I came home from playing baseball with the guys and as I ran for the steps mom called for me to come to the kitchen. When I came in the room she said sit as if I were a dog. She then said nothing for what seemed like an hour. Then she said what did you do with them. I ask her do with what? She said nothing again for a long time and I ask her what she was talking about. She said you know what we are talking about so stop stalling and answer my question. I felt the hair on the back of my neck start to stand up, I knew what she was talking about, but not until she said "stop stalling". I said what are you talking about hoping to dodge the whole thing.

Mom had a way of knowing things that I did that there was no way she could know. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a pair of my sister Becky's purple lace panties that I had worn and I had played with and had shot my juices on that very morning. I began to shake and stutter as I tried harder to get out of this problem. I said Mom I don't know what you are talking about I never touched her nasty underwear. Maybe she tossed them in her floor or where ever you found them. Mom came to me and said yes maybe that is it since she is on her period and she got her cum on them and the other pair she wore got blood in them. I knew I was in deep this time. I said I don't know what happened mom.

Mom said this is what we are going to do, you are going to wash out all of Becky's underwear tonight and since it is Friday you will be grounded all weekend and you will be wearing some of Becky's old clothes all weekend. You will be her sissymaid and you will do any thing she tells you to do. I cried out NO I WONT DO IT. Mom said it is that, or you will not get the car for your birthday, until she gets hers. But mom that would be two years later. I counted it up and it would actually be two and a half years.

I knew mom would do what she said. Since it would make me getting my car when I would be nineteen instead of sixteen I agreed to do as mom said. Mom Called Becky into the kitchen and told her that I had something to tell her. I started to tell her and mom stopped me and said no dear on your knees. I knelt at Becky's feet and told her what I had done. She was so mad at me and said that I was gross to make nasty in her panties. She made me tell her how many times I had done it. I told her I did not remember how many time I did not know. She said one thing for sure you will get a lot of swats before this weekend is over.

Becky and Mom spent the all day Friday putting many outfits on me and putting things together for a party that Becky having. I was so stupid I did not think it was for her friends to come over and I would be the maid. Some of her friends and their mother's came over. The mother's often during the party said I wonder if my son is doing this sexiest thing in my house. I knew some of them and knew they did. Before the evening was over I had to model my outfits even the panties and bras. The worse was to have to turn and bend over and allow girls to give me so many swats and make me beg for another swat. One of the girls was Sara and she was an older girl that Becky knew I liked and she got me off to the side and told me she wanted me to be her sissymaid soon and she wanted to spank me with my panties down, little did she know that was something I had thought of while wearing panties and would love to do with her.


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