from Lorelei

Dear Auntie Helga,

After our grilled cheese and tomato soup I took Lorelei back in the bedroom and instructed her in the proper storage of the red throw I'd used to create my throne. I had her remove her wedding gown and store it too. Then I told her to tuck the covers on my side of the bed under the mattress as tightly as she could. "Now, go around to your side of the bed and arrange your pillows. Turn all the way around and face the wall." I left her standing there for a few moments, "Sit down slowly and wait." Again I paused a bit. "Now swing your legs up and in and lay back." I tucked that side in as tightly as I could. I knew she would like being tightly bound. She'd sleep that way if she had her way. I don't like that at all. Everything is nice and loose when in bed together. I put a sleep mask on her and stroked her head and face. "You've been such a good girl. Tell me what you have been feeling." I needed feedback if I was going to be able to deliver the promised escape from the ordinary expectations of our lives. It took some coaxing, but she finally relaxed into the pillows and very slowly relived the experience.

I wasn't really surprised by her willingness to turn over control to me. For the four decades we have been together it seems that most of the time my husband had tried to think of me first. I also realized that being a Mistress is harder than I thought. Listening to Lorelei reflect on her initiation, I realized there were things that I hadn't even thought about. Telling him to get naked and wait for me caused an erection. I hadn't given any instructions about whether he could hold onto himself or not. I took it as a good sign that he didn't. I knew how instinctive that was for him waking up in the morning. The days of raging orgasms are over for me, but sitting there listening to him revel in having me as his Mistress Mistee gave me a feeling of warmth and wetness that I hadn't experienced in a long time.

I told her to nap, "When you wake, wait until I come for you". I could tell that the waiting was hard for her, but I knew that it would be good for her in the long run. I wanted to help her learn to be in the present moment. That is, after all, all we really have. Instead, we spend most of our present moments thinking about the past or planning for the future. I instructed her to sleep. "I want you rested for the rest of the plans I have for you today." I purposely said nothing about penis holding. After I had her all snuggled in bed, I thought about what I needed to do about her erections.

Lorelei usually napped for an hour after lunch on weekends, so I figured making her wait for two would be just about right. I had changed into a new maroon velour track suit. "Time to rise and shine, my pretty little miss." I was pleased to see that she was not wide awake or wiggling. I untucked the covers, "Gracefully, use your right arm to move the covers over, sit up slowly and swing your legs around onto the floor. Now, stand and follow me into the living room." I took a seat on the couch, "Assume the greeting posture." I was amused to see the look of concentration as she tried to remember the three stages: on knees with back straight; head and shoulders on floor; arms extended straight back toward feet. I made her repeat the posture a couple more times. She was completely prostrate before me. What a wonderful feeling it is to have this control. I touched her cheek with my right foot, "Kiss my toes with lots of tongue and sucking."

Finally I told her to sit back up on her heals and spread her knees as far apart as she could. "Look at me. Fill in the blank," I told her. "I am your ."

She answered, "Goddess."

"Try again," I said.

After a pause she responded, "Mistress."

"Try yet again." She was really puzzled now, but I waited until she finally hit upon, "Goddess AND Mistress." I'm glad I know how good Lorelei's recall is.

"I want you to preface everything you say to me with Goddess & Mistress. Say it reverently over and over again until I tell you to stop." Looking at each other was awkward, but with the repetitions it passed for both of us.

I held up my hand and she stopped. "When I tell you to do something, you will respond, 'Yes, my Goddess and Mistress."

"Yes, My Goddess and Mistress."

"Take your left hand and put it under your scrotum. Take the penis in your right hand. What do you say?"

She, of course, quickly replied, "Yes, My Goddess and Mistress."

"Whose penis is this?" I could see her confusion before she answered.

"My Goddess and Mistress, it is mine."

"No!" I told her, "that penis is mine. I decide everything that it will do." I chuckled out loud at the look on her face. All of this was going so well. I then told her that unless I said otherwise, she could hold on to any erection that she had, but she couldn't stimulate an erection. I knew how compliant my husband was when he first woke up with an erection, and I wanted Lorelei in this hormonal state as much of the time as possible. I wonder if others of my husband's age find so much contentment in an erection.

"Now tell me whose penis that is."

Without any hesitation she said, "My Goddess and Mistress, this penis is yours, only yours."

"Stand up gracefully and come sit beside me." When he was seated, I took my penis in my hand and played gently with it until it was erect. I held it tightly until I sensed her breathing starting to accelerate. "I have a present for you."

I had already purchased a skin tight, full body suit from It has eye holes and a large mouth opening. I had cat ears and tail added. The tail has a loop near the end by which it can be attached to either wrist. The wrists are partially open so Lorelei would be able to get her hands out of the suit if liquid or food were going to be involved. I ordered the full plumbing zipper in the crotch so Lorelei could wear it as long as I wanted her to. I'd spent a lot of time deciding on the fabric. I went back and forth between golden velour or pink lycra. I finally settled on pink. The first movie we saw together was a Peter Sellers' Pink Panther movie. I wanted a pink pussy. I'd also found a rhinestone choker that would turn my pink pussy into glitter kitty.

"Go in to your desk and put on the garment that's on your chair. Relieve yourself on the way there, if you have to."

"Yes, my Goddess and Mistress."

When she returned, I had her stand in the middle of the room and slowly turn around. I showed her how to attach the tail to her left wrist. "Kneel down."

"Yes my Goddess and Mistress"

I took the choker out of my pocket, held it up so she could see it and then put it around her neck. "What do you say?

"Thank you, my Goddess and Mistress, . . .very much!"

Mistee's Lorelei

Thank you for your letter Lorelei. Another delightful chapter describing your training and I'm sure our loyal readers can appreciate the degree to which your Mistress and Goddess is helping you. (Part one July 2017)

Auntie Helga

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