Letter 7
From Tammie

Dearest Susan,

I have just finished reading this month's issue of 'Petticoat Discipline Monthly', and all I can say is, Wow! It's so good! I read the letters about babying the male no matter what age he is. I must tell you and the readers of how I was put back into diapers by my mother at age 12: I did not see it coming at all. We lived in a rented house that had a second floor that was just barely finished, but livable, and that's where I stayed at night in the warm summer months. Mommie stored all of the larger dresses my sister had up there, as well as her underclothes, shoes, socks etc. I think you get the idea... Well, I had a 'thing' for girls' clothes, and would go up to bed, and then change my clothes or pajamas after I got upstairs, and put on the soft and pretty baby dolls that I so loved to wear, a frilly short top with matching panties just to die for, cotton with a little girl print...oh, I loved wearing them! I even went outside when no one was watching to play on the swing in them in the back yard .

Well this one summer, after my parents went through divorce, I had to stay with Mom. My sister would be with her friends all day long, and Mom would be at work until after 5pm. So I had a lot of time on my hands alone...oh, what joy! I could wear 'my' baby dolls to bed, then come down and eat breakfast in my pretty night clothes, then change into a pretty dress and petticoats, shoes and socks etc., and spend all day as a girl. And oh, the dolls, did I tell you all of Sis's old dolls where up there with me? I played with the dolls all the time and still do today; I just love to hold a cuddly baby doll and feed it a bottle.

Well this letter is getting long, so I will get to the point. This summer it was hot - so hot that I could not sleep, so I opened all the windows for some air movement, and in the last bedroom was my old crib right next to the window, and the breeze was so good there that I lay down to cool off. Well, as luck would have it I went to sleep, and the next morning I had a blanket over me, while the night before I did not.

Nothing was said to me the next day. In the evening the weather was still hot so I went to bed in my baby dolls as usual. Well, Mom came upstairs and asked me if I wanted to sleep in the crib again as it was cooler there. I said no, but we could move the bed over to the window and I could sleep in it for the night. She said that would wake my sister up, so for the night to just sleep in the crib - no one would know, so I climbed in and she covered we up, and gave me a hug and said good night.

This went on for a week or two, and one night she asked me if I liked sleeping like a baby in a crib, and I blushed and said it was okay, and then she asked me if I wanted to be a baby again.

Again blush...ahhh...ahhh...ahhh no, I just wanted to sleep where it was cool. Mom then asked me if I wanted to wear diapers and plastic pants like a baby does, I said no and they did not make them in my size anyway. Wrong thing to say to a nurse, she just looked at me and said if they did make diapers in my size would I like to wear them, just for her? Again, no one would know but me and her. I said to Mom if you can find some diapers in my size I will wear them for you, but no one must ever find out. Well, the next night she had the diapers and plastic pants in my size so I had to wear them, but the plastic pants where pink, and I let her know I did not like them, and wanted a different color.

'Do not tell me what you will wear and will not wear, as I know you have been wearing girls' clothes and nighties. Pink is just the right color for you, now just put them on and then put on the baby dolls too. The bloomer pants will fit over your baby didees'. So now I was in diapers and pink plastic pants, and she pulled up the side of the crib and said good night and went down stairs. The next night I got my first bottle, and yes, I wanted to be a baby again, and would today if my wife ever wanted a big baby, but she does not. I must also tell you that I have two of Annemarie's adult baby dresses and I love them: everyone should have at least one. Next, I need to get myself a pinafore from Jane Ellen, and only the little girl pinny would be right for this sissy, if it would fit.
Well, I must go and do the housework, bye-bye!

Sweet little tammie

Tammie was overjoyed at how successful the PDM charity book sale went, and is now organising other publicity functions for petticoated.com. I understand that she has been in contact with Baroness Thatcher and her husband Dennis, but things are still at an early stage at present. I have met Margaret Thatcher, but that was at a Conservative Party function in the early 1960s when she was comparatively unknown, and I was still too young to vote. I don't think she would remember me now. Anyway, we will see how things eventuate.

Tammie's mum must have liked having a baby to dote on, and did not miss the obvious opportunity when she realised that her son was in love with girls' clothes and had been sleeping in an old crib.

Originally published in our January 2002 Issue.

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