Amy Charlotte
Dear Auntie Helga,

My name is Maid Abigail, it used to be Tommy and when I go to school it still is what all the teachers call me, but when I come home I put on my maid's dress and cap and apron and I serve my mother as a sissymaid. My sister is called Maid Melissa and she is also a sissymaid and we both serve our mother together and do all the housework. Melissa isn't a boy being petticoated like me, she's a real girl and she showed me lots of things about how to grow my hair long and taught me how to curtsy and she made the maid outfits for both of us and so much more.

We wear long black dresses with long sleeves and white lacy bits at the cuffs and we have white petticoats underneath them, and maids caps, and really big white frilly maids pinafore aprons which tie into bows at the back, there's a lovely picture on the internet called dressing princess nine years later and me and Melissa look just like the maids in that picture and our mum is just like the princess. We both have long black hair and Melissa styled mine into a fringe like hers and she ties the rest of her hair back in a ponytail but I don't, and Mum says we're very lucky because maids didn't used to be allowed to wear their hair in fringes, even with frilly maids caps like we've got.

When we come home from school the first thing we have to do is go upstairs and get changed into our sissymaid uniforms, and we have to curtsy to our mum and say good afternoon mum. Only then we aren't allowed to do maids work yet we have to sit quietly and do our homework together and I'm a year older than Melissa so I have to help her do hers, and only when we've done it all can we leave the living room table where we do our homework and clean the house. Auntie Helga we do lots of things for housework, Mum won't let us cook the dinner she says it's too dangerous the oven for two little children, but we go straight upstairs and one of us cleans the toilet and has to clean it all really sparkling and the other stands on a chair to reach and cleans the bathroom sink and we clean all the rest of the bathroom, and we do hoovering and after dinner we take turns one of us washes and the other dries and Mum bought us rubber gloves to wear to wash the dishes and if we don't wear them to keep out hands nice and soft and feminine we get in trouble.

If we get in trouble we have to go and stand in the corner, and face the wall and maybe stand there with our hands on our heads until Mum lets us come away again. She says that other sissy maids get spanked or have to go out in public but she would never do that to us because she knows we're trying really hard and we really are we want to be the best maids to our mother and we sometimes feel lonely because no-one else we know is their mothers maid and we can't talk about it to anyone.

Oh and we clean the windows at weekends, and we do laundry and we polish Mum's coffee table too, and we don't like gardening and mowing the lawn because we can't wear our pretty maid dresses for those but sometimes on Sunday we have to. So Mum can just supervise or watch Game of Thrones or drink wine, and one of us will stand there with her and when she wants a cup of tea will go and make it for her, or if she wants some more wine she holds out her glass and whichever of us it is will pour her some more out. If there's nothing else to do Mum just relaxes and we both stand there with our hands folded in front of us and our heads bowed waiting to see if she wants anything like another cushion or a cup of tea.

Also at the weekends we get up earlier than Mum and we get washed and dressed up in our maid costumes and we bring her breakfast in bed and when she has drunk her tea one of us goes and gets her another cup, and we get to help her get dressed and she even lets us take turns putting her eye makeup on her and brushing her hair, and this is what a ladies maid would do which was the best sort of maid in the olden days. She lets Melissa wash her hair and we both put her nail polish on her toenails and fingernails and sometimes she lets us give her foot rubs when she's going to bed, oh and we help her take her clothes off and put her nightie on for that.

The more I learned about petticoating the more I thought our mother would have wanted Melissa to learn how to petticoat men and keep the tradition going but if that was what she wanted she never said, and I think she realised Melissa would be happier as a maid so she kept quiet about what she wanted. We're two really nice little girls. Mummy said we should write to you and tell you so I wrote this and Melissa will read it over for me and check my spelling, then we will go out to post it and Mummy is going to let us watch My Little Pony as a special treat for sending you this.

"We don't have a dad, Mum and Dad are divorced and we didn't like him anyway, he had a really bad temper and he used to shout at us, but Mum always stood up for us and she gave as good as she got and dad was always scared of her anyway, he didn't dare shout at her only us two children, anyway she wouldn't let him treat us like that and she divorced him. So now there's just us and Mum and she keeps us safe and warm and happy together in this lovely house with flowers on the curtains and on the bedclothes and everything has to be kept very nice and pretty or we'll get in trouble and she might take away some of our pocket money."

We didn't start being maids completely straight away, Melissa used to dress up in the costume that was all, then Mum got her to make one for me because I said I wanted to wear one, and she looked at us both in our costumes, then she said if we were both dressed as maids we could wash up for her and we said aww mum and we got grounded for it and told no talking back and we had to be maids now and do the dishes, and all the other stuff like me having long hair and makeup to look like a girl came later we just got more things to do every day and Mum started getting cross with us if we didn't change into our maid costumes as soon as we got home from school.

She said would I like to be her sissymaid and serve her full time, only Melissa got upset and I said that was mean to Melissa why can't she be a maid as well and Mum said well alright we could both be maids was that what we wanted and we said yes and she said we would have to devote our lives to looking after her and making her happy and do everything she said, and we couldn't play video games or watch DVDs as much as like we used to and we still said yes that was what we wanted, and she said I had to live like a girl and have a girls name, and that was when she said now I was Maid Abigail but only when we were all at home together, and Melissa could be Maid Melissa, and that was how it happened.

Yours faithfully and sincerely,
Maid Abigail and Maid Melissa

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