The sky is grey and overcast with a light drizzle outside, but it is still quite hot and humid, so auntie has made Bobbie play indoors in the living room and has taken his thick corduroy trousers off him to keep him cool. So Bobbie is currently playing in just his socks and light blue short sleeved polo shirt, which is neatly tucked into his cowboy themed briefs. As they're cowboy themed briefs, auntie brings down the old toy cowboy guns, belt and sheriffs badge from the attic for him to play with. Bobbie felt a little bit silly and embarrassed to start with, playing in just his underpants in front of his auntie, but with her encouragement Bobbie soon strapped on the gun belt around his waist and pinned the badge on his shirt.

It doesn't take long before he is soon strutting around pretending to be a tough sheriff, practicing the quick draw with his guns and pretending to get into shootouts with outlaws, ducking behind the sofa and chairs for cover and popping up to shoot his guns at imaginary adversaries. Bobbie is standing in the middle of the room practicing his quick draw and spinning the guns on his fingers when suddenly the doorbell rings. Bobbie pauses freezing on the spot apprehensively as auntie goes to see who it is. He hears auntie briefly greeting a lady and saying hello to someone else at the door and then closing it. Bobbie now stands rooted to the spot with his heart in his mouth as he hears the sounds of several new footsteps accompanying his auntie as she walks down the hall back to the living room. Then to Bobbie's utter horror, in walks his auntie Helga followed by another old lady and her two granddaughters, who are about 7 and 9 years old to Bobbie's 13.

"This is my nephew Bobbie, as you can see he's been playing with his guns pretending to be sheriff, so we'd better watch we don't get on the wrong side of the law. Bobbie, why don't you say hello to our guests? This is Mrs Peterson and her two grand daughters Elizabeth and Catherine, who have come to spend the afternoon with us." Auntie Helga said once they had walked in, with the 2 ladies and 2 girls standing the other side of the room just inside the doorway and all looking at Bobbie stood there before them.

"Urm, hello." Bobbie mumbled feebly with his face now beginning to flush furiously. The lady and 2 girls stood there grinning with amusement at Bobbie, with the two girls looking down at his exposed underpants with big smirks on their faces. Bobbie felt utterly humiliated and belittled as he stood there feeling like some silly little boy holding his toys guns, with the belt and holsters strapped high around his waist and his silly childish cowboy motif briefs all exposed to them. In contrast these two much younger girls stood there looking rather mature and prim in their smart summer dresses and regarded Bobbie with derisive and amused smirking grins, making Bobbie feel like some little 4-5 year old by comparison.

"Perhaps Bobbie, you would like to show these girls and Mrs Peterson the new tricks you've been practicing with your guns?" Auntie Helga now asked Bobbie. There was little Bobbie could do but comply with his auntie's request. So Bobbie stood there blushing furiously as he tried to show if his quick draw and gun spinning, but his flustered trembling hands meant that he awkwardly fumbled his way through his tricks, making him look like even more of a fool.

"Oh I know what I can get for you! You stay there and entertain the girls whilst I pop back upstairs a minute." Auntie Helga said excitedly to Bobbie whilst ushering the lady and her girls in properly to sit down. When Auntie Helga left and the girls and lady sat down, Bobbie stood there awkwardly before them, not knowing what to do.

"Oh dear, you weren't very good at your tricks were you Bobbie?" The youngest girls said in a rather precocious put on sardonic voice.

"Careful sis, he might arrest you!" The older one said to her in a mocking sarcastic voice, which made them both giggle between each other.

"Doesn't the sheriff in your town wear trousers then?" The older girl asked Bobbie teasingly, which made both the girls laugh and giggle as they looked at him standing there in his pants. Bobbie just stood there silently not knowing what to say with his face getting redder with embarrassment and now feeling very self conscious and ashamed of his exposed underpants.

"Maybe he's still being potty trained like a little baby and they're his potty training pants!" the younger girl said whilst giggling. Which made Bobbie blush even more, as he realised how childish his pants must obviously look.

Just then Auntie Helga came back into the room and Bobbie's heart sank when he saw that she was holding an old hobby horse. The hobby horse was an old home made looking stuffed knitted caricature of a horse's head stuck on the top of a broom pole with two handles below it at the base of its neck. The hobby horse had seen better days and was looking a bit old and shabby, and one of the wheels was missing from the bottom of the pole. Auntie Helga handed Bobbie the horse and he was then made to entertain the ladies and the girls by riding it around pretending to be a cowboy.

He had to stop every so often and pull the horse up making it neigh by doing the sounds effects, with the broom pole coming up between his legs squishing up the bulge of his little boys bits. Then he had to clip clop around the room in circles in front of everybody before breaking into a gallop pulling a gun out and shooting it above his head shouting yee-haw. After auntie had run him around for a bit to wear him out a little, she then called time on his cowboy antics and called him over to remove his cowboys attire from him. Off came his badge and his belt and guns, and once auntie had quickly run her fingers around the waistband of his underpants tucking shirt neatly back in again, she made him sit down and play quietly. As there was no room on any of the chairs or sofa, Bobbie was made to sit down on the floor in front of everyone, with the two girls on the sofa looking down at him with an air of superiority as he played on the floor near their feet.

After what seemed like an interminable age of sitting there bored on the floor, having to listen to his auntie and the lady drone on and on, and the two girls giggling and teasing him and chatting among themselves, Bobbie was excused to leave to room to go to the toilet. After having done his ones and twos, Bobbie came back into the room, but not before he'd had a quick look around for his trousers, which he couldn't find. As he entered the room the two girls looked at him and began to giggle loudly, followed by Auntie Helga letting out a loud exasperated and annoyed sigh. Bobbie followed their stares and looked down with shock to see a big dark damp patch in the crotch of his underpants, where he had obviously pulled his pants up too soon in his haste to leave the bathroom and go and look for his trousers, and had gone and dribbled pee into the crotch of his pants.

"Really Bobbie, can't I trust you to use the toilet properly? Did you go for a poo too?" His auntie asked him in a stern voice.

"Urm, yes auntie." Bobbie replied meekly.

"Right well then, you'd better turn around and bend over and touch your toes. Come on, turn around! That's it now bend over and touch those toes!" Auntie Helga ordered Bobbie in a loud forceful voice, snapping at him when stood there looking flustered. Bobbie did as he was told and turned around with his back to his little audience and bent right over to touch his toes rearing his bottom up for display. There was a few "Ewww!" noises and some giggling from the two girls. Bobbie flushed with shame as he guessed that he must have not wiped himself properly and left a brown poopy streak in the seat of his underpants.

"Harumph! I thought as much. A boy your age should really be able to clean himself up after his toilet properly. You should be ashamed of yourself!" Auntie Helga now raised her voice angrily to Bobbie as she got up off the sofa. She then grabbed him by the arm and pulled him forcefully back up right, making him stumble about before she then began to smack him repeatedly several times across the backs of his bare thighs. Bobbie yelped and danced about as the stinging smacks landed across his thighs, amusing his little audience greatly.

"Embarrass me in front of my guests like that will you. Well now I'm going to have to find something else for you to wear. I can't have you sitting there in front of everyone in those mucky unhygienic underpants." Auntie Helga continued to admonish Bobbie as she dragged him over to the wall and stood him facing it with his hands on his head.

"You, stay there and don't move! I'm just going to get something clean to change you into." She added and gave him a couple more smacks across the backs of his legs for good measure, making him bang his knees against the wall. Bobbie stood there wondering what was about to happen. Was she really going to make him change out of his underpants in front of everyone? And what was she bringing him to wear instead? Did she have a spare pair of underpants there, or was she even going to bring down a pair of her big full cut panties for him to wear?

Even in his current predicament, the thought of putting on a pair of his auntie's silky lace trimmed panties made his cock twitch and stiffen slightly. Young boys like him were supposed to like skimpy panties like the type the girls in glamour pics wore, but Bobbie had always been thrilled by the sight of his aunties big panties hanging out to dry on the washing line. She had big cotton ones with pretty floral prints on them and shiny silky looking nylon ones with lacy front panels and lace trimmed legs. She even had a couple of pairs of tennis knickers which had rows of ruffled lace front and back, the sight of which always got Bobbie excited, and he'd often try and imagine what it would be like to see his auntie without her skirt on and wearing those lovely frilly knickers.

Just as Bobbie had begun to daydream about his auntie's panties, she came back in through the door and began to set some things down on the floor behind him. Bobbie of course was still bidden to face the wall and was unable to see what it was his auntie had brought down for him to change into, and his pulse quickened at the thought of having his pants pulled down in front of those two cheeky girls. Bobbie could hear the girls giggling behind him, when his auntie came over and once more grabbed him by the arm and yanked him away from the wall, making him stumble across the floor to where she had laid some things out.

"It's a good job I've kept some nappies still, in case there might be situations like this." Auntie Helga said as she stood Bobbie in front of a changing mat she had laid out on the floor.

"NAPPIES! She's going to put me into nappies! And in front of the girls!" Bobbie thought with alarm as he looked down at where his auntie had laid out a thick blanket folded several times for him to lay down on as a changing mat. Surrounding the mat was the usual baby changing paraphernalia you would expect, such as bottles of baby lotion and talc, a big thick looking disposable nappy, a pair of milky white plastic pants and besides those a pair of his auntie's old frilly tennis knickers. The mat was laid out right in front of the sofa the two girls were sitting on and as his auntie laid him down on it he looked up to see them pull themselves up to the edge of the seat to get a better view as they looked down at him.

Bobbie was made to put his hands out the way behind his head as his auntie began to get on with changing him into his nappy and frilly pants. Bobbie was now completely shocked into submission, and when his auntie told him to buck his hips up and lift his bottom up, he did so without any hesitation or resistance. As Bobbie arched his back lifting his bottom up, his auntie untucked his polo shirt pulling it up past his tummy and then grabbed the waistband of his underpants and in one quick motion pulled them down to his ankles. As his underpants came down, Bobbie's bare hairless little boys bits popped out and bobbed about pathetically and made the girls shriek and giggle with delight.

Then after removing his underpants, his auntie got down to giving him a good clean up with some wet wipes. She wiped down all around his little cock and balls and made him lift his legs up and wide, exposing his little brown bottom hole for a good clean. Then his little privates were exposed once more as she applied the lotion and talc, rubbing it in all around his crotch and bottom. The girls watched most intently, and giggled away to themselves as they did so. Then on came the thick nappy and plastic pants, and finally the pair of his auntie's frilly knickers that were to be his baby pants. Bobbie had fantasised about those knickers many times, but to have them forced on him like this was not how he'd ever expected to finally get his hands on them.

Once more Bobbie had to lift his bottom up as his auntie now pulled up those frilly knickers all nice and snug over the top of his nappy and plastic pants. Having those knickers pulled onto him was at once thrilling and exciting and yet at the same time utterly humiliating. It felt as if one of his most secret fantasies had been humiliatingly and embarrassingly exposed to everyone in that room, and that they somehow all knew. They couldn't possibly have known of course, but it still left Bobbie feeling utterly crushed and subdued. Bobbie spent the rest of the day sat there on the floor, meek as a lamb and quiet as a mouse, as he rustled around in his sissy nappy in front of the two ladies and two girls.

"You see! I told you he was probably still like a little baby!" The younger girl gleefully crowed loudly to her sister, as they both sat there looking down with amusement upon the big sissy baby boy sat on the floor in front of them.

The End

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