from Andrea

Dear Auntie Helga,

I have been a reader of your site for many years and shared your site with my Mistress rather than trying to explain all of the nuances of being a sissy. She found your site to be very helpful as a way to better communicate with me about our mutual expectations and anticipations. However, I never thought that I would be sharing one of my experiences with you.

I don't have heavy eyebrows but they have never been shaped or plucked. I do have some hairs across the eyebrows and a few hairs on the bridge of my nose. As I have become more submissive and feminine, my Mistress has instructed me to pay more attention to my eyebrows and finally instructed me to seek electrolysis for a more permanent solution.

With many of her assignments there is the intent to expose me as feminine and for me to feel a certain humiliation that I am no longer a real man and to have accepted that fact. I don't think of real men seeking electrolysis for their eyebrows.

So I began the search for electrolysis and quickly discovered that electrolysis is generally a service provided in a beauty salon. The woman that cuts my hair in a pixie style does not provide electrolysis in her salon and so I was anxious about the prospect of making an appointment and exposing myself as feminine in my request to remove the unwanted hairs. My Mistress felt delight with my predicament and soon she set a deadline for me to comply.

Finally, I found a sole proprietress and felt relieved. Using the internet, I was able to request a first of the day morning appointment and filled out the preliminary questionnaire. When I received confirmation of the appointment, I reported the date to my Mistress and she entered it on her calendar. On the day of the appointment, my Mistress allowed me to wear male clothes over my lingerie as a way to reduce my anxiety and then instructed me to call her when the appointment was over.

I am an older sissy and the proprietress was a bit older than I am and that was comforting. She was very professional and explained the process, reviewed my questionnaire with me and also examined my eyebrows and nose and then suggested her treatment, which she explained would take multiple visits. I simply agreed and we began the first treatment.

Electrolysis is not really painful but the needle can sting a bit and feel warm and you lay on a padded examination table during the procedure. We scheduled the next visit in seven weeks and then another visit seven weeks after that appointment with the understanding that she would evaluate the results at that last appointment before scheduling additional appointments. I paid her with my credit card and left.

When I called my Mistress she was very pleased and said that we would discuss my session later in the day.

Well, my story is not over because on the third visit, as usual I arrived early and was seated in the waiting room when the proprietress and my Mistress came out of the procedure room together. My Mistress looked at me and smiled and then left. Then the proprietress ushered me into the procedure room with a bit of a smile. I was shocked and speechless and did not know what to expect.

Once I was on the table, she explains that since I am the client she must request my approval. My Mistress has explained to her that I am a submissive, a femme and her sissy and that I wear lingerie and usually dress as a woman. My Mistress requested that she proceed to shape my eyebrows a bit more feminine and to completely remove the hairs across the eyebrows and on the nose, which we had already agreed upon. If I agreed she would proceed to feminize my eyebrows but not to the extreme but there would be additional treatments required. She waited a minute and asked if I agreed. I nodded my head but then she instructed me to say "yes" and I did. The proprietress stated that what I chose to wear under my clothes and at home was fine with her but that she preferred that I dress outwardly as a male for our appointments and I nodded in agreement.

It was six treatments in total and then one or two treatments later as some hairs continued to grow but I do like what she did. She was gradual in her shaping and did not overdue it. Removing the hairs that lightly connected my eyebrows now separated my eyebrows. Removing the few hairs on my nose completed the more feminine appearance. Removing the little hairs below the eyebrows gave the eyebrows a lift. Then there were a few hairs above the eyebrow line that she removed for the final shaping. The proprietress was an artist!

And now when I look in the mirror, I truly see my second self and feel better aligned with my chosen role as a sissy. My Mistress is quite pleased with the result.

Thank you Helga for letting me share my experience; your site is truly very helpful!


How nice to hear from you, thank you for writing Andrea and for being a long time supporter, thank you as well for your kind words about my site. So happy to hear its been useful in your training. I appreciate your sharing your eyebrow experiences with me and with my readers since your Mistress approved.

Auntie Helga

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