by Judy's Sissy Girl Alice

I love wearing my pretty clothes.
My high heel shoes, and nylon hose.
Matching panty, and bra set.
More girly is so hard to get.

In mini skirt, and silky blouse.
Is how I love to leave the house.
Makeup applied to my face.
In my purse a hankie of lace.

I love to dance with boys, and girls.
To shake my head, and toss my curls.
When I dance I spin and twirl.
Upon my hips my skirt does swirl.

Being a girl is so much fun.
I'm glad my wife made me one.
Being a girl is such a joy.
For this petticoated boy.

Helga, My petticoated husband wrote this poem for me,
I thought you might like to share it.

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