from Rosemary

Dear Helga,

Your email has been well received, and I thank you for responding so quickly. It is comforting to me that you understand how I feel, and more so that you consider it quite normal for me to feel excited about seeing him dressed in girl's clothes. Whilst I know that he is a boy, I would still love to be able to dress him in girl's clothes. To be honest, since seeing Tom dressed in girl's clothes, I cannot see that I must conform to pink for a girl and blue for a boy, if you know what I mean. Tom looked adorable wearing Jane's underwear. The fit was perfect, and having a lace trim just made it look so much nicer than his boys underwear, and they looked so comfortable for him.

Having the choice of girl's clothes would be very special, and I would very much like Tom to enjoy wearing them. They will feel quite different on him, and perhaps somewhat of a shock to him to begin with. I would hope that with a consistent and loving approach, he will be able to accept that there is nothing wrong with him wearing girl's clothes. It would be lovely for him to feel pretty, something a boy never has the chance to feel normally.

I realise of course that society distinguishes between boys and girls with clothing variations. This will also be in Tom's head of course, so I am somewhat concerned at how he will react to wearing a dress for example. He will know that girl's wear dresses and could become very upset that I am making him wear a dress. I desperately want to see him dressed in girl's clothes, and would look to introduce him into playing with dolls if this would help him to accept his new clothes. My aim is to fulfill my needs as a mother and have Tom feeling good when he is wearing a dress.

Your comments would be most welcome.


Thank you for your letter Rosemary. I am so happy to hear that you are considering this with an open mind and I do understand how you feel. They will take a little getting used to for him but with your loving support and encouragement I'm sure you can make a delightful experience for him. Many boys also find that after the initial reluctance they come to enjoy the feeling from wearing girl's clothes.

I would be delighted to help you however I can to make this a wonderful experience for both of you. If I might assume that you are going forward may I suggest a few items to start with and then we can discuss how best to introduce his new clothes. One of the things I have discovered about this is that they respond best to smooth silky fabrics, satin panties, petticoat and a nightie are all good for this. Though challenging to find sometimes, a bridal shop is a great resource for all things satin, it could be worth the effort, nylon would do otherwise. In addition a dress of course, so many to choose from, some lacy top socks and Mary Janes, all would be good as well.


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