from Davina

Dear Helga,

I have organised to Home School my son Nathan who is seven years old. My decision to do this is because he has been very disruptive in his classes, and has not been completing his work in the time allowed. He has regretfully been influenced buy fellow pupils into becoming the class clown, for want of a better description. Despite having meetings with him and his teachers to try and make him see how important schooling is, not only to him, but also his class mates, he insists on continuing to play the fool. Hence my decision.

In order to quickly discipline him at home in readiness for his Home Schooling in the New Year, I am considering dressing him in a girl's school uniform, to shock him and to persuade him that his antics are over. It would then become his regular dress for all school subjects. This is a dramatic step for me to make but I feel that It just might change his attitude towards his work, and encourage him to behave.

My idea came from a situation I came across, many years ago. I attended a wedding and was suspicious that the youngest bridesmaid, might be a boy. Speaking to one of the guests, who coincidentally turned out to be the mother of the youngest bridesmaid, I asked her if the youngest bridesmaid was a boy. Eventually she admitted that it was her son. At first she was embarrassed but was soon telling me that she had had to petticoat him earlier in the year to get him ready for the wedding. She said that it had turned out to be an enjoyable experience for both of them after he got used to wearing girl's clothes. I told her that he looked pretty, and just had to ask her if he would be wearing girl's clothes after the wedding. She hesitated to answer but said that it had been a good discipline for him and he would be continuing with wearing girl's clothes as much as possible, and for as long as possible.

You will now of course realise how I came to visit your website. Is it really possible to make a naughty boy into a good girl? It does seem extreme of me, I have to say.


Thank you for your letter Davina. I am pleased to learn that you have decided to take matters into your own hands and see to it that your son receives a proper upbringing and I would be pleased to offer whatever assistance I can to assure this is successful for you both.

What a wonderful anecdote about the young boy as bridesmaid, this is becoming more common as mothers realize the positive effects this experience can have on their otherwise troublesome sons.

Certainly, dressing boys as girls to get their cooperation is a tried and true method that has been in use worldwide for many years and dates back to Victorian times. Petticoat discipline when used in a loving yet strict way can have a remarkable effect, even in a few hours.


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