer, press your legs against my thigh." She circled his waist with her right arm and gently lifted the soft penis with her left hand. She bent forward and took the tip between her lips, circling it with her tongue.

"OHHHHAAAA!" cried Charlie ecstatically.

Jessica, who'd used her mouth to help several boys recover, couldn't recall one that grew so hard so fast. Charlie's uncontrolled twitching hips told her he was ready to come. Reluctantly, she forced herself to open her mouth. Breathlessly, she said, "Your last spanking. Get ready!"

"Oh, Jessica, that was amazing. Did you have to stop? I never felt anything like that!" He said as he reluctantly bent over again.

"All in good time, my boy." With no further preparation, Jessica lit into him with a hairbrush again. Again he howled, but Jessica, nearing the end of her own endurance, only struck him about 10 times. "There, you took your spanking very well. Now for your reward. Stand up." She pulled him next to her again, noting that he hadn't fully lost his boner. "You can come this time, you lucky boy."

She took her time. She kissed his cockhead, then licked him from ball sack to the rim several times. Charlie gasped, moaned and groaned, wordlessly expressing his pleasure. Jessica gripped his waist tightly to reduce his involuntary, powerful hip thrusts. She placed her lips on the very tip and paused for a moment. Then, with a rush, she engulfed his entire shaft, expertly passing through her gag reflex. She bobbed up and down, but the inexperienced lead only lasted for four cycles before he screamed and released.

Hot come filled Jessica's mouth and she hung on with both arms as he spasmed uncontrollably. His bellow was deafening. Gradually, his hips slowed, his bellow became gasps and cries, and his knees buckled, dropping him to the floor. He sagged over Jessica's thighs, utterly drained.

Jessica stroked his hair tenderly, filled with erotic pride. She spread her thighs, knowing Charlie could see and smell.

Recovering, Charlie looked up at her. "Oh, my God! I never felt anything like that! That was wonderful! Jessica, you're the best!"

Jessica smiled and opened her mouth. Charlie's eyes widened as he saw the vast wad of his own come, saved by the beautiful girl. With a smile, she closed her lips tilted her head back, and he saw her throat contract as she swallowed his come. They stared at each other for a few moments.

Jessica said, "After a spanking and a come like that you need a little recovery. We'll go to my bed, but don't get any ideas. No touching. Go ahead and pull up my panties. I know you like them and now you have my permission. "

Still on his knees, he told her panties over his hips and moved awkwardly to her bed, still breathing hard.

Jessica plumped up her pillow and lay with her back against, it crossing one leg over the other. She handed Charlie a sports bottle from her bedside table and he drank. Jessica drank, too.

"Jessica, I don't know what to say. That was… Absolutely incredible!"

She items sardonically. "You don't know what to say? Should you thank me for punishing you? And tell me what you learn today?"

"Oh. Sure. Jessica, I never thought I'd say this, but I really thank you for punishing me. I never knew punishing could be so much fun. For sure I'll never sneak in a girls underwear drawer again or jerk off and her panties. What an amazing experience… And that blowjob to top everything off! Thank you so much."

"I don't think you should promise not to jerk off in a girl's panties, Charlie. One thing you learn today is that you like to wear them. It's perfectly okay to jerk off in them with permission. I think it's very cute and I bet other girls do too.
"But there's another way you can thank me. And I really need it."

He looked at her, puzzled. "What do you mean?"

By way of answer, Jessica uncrossed her legs raised her skirt and whisked off her panties, scissoring her legs.

"Oh, my God!" cried Charlie, excited anew.

With a big grin, Jessica invited, "Lie between my legs and I'll give you a a sex ed lesson like you've never had."

"Yeah! Charlie cried enthusiastically. He flipped over and stared avidly at her shaved lips.

"I'll give you a guided tour, you lucky boy, and tell you exactly what to do. Remember, always be gentle with the girl and start slow. So many guys don't — and they don't get a second chance.

"Here my outer lips and my inner lips." She slowly traced her fingers up and down. "That's a good speed to get started." With two fingers , she opened herself. "Here's where your cock'll go when you get lucky. You can put your fingers and then wiggle around."

"Oh, my God! I never imagined. A guided tour! Lucky me! Oh, Jessica!"

Laughing, she tousled his hair. "And here is my clit. Always rub and lick and suck on a girl's clit before you even think about fucking her. Always start slow. Always be gentle. When you're eating a girl, always think about her pleasure and not yours. That's the key. Girls will want you again and again if that's what you do. Now you've had your lesson. Show me what you've learned. It's a good idea to rub a girls inner thighs, working your way up to her pussy."

"Are you sure we can't..."

"No, Charlie, you have to find your own girl to fuck you. I gave you a lot of fun, now it's my turn. Just remember what I said."

Realizing he was a winner either way, Charlie swirled his hands over her's thighs thrilling to the smooth nylon, the rough lace, and finally her warm thighs, barely an inch from her lips. Fluid used from her in a fresh wave of a pungent aroma assaulted his nose. "Oh my God the smell!"

"You've got a very nice touch, Charlie." She tangled her fingers in his hair.

Tentatively, Charlie moved his finger tip up and down both of her outer labia. Jessica's sighs told him he learned well. Breathing hard, he gulped and stroked her inner lips. Almost immediately, the damp spot spread and the odor intensified.

"Put two fingers in me," gasped Jessica.

"Yeah!" Charlie fumbled about a bit then his fingers slipped in. "Wow, this is so cool!" He wiggled his fingers. "So gooshy!"

"Thumb my clit!"

Charlie rubbed the pad of his thumb over her hood.

"Inside, inside!"

Charlie got the idea and probed.

Jessica's gasp and her hand gripping his hair tighter told him he'd reaced the target. She gasped and moaned.
Charlie grinned and look at her face, eyes closed, mouth gasping, head thrown back. "Oh, wow!"
Jessica thrust her hips up and managed to blurt, "Lick my clit! Tongue tip, tongue tip!"

Charlie doesn't hesitate, but placed his lips at the top of her slit, replacing his thumb with his tongue. All the while, he kept his two fingers pumping inside her.

"That's it, that's it!" Jessica moaned louder and louder, suddenly pulling his face inward as she cried "Yes! Yes! AAAOOOOHHHH!"

Charlie, amazed at the strength of her reaction, kept licking. He had no choice; he couldn't pulled his face away if he wanted to. Grinning around his tongue he continued licking and fingering.

Jessica held him in place long enough to go over the top another time. As her spasms diminished, she let go of his head. She looked down at him with a contented look of a freshly satisfied, healthy young woman. She tousled his hair and touched a finger to his lips. "You learn fast, big boy. You gave me a couple of really strong comes. Wasn't it fun?"

Charlie shook his head in wonderment. "Pretty fuckin" amazing," he said, slowly withdrawing his fingers. They grinned at each other.

Jessica tapped one side of her pillow and Charlie moved up, lying opposite her. She glanced down. There stood his cock like a periscope, peering over the top of the panties. "Oh, quick recovery! Well, I can't send you out to mow the lawn with a boner like that. It could be dangerous." She wrapped her hand around him and stroked, pushing the panties down she snapped elastic behind his scrotum. "Just lie on your back and relax, Charlie."

Jessica sucked his cock for the second time. Drained, he lasted much longer, thrashing about as Jessica ran her lips and tongue up and down the shaft over the cockhead. She took only the head in her mouth, then deep throated him and varied the technique for several minutes. Finally, his hips began bucked. With another loud cry, he spurted his jism into her mouth. Again, she showed it to him before swallowing. "Yum! You're quite the guy. Good-looking, big dick, fast recovery, and delicious guy goo."

Recovering his breath, he said, "Jessica, I love you."

Jessica smiled, and favored them with a sympathetic smile. "Well, let's just say you're in lust. Love — that takes a while. Hot sex just takes two horny people." Her demeanor and tone grew more serious. "Don't fall in love with me, Charlie. It won't do you any good. We may play around again, I don't know, but you need to find your own girlfriend. I know I'm going to be dating guys. You should date girls. I'll be your friend, I'll give you advice, I'll tell girls what a good guy you are and I won't reveal your secret." She kissed his cheek, but did not invite further intimacies.

"Well, that was incredible! Being punished by you is a lot more fun than getting busted by you!"
They both laughed. "I don't think either of us was expecting anything like that. God, I loved spanking you! You'll need to make sure people don't see you for the next few days; you're going to have some big bruises. It's gonna be hard to sit down."

"That'll give me something to remember you by." They both laughed again.

Jessica had an idea. Leaning over the side of the bed she retrieved her discarded panties. "Here, Charlie. You like those panties you're wearing so much you can keep them. Wear them and jerk off in them whenever you want. And another memento — my stinky, juice -soaked panties. They'll always remind you of this day."

"Really? I think I'd like that, thinking of you."

After that, reality struck. Charlie was way behind on his schedule. Reluctantly, he got dressed, still wearing the panties and went out to do the work after receiving one more chaste kiss from Jessica.

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