A Heavy Punishment
by Mummy Nera

"Over the last few days you have constantly been asking Mummy about when you can have you big boy pants back. I have told you on numerous occasions that you are not ready to be potty trained, and today Mummy is going to show you why." Mummy bellowed. Pointing her finger in my direction. Mummy orders me into the garden still waving a disappointed finger at me.

"Go and wait in the garden. Mummy will be there in a minute and do not touch anything is that understood." I nod in Mummy's direction keeping my head low.

"Yes Mummy." I know I am in big trouble.

Mummy follows me out of the back door into the garden. There on the grass was a very large full black bin bag, and a set of bathrooms scales. Mummy opens the black bin bag, and starts to un pack it's contents on to the grass.

"Do you know what these are?" Mummy said.

They were my wet, and dirty nappies all wrapped neatly into nappy bags. The smell of the inside of the bag waffed up my nose. I spluttered a little at the smell. I was too embarrassed to say out loud what they were. I could tell by the look on Mummy's face I knew what they were.

"Don't smell nice do they Sweetheart?"

Mummy mocked me as I continued to cough at the smell of my used nappies. Mummy continues to scold me. "Your nappies stink to high heaven don't they? Mummy is going to teach you a harsh lesson today about telling me when you think you are ready for big boy panties." Mummy unloads 8 used nappy sacks from the bin bag and begins to pile up the nappies on the scales. I stood there very confused with what she was doing. Why was Mummy weighing my used nappies? Once Mummy had piled up all the nappies carefully on to the bathroom scales. She beckoned me over. At first I hesistated because of the smell, but Mummy then took me by the wrist, and dragged me over to the stinky pile on the scales. Mummy pointed at the number on the scales. "What number are the scales pointing to Darling?

"4 Mummy." I said still desparately trying not to gag from the pungent smell filling my nose. "Go and stand over there." Mummy said pointing her finger to the corner of the garden. "Mummy will be with you in a minute, and turn and face the wall." I did as I was told, not really knowing what was coming next. I could hear Mummy behind me rustling the black bin bag not saying a word. I could only assume she was packing the stinky pile back into the bin bag ready for the bin. Mummy then approaches me. "You stand there and face that wall while Mummy speaks to you Is that clear?" She said in a firm voice.

"Yes Mummy."

She drew in a breath and patted my heavily padded bottom. I felt sweat across my forehead begin to form. I closed my eyes as she began to speak. "The weight of those nappies is your punishment Sweetheart...4 days?...4 weeks?...How long is Mummy going to keep you in nappies 24/7 until you understand that is where you belong...4 months?...Even 4 years?...How can you say you are ready for big boy panties when you fill your nappies with such utter filth?...If you are going to behave like a baby you will be treated like one...You will be kept in nappies 24/7 for 4 months...You will be using your nappies fully and you will not be allowed to use big words anymore...Your smart mouth is what got you into trouble in the first place...So Mummy will put a stop to that!...Now...Get upstairs so Mummy can put you in a nappy and get you dressed... Mummy is taking you shopping for supplies for your ridiculous punishment..."

"Yes Mummy."

Mummy pushes a dummy into my mouth. "What did Mummy say?... No big words!"

This is going to be 4 months I never forget.

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