from Sandra

Dear Helga,

I am a single mother of Adam, who is seven years old. Adam has played with dolls since he was very young, and always asks for a new doll or dolls clothes for birthdays and Christmas. At first I thought that he would grow out of it, but try as I have, he just cannot be persuaded to give them up. He just loves to dress them in different outfits, and loves to tell me, in his little girlie voice, what the dolls are wearing, down to the colour of the knickers. My great aunt is to blaim for this as she gave him a doll for his third birthday.

Firstly I would like to ask you if you have experienced this before? Secondly I feel that after all this time, and a great deal of soul searching, that he may be more comfortable being dressed as a girl while playing with his dolls, and perhaps becoming one. I only want what is best for my son and want to see him happy. Would you be able to help me to achieve this, or do you think that I am going along the wrong road?


Thank you for your letter Sandra. Interestingly when I started to read your email, I thought for a moment it was another mother I corresponded with before about her son's fascination with dolls, you are not alone.

Many boys feel more comfortable involved in commonly perceived feminine pastimes. You certainly could experiment with some simple girl's clothes to see how he might feels, you may find that he loves dressing as a girl.


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