from Karen

Dear Helga,

Congratulations on another year of helping others to join the movement as I call it. I'm so happy your site exists as it has helped me get this far with my husband. Yes thanks to your site and those who have written letters my husband is half way there. Funny thing is when we were dating so many times I swore one day he would be wearing a dress for me. Of course he laughed it off calling me 'nuts'.

Well 4 years later he spends almost half the time at home in feminine attire. You know Helga I learned this little tip which about how to get John to accept his dresses and lingerie. He thought he looked stupid at first and by all accounts it was just bad. There was a man standing before me in a bra and panties covered in hair. So I assured John if he shaved himself to look more like a woman the results would be far better. After bugging him for a week he took the plunge shaving himself leaving only his pubic hair. When I pointed out how nice his legs looked, his chest and no pubic hair sticking out of his panties I knew he was mine.

Slowly I talked John into keeping himself groomed like me with him seeing the results. John has learned to walk in heels, apply his own makeup and help around the house while wearing one of his dresses. The thought of having a feminine husband continues to grow on me. Little does John know the plan of him becoming a fulltime sissymaid.

Helga, do you think I should allow John to continue wearing the same dresses or get him into a sissy dress? Is it necessary for all sissymaids to wear them or will I achieve the same goal without the sissy dress?


Thank you for your letter Karen. How delightful to hear from you, thank you for writing and for your kind words about my site. You seem to be making great progress with your husband and he is well on his way to becoming your sissymaid. One of the things I enjoy about petticoating is taking my time, each small step in their transformation, the look of curiosity and humiliation is wonderful to behold. So to that end in answering your question I suggest slowly feminizing his wardrobe, you have him in simple dresses and I assume lingerie, perhaps a pair of frilly pink satin panties, or garter belt and stockings, engage him in the sensual feelings, encourage him to explore the silky textures and to become comfortable.

I feel that a sissymaid should look like one, though there is something to be said for Victorian styles or even commercial types, what is important is the he realizes he is your maid. Some of us like to treat them as dressup dolls with ever more outlandish outfits, but its more up to you and your own preferences that matter, there is no one right way, there is only your way.


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