from Gina

Dear Helga,

I landed on the website where I found your email address last week and I am hoping with your knowledge of alternate lifestyles you may have some advice for me. Then again I am assuming with your knowledge of petticoating you also have other lifestyle knowledge. Oh don't mind me here I am out of my element today trying to put my thoughts to words. Let me share with you my reason for contacting you and thank you by the way for having an email address on your website.

Allow me to begin with something about me and my husband of 25 years. We have always worked hard with our careers not having any children allowed us to work night and day at times. Now as we grow older my husband is going through a change in life I call it even though he is only 49. This all started last summer with him talking with me one night about the nightgown I was wearing. He was always complimentary of my choices of lingerie however his tone was off causing me to pay attention more. As we talked about my nightgown I was getting the impression he wanted to try it on but he wasn't coming out with it. Well I am not one for beating around the bush as they say so I asked him what was he trying to tell me. He still wasn't able to say it but instead talked about how lucky women are to wear such nice lingerie. With that I got out of bed returning with another one of my nightgowns for him to try on.

Well he looked at me like I was from another planet so I encouraged him to at least try it on for me once to get it out of his system. He stood up removing his pajamas and slipping my nightgown over his head. When I saw him in my nightgown the wheels began to turn in my head. I asked if that was what he wanted to talk about with him blushing in front of me. Now Helga after 25 years with the same man I can count how many times he blushed on one hand which was not many. I asked Ted if he wanted to sleep in my nightgown which he did however I wanted to see him wear panties . He agreed going to my dresser and picking out the panties of his choice which were pink briefs. Now how many men would pick pink panties if they were told to pick a pair? Rather than have Ted wear my nightgowns to bed I bought him his own and by the way they are pink.

For months Ted would slip on a nightgown and panties at bedtime which seemed to be fine. We talked about why he liked nightgowns and it all was harmless to me and somewhat different. One night I asked Ted if there was anything else he would like to wear as I was getting an idea there was. To my surprise (not really) he wanted to try pantyhose so I ended up buying him pantyhose. A week later it was a bra so I bought him a bra and something to put in the cups. Now while Ted explored his fantasy I will call it I also explored the internet to find out why a man of his age might want to all of a sudden show a feminine side. My lord did I ever learn a few things about men and their fantasies Helga. I made a list planning to discuss them all with Ted at some point when the timing was right and he was wearing his girlie wear. Now my list was everything I read and was not necessarily what he or I wanted.

One evening after dinner I asked Ted if he felt like getting ready for bed early with me so we both slipped into out nightgowns with Ted adding his bra and pantyhose at my request. We sat watching TV when I turned the volume down letting Ted know I wanted to talk with him. Sitting there in his nightgown was a good time to get his attention so I began asking about fantasies wanting him to tell me where all of this was headed. I asked Ted if he wanted to wear more women's clothes than just his bedtime apparel which was a yes.

He was honest telling me he wanted to have a couple of dresses and some high heels so I wrote all his answers down. I went on to find out if he wanted to become a woman and have a sex change. The answer wasn't a clear no or yes so I wrote it down. I wanted to know if Ted was planning on going out in public in his dresses or just stay at home giving him the opportunity to speak freely either way was okay with me as I was just fact finding. For the most part I gathered Ted wanted to only wear dresses at home. This went on for a while of him opening up with what he wanted and it was good to hear actually. I like honesty no matter what the outcome.

Not completely satisfied with his answer on sex change I went back to it without any raised voice or concerns for him. I asked once again only with a new twist if he would like to have breast implants instead of having filler in his bra. The answer he didn't know that was possible when I asked, well did he want them or not. His answer was he thought so and was the best answer he could give. I went on to talk about cross-dressing men and their wives, in many cases not approving. I said to Ted 'if' I was to agree to allowing him to wear a dress and heels at home what was he prepared to do for me. He was caught off guard not prepared to have to do something to earn the right to wear a dress and heels in front of me every day.

With my list in front of me I decided to tell Ted what I wanted in return for allowing him to dress in a feminine way in front of me. I started with letting Ted know if I agreed he would be required to only wear women's clothes at home with me in charge of his wardrobe. He agreed with me so far which was alright. I went on to tell him know during the day he would be required to wear a maid type of dress or uniform in order to do house work earning the right to wear women's clothing in front of me.

Helga I wanted Ted to know it was not a given for him to wear women's clothes in front of me as it would bother me in the beginning. That was a not really true but he didn't know that. He asked if I wanted him to be like a maid and I said yes that was exactly what I wanted. I went on to explain the position was a full-time one or nothing. He would also be required to have breast implants as I wasn't fond of silicone breasts. The look on his face when I mentioned breast implants was more excitement than fear Helga. That was when I knew inside he wanted this more than I thought. I also wanted Ted to know he would be required to sign a contract or agreement to avoid him going back on his word.

He was trying to understand the contract statement so I let him stew on it for a few minutes while I visited the ladies room. When I came back I asked how all of it sounded so far to him just to get an idea of his thoughts. Ted was concerned about having breast implants when I let him know I was only trying to help this be as real for him as possible. He asked me if this was for real or just a test when I let him know it was going to be real and be that way for a long time just like he wanted it. I had no idea how long wearing women's clothes was in Ted's head but I thought quite some time.

Taking the honest approach I also talked to Ted about going further in the future just again to test him. He wanted to know what that meant as I explained there is a trend of women helping their husbands become more feminine. Ted asked what all that meant so I let him know about Eunuchs scaring the hell out of him. It was something I read and wanted to see just how much he knew about alternative lifestyles or was he all about cross-dressing.

He had no idea so I spelled it out some day I wanted to look into having him castrated and have his penis removed as well. Ted was speechless until he gathered himself telling me no way. I don't get excited too easy Helga so I just smiled letting him know many women have helped their husbands become more feminine and I wanted to have that opportunity too. Ted was not wanting any part of losing his manhood yet he was willing to dress like one of us Helga. I told Ted to give it all some thought as I appreciated he would want some time however in the meantime no nightgowns, bras or pantyhose. He asked why with me letting him know it would be better he have a clear mind while making his decision. Ted went to change into his pajamas not happy about it either.

Helga the next few days were quiet with Ted not saying too much however his thought process was on overtime. It was over the weekend when Ted finally came to me asking if he had to do everything we talked about when I smiled confirming it was the way I wanted it to be. He stood there hoping I was going to give in but no such luck. I asked him how can so many women be wrong and yet the process is gaining popularity every day. Poor Ted was no match for me when I wanted something from him.

Ted was thinking so I left him to think while I went on with my work until he returned again. Letting him speak first he asked me what I wanted him to do first. I had already drafted up the contract which we went over together outlining the areas we discussed a few days ago. Ted with pen in hand started signing each area hesitating on castration for a few minutes. I didn't say anything as I wanted him to sign it on his own so no blaming me down the road. It wasn't long before all the areas were signed with me feeling relieved and Ted a nervous wreck. I gave Ted a big hug letting him know he was going to fine just like so many others who have taken the same steps.

I reminded Ted his signature gave me permission to start shopping for his new wardrobe and within a few days he would be living as my new maid. With that I sent him to the bedroom to slip on his lingerie again he'd been missing. I also sat him down to read all the letters and information on your website Helga to get him up to speed on what a sissymaid is all about. He finished reading an hour or so later letting me know he did read about sissymaids. I let him know I was going to talk with a woman who knows all about sissymaid husbands before moving forward to ensure I didn't miss anything. In the meantime he was free to wear his nightgown all day long if he would like to. Ted admitted wanting to wear his nightgown until I bought his dresses. I could see happiness in Ted's eyes for he likes his nightgowns. The other side of him was worried about what was going to happen next. I wasn't sure either having only read about my decisions but never actually enforced them on Ted.

What do you normally suggest women do with a new sissymaid? Am I going to far all at once based on what I wrote to you? I mean Ted has already agreed and I have allowed him to dress feminine for months as a good will gesture. I would feel so much better hearing your thoughts time permitting.

ps - my talk about castration and penis removal was just talk Helga. I don't think what I read about it was real. Ted thought it was but then again it was his penis was talking about removing.

Thank you,

Thank you for your letter Gina. I appreciate you providing the background details, that helps. He must have had these desires for years and your acceptance means the world to him I'm sure.

I don't think you are going too far too fast at all. You created a contract which is good, it spells out the expectations and now comes the fun part, training your sissymaid, of course its really not all that difficult seeing as how he will be doing most of the work. It is a process to create a sissymaid and to become her Mistress. Remember you are in charge, don't ask, tell and expect obedience and if you aren't satisfied, punish. By the way, castration and penectomies are being performed more regularly these days.


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